Can we meet in the washroom? A sales person's Karma is to sell. Without ego or vanity. For 10 years, I sold unknown concepts such as contests2win & mobile2win to corporates. Survival was based on these clients. In that process, I met over 5000 unique people (10 years = 2500 working days = 2 new people a day).  Typically a Sales person meets these kinds of folks: 1. The interested, "show me something" new. Genuine, inquisitive, eager for innovation! 2. The type who respond when their competition start using your services 3. When there is a distress situation / urgent need of  your offerings. 4. A very small % who are sadists. Yup! They meet just to torment you. A marketing head in a Fortune 500 Paints Co in Delhi used to call me to his swanky office & make me wait on the sofa for hours. Then he would call & say "We don't have a meeting room". Lets meet another time". On the 3rd trip, when he said this, I said, "Sir, I have a place in your office! It's the Men's washroom! It's empty! Can I present there with my laptop?". The person was so shocked & taken back, he opened up the Company Boardroom for the meet. And gave me chunky Business. Lesson - Selling is SACRED. Let nothing come in your way. Least of all your silly Ego. #Dhandhekibaat by Rodinhood. Share; Don't copy