I write this post based on my conversation with a lot of people who are directly or indirectly involved with businesses, marketing and digital marketing. There is one broad misconception I have observed among most of them. The confuse Digital marketing with Digital promotion.

This however is a common misconception a lot of people make between Marketing and Promotion in general. Promotion is essential but a part of marketing, not the whole of it.  To understand this let me first elaborate upon marketing, marketing starts at the point where you figure out the need. You design the solution keeping in mind the consumer, his behaviour, his needs and aspirations. One you have the product you figure out how you can make it available to the consumer, then how you would like him to percieve your product (branding), what all mediums you would use to reach out to him and how would you communicate to him. How you will make him buy your product and how you will serve him afterwords. 

Now when you talk about digital marketing you simply have to change the consumer in above para to a digital consumer and think every step through keeping not just the onground consumer but their digital personality in mind. How would you product be available over the internet? what all functionalities will it have? How will the user exeprience be? How do I want it to be?  How will I make my presence known? how do I reach out my TG? How do I want them to percieve me online? ( Key thing of note here is 'Your Brand Is Has A Personality On Internet' - It could be humorous, proactive, intelligent or whatever you choose it to be , quite often unintentionally ). How will they buy my product online? How do I serve them afterwards and gain feedback?

A great digital marketing strategy tries to answer all these questions and not just the CPC, CPD, CPM, Viral, terms that the world seem to be fixated with. those are all great but to truly succeed over the internet, you have to Differentiate yourself from the competetion, and truly put your consumer first, every thing else is just a tool to achieve that. In simplest of terms Digital Marketing is nothing but Marketing in a Digital Atmosphere.

:- Mayank

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Mayank Rajput

Mayank Rajput

Community Operations Manager at Uber

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