A quick recap & set of thoughts around this week's HLTH event. I figured the best way to put my thoughts down on the event would be positive takeaways and a few things they should work on for next year.  Positive takeaways: -For a first time event, the organizers and content curators Nancy Brown did a fantastic job -I thought the layout of the event & flow was better than most & given the size (I recommend keeping this event at this size & not much bigger) networking occurred which is really all that matters at these types of events  -It felt a bit like a mini JPMorgan but focused on high quality emerging players mixed in with established investors & companies that matter across the healthcare industry. We met with over 20 early stage companies & have real follows up with at least 5 (this doesn't happen at most events - so quality of companies was strong). Things to work on: -Try to bring the content & presentations down a level in some cases. Some presentations were too high level. Details matter. -Try to bring in much more diversity - definitely a male dominated event.  -Try to bring in more line executives from the providers and payers (didn't see enough there). I will attend again next year and recommend to others as I have been asked this question a few times. #HLTH18