The Red & Yellow School has put together learning programmes which allow businesses to maximise BEE skills development points, and which are fully fundable by SETAs. This means scoring valuable BEE points, whilst developing your staff at little to no cost to your business - a win at every level. I'll be hosting a free information session at our Cape Town campus to discuss these programmes in more detail, as well as to explain how you can leverage training and development to transform your business and score big points across your BEE scorecard. ...and we've included a light breakfast. Details: Date: 22 August 2017 Time: 9am - 11am Venue: Red & Yellow Campus, Salt River, Cape Town I believe that MDs, HR Managers, Operations Managers, or anyone responsible for implementing skills development, training and transformation within their business will get tremendous value from the session. This stuff can be quite complex and confusing, and I'll do my best to demystify it and help you crack some of the challenges you're probably facing in your own business. To RSVP please email by 18 August 2017, or contact me directly.

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