The Australian Computer Society should be disbanded

The Australian Computer Society should be stripped of their ability to accredit University courses and disbanded. I just walked out of a forum on how we can improve technology education in Australia and wasn't sure if it was a real forum or some sort of parody of such a forum. In the ACS's latest brochure which was distributed on every seat to promote technology to school kids it said pursue "Electrical & Electronic Engineering: install, repair and service technology equipment", "Software Engineering: design and document software structures and operations" and "Network & Communications: provide technical support to help people use software and hardware". Sorry, but who are these f*cking morons? They are doing more damage to the industry than help. I kept thinking that at some point Candid Camera might jump out from behind the door.

This is the "professional association for Australia’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector". What a joke.

What's more..
The ACS also runs a fairly lucrative protection racket. Want your overseas qualifications recognised for a skilled visa application (in the ICT area) to get into the country? Then you need to buy off the ACS. Sure, pay up:
Costs & Charges

For a detailed explanation of application types, please refer to Section 3 of the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants.

Application Type

Recent Graduate of an Australian University $425
Recent Graduate of an Australian University, wanting ICT experience considered $450
Skills (general application) $450
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) $500
Recognition Letter $500
Review Application $355
Appeal Application $355
Revalidation Application $250

Why would you ever need to pay a third party to get an Australian University degree recognised? We don't recognise our own degrees by default?!?
UPDATE: I can take some satisfaction the incoming President of the ACS poured a bucket of ice over her head.
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