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A platform for young entrepreneurs to share their success stories, and how they could overcome some major challenges.
--Roopalakshmi B G

This Group is an arena for the YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS who have been there and done that; a perfect Platform to open up and share new business ideas.
--Ketan Katira

Young Indian Entrepreneurs is a platform for the Dreamers of India to come together-
Connect - with fellow entrepreneurs
Create - your dream organization
Collaborate - to help and learn
--Rajiv Talreja & Vinay Aggarwal

A positive thinking can take you forward and its a good platform to share different experiences and views.
--Swati Vats

Presenting not just the issues etc but also the solutions for them, implemented by the one facing it or by someone else who had faced and addressed similar issues. A platform of learning for all budding entrepreneurs on the lines of `mistakes that can be avoided or things to lookout for...
--Kanchana Dwarakanath & Ravindra Pande

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  • Created: December 3, 2007
  • Members: 55,641

Group Rules

YOUNG INDIAN ENTREPRENEURS (YIE) group would like to bring a few guidelines for members for their posts in this group.

This is only for the convenience to our group members and to give more room for valuable,useful,meaningful content.

Expected Posts in Discussions
Value added content.Useful,make others to think,experiences,Questions,Requests for advice.

Posts that are not expected
1. Posting Jobs - We have other section for jobs

2. Networking,promotional activities,marketing,events,webniers,introductions etc-  Use 'Promotions' section for this or private messaging to connect group members.

3. Repetitive postings (posting same discussion multiple time.)

4. Discussions with links/email ids in its 'title' are not allowed.

6. We will monitor and remove the above mentioned postings regularly.This practice is already in place.

7. We may remove/block a member from the group, who ever repeating same posts ( inappropriate ) mentioned above without any notice.

Manager's choice
If a member come up with valuable, exciting and acceptable(by fellows) discussion, we will makeas featured.

By Making a discussion as featured, your discussion will be appeared in Manager's choice list.

1. Discussions with external links in it's 'title' will not be considered to be a featured discussion.

2. Contributors can attribute their links in their signature at the end of discussion.

We would like to hear from you about your thoughts to refine the guidelines further.