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    Position yourself for success

    "When you try to look like a match for everything, you match nothing… re-tool yourself to appear more like a Swiss Army Knife: be clear in what each of your key skills is good for and demonstrate them with precision…"

    , Founder & CEO of CAREEREALISM.com

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    Target where you want to work

    "According to… CareerXroads, at least 75% of all available jobs are filled through employee referrals, social media recruiting and hiring managers' personal networks… you should focus your job search on proactive networking to ensure you can find or be found…"

    , Recruiter-Endorsed Executive Resume Writer

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    Connect to people who can help

    "Start with one… ask this person to recommend you to 2-3 other people who might be connected to companies who are hiring people just like you… ask them to recommend you to 2-3 of their connections. Don't stop doing this until you get another job…"

    , CEO, best-selling author, created Performance-based Hiring

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