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This is the LARGEST and most active social media marketing group on with over 1,450,000 members as of October 2016, including 20 subgroups for special interests, such as Social Media Marketing & NonProfits, Social Media & Politics, etc. It is intended for interactive advertising and marketing professionals who are actively engaged in social media and community-oriented websites around the world. It is highly moderated by 48 professionals to keep this forum SPAM-free, focused and productive.

NO SPAM OR DIRECT SALES PITCHES ARE ALLOWED! Anyone posting direct sales pitches is warned once, and permanently banned the second time. A rule of thumb is simple: if your message does not contain a contribution of value and leads to any kind of commercial or paid website or blog, IT IS PROMOTIONAL! Please respect the intelligence and integrity of group members and post only to the Promotions area. .

1. NO network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) of any kind is allowed to be promoted in this forum. This is not the forum for that type of business.
2. No religious, political or non-profit discussions are allowed except in that they relate to social media aspects. There are other forums for these causes, no matter how wonderful they may be.
3. Please do not continually repost the same message, either in discussions or jobs. People will see it the first time.
4. The jobs section is for full-time jobs and related content for job hunters. Resume writing services, commission only employment or jobs that require any kind of payment by the job hunter are not allowed.
5. A weekly email is sent to group members who opt-in to receive it. This email contains events, webinars, white papers and other useful resources, many of which are free. We also negotiate discounted special group rates on select products and services.

About this Group

  • Created: March 6, 2008
  • Members: 1,641,371

Group Rules

1. NO SPAMMING THE GROUP. If your post is a direct sales solicitation, don't bother. It will be deleted. You can ASK the group for suggestions and advice on how to market, which will get you much more valuable responses. *NOTE: the moderator of this group sends weekly announcements of valuable training, webinars and other services. Most of these are free, and those that aren't offer discounts, including to live events. By LinkedIn policy (not ours) you are automatically opted-in by default. They are not spam. If you do not want to receive these emails, simply go to your personal settings and uncheck the box to receive them. 

2. NO MLM or NETWORK MARKETING. Yes, I know that these are just ultra-magnificent business opportunities that will make everyone in the world ultra-rich, but this is not the forum for those pyramid schemes, sorry. 

3. NO POLITICAL or 'GOOD CAUSE' POLEMICS. Again, this is not the forum for political and/or humanitarian discussions, no matter how well intended, unless it directly relates to social media. There are subgroups for those subjects if you want to join them. 

4. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Please respond to discussions and posts in a civil manner. If a discussion gets heated and insults or accusations are tossed around, the moderator may elect to boot the offending member or members.

5. NO OFF-TOPIC POSTS. We know your kitten is cute, your grandmother has asthma, your kid just won the Intercontinental Galactic Universal Soccer Match of the Millennia, but save that for your Facebook page, please.

Here's what the group is for:

1. SHARING YOUR SUCCESSES (or Failures). Tell the group what you've been doing, what is working or not, problems and issues, anything that will help you be successful in social media.

2. SHARE CASE STUDIES, RESEARCH AND RESOURCES. Everyone loves things that can help them learn.

3. OFFER HELP OR ASK FOR HELP. Lots of members are willing to share their personal time to help you achieve your objectives. Just ask.

4. POST NEWS, NEW IDEAS, NEW CAMPAIGNS, etc. If it is new and social media, share!