The Big Three of Big Data: What to do

I watched a great video the other day by a colleague of mine, David Court. You can see it below, but he nicely crystallizes the three things we continually hear from our clients about what it takes to make big data drive above-market growth.

1. Data – be creative when it comes to using internal and external data
2. Models – focus on developing models that predict and optimize
3. People – transform the organization with simple tools and effective training so that managers can take advantage of Big Data's insights.

I was particularly taken with his view of the short-term and medium-term issues when it comes your people. The short-term issues are around training and changing habits on the front lines so they can make use of Big Data insights. But the medium-term issues are around recruiting the right talent – marketing analysts, for example – and also creating systems and processes that deliver simple actions based on complex Big Data. That’s a great framework for considering how to fund your organizational changes, and balancing investment between the short- and medium-terms.

What examples have you seen of companies getting Big Data right?

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