After departing HIMSS today, a few thoughts that come to mind: 1) The overall healthcare market's push to 20% U.S. GDP is definitely correlated to the number of attendees and exhibitors at HIMSS. Having attended for a long time, this was the year that frankly it became too much for me. Its at a size now that is pretty tough to navigate. 2) The main message I took away from the event and has been in market for a while now is that we are really "back to the basics" on what matters for most buyers. If you can't produce a very high ROI, good luck on that sales cycle.  3) I am pretty sure every booth from the large guys all the way down to Hall G startup land had some kind of AI messaging. I am always amazed every year that there is one concept that pretty much every exhibitor clings onto even if they don't do it. AI was that buzz this year. Blockchain while rampant on the hype factor was still selective across exhibitors (a ton of it in Hall G). 4) Finally and as always, it was incredible to see so many folks I have worked with over the years. Definitely the best part of navigating the chaos. Until next year...oh wait I am going back to Vegas for HLTH in May. Looks like a great event.