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Consuming RESTful APIs in PHP with Guzzle

Course by: Justin Yost
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Guzzle—a PHP HTTP client—provides a simple interface for sending HTTP requests and receiving responses. In this course, learn how to write code using Guzzle to consume RESTful APIs. Instructor Justin Yost shows how to install Guzzle, send basic, asynchronous, and concurrent requests, and process responses, headers, and exceptions. He also shows how Guzzle works with PSR-7, the PHP community-provided specification that defines interfaces for HTTP messages. Plus, Justin shows how to test basic and advanced Guzzle mock responses.


  • Justin Yost

    Justin Yost

    Senior Software Engineer at The Wirecutter
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    Justin Yost is a web developer and programmer with a bachelor's degree in computer science.

    A graduate of Texas Tech University, Justin relishes programming and learning more about anything and everything. He is a web developer at Loadsys Consulting, a web development, maintenance, and training firm specializing in CakePHP, Ember.js, and Ruby on Rails. When not working, Justin occasionally gives talks at the local PHP Meetup. In his free time, Justin enjoys backpacking and reading science fiction books.

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- [Justin] RESTful APIs are a way of exposing and consuming tools and resources from around the web. Hi, I'm Justin Yost, in this course, we'll explore using Guzzle to write code to consume RESTful APIs. To enable you to send emails, set up mailing lists, make payments, display maps, and charts even. In short, you'll get the tools to harness the power of tons of web software to make your life a little bit easier. I'll start by walking through some of the basics of HTTP, and REST APIs, and we'll walk through installing Guzzle and sending out our first request. We'll then learn to make more complicated requests, and process the responses we get back. We'll then finish with learning the latest standards in PHP for dealing with HTTP messages, which is PSR7. And finally, you'll learn some of the basics of running unit tests with your Guzzle code. So let's get started playing with some APIs.

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