The Reflection (CAP-Do) Card CAP-Do – Check-Act-Plan-Do Zen Saying: If you want to take a deep breath, you must first exhale. For any work, Design, Project, Sales and Marketing, I start out by using CAP-Do. Starting with Check is not a new phenomenon. I have 3 books on my shelf that have used it from notable authors like Brian Joiner, Yoji Akao, and John Terninko. They recommend using it in a very similar way when practicing Product Development, Hoshin Kanri and other Lean Management type efforts. I add the idea of Presencing from the work of Peter Senge.  Would appreciate any comments or suggested improvements to the card. If you would like additional background on the CAP-Do  process and download A3 visit my blog post, The Reflection (CAP-Do) Card: If you choose to download it please consider liking this post, leave a comment for improvement, or the big step - signing up for the Business901 newsletter).