#ETHDenver Sunday Lessons: - Blockchain is bigger than you think. Way bigger. - Food trucks KILL IT at hackathons. - The portable bathroom trailer is WAY nicer on the inside than you'd ever expect. - If you're in government, blockchain hackers are coming your way! Government is viewed as broken, inefficient, and untrustworthy; this has spawned a LOT of interest in remaking it into something better. - Learn how to change your kombucha kegs before the rush hits - thanks Ken! ;) - Blockchain has it's own unique take on hacker culture. It's special, and it's going to grow into something very unique indeed... - Hackers are NOT day traders. Nobody talks about the price of a coin and I haven't seen a GDAX screen all weekend. - Asking for things nicely always has amazing results. - People in blockchain are legitimately concerned with doing good for the world more than making themselves rich. - The suits have no idea what we're up to (yet)... #30DS 13/30