Twe Stephens

Twe Stephens

A different kind of Christian Author...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Greater Philadelphia Area)
Writing and Editing

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Twe Stephens's Overview

  • owner at TWE"S Computer Repair

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Twe Stephens' Summary

A different kind of Christian Author specializing in the Lord's story in it's totality - from billions of years before the birth of mankind, everything in between, to the final eternity. This epic didactic quadrilogy will cover the greatest story every told - in a new exciting format called probable reality.

Twe Stephens' Experience


TWE"S Computer Repair

September 2014Present (1 month)

Twe Stephens' Projects

  • The Universes of God Quadrilogy

    • March 2006 to January 2017
    Team Members: Twe Stephens

    The word of God from beginning to end, and everything in-between

  • The Universes of God Quadrilogy

    • April 2007 to Present
    Team Members: Twe Stephens

Twe Stephens' Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Experience

    • volunteering

      Laton House Nursing Home
      • Social Services
      September 1998 February 2002 (3 years 6 months)

      Gave inspiration, smiles, and my time to those who were disenfranchised from everyday living - the shut-in and mentally unstable. Prayed with and for and learned that we are all in the same boat - we all get old and so many times they are abandoned by friends and family and that we all need each other.... despite what the world tells us in a thousand lies everyday..

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Human Rights
    • Organizations I support:

      • Shepherd's Chapel

Twe Stephens' Publications

  • The Universes of God: The Chronicles of The Angels

    • Creatspace
    • May 2009
    Authors: Twe Stephens

    No one will ever look at Heaven the same way again. It was a place of total peace and brotherhood, unbelievable technology, and towering cities reaching miles into the sky. Then there is the smart powerful misunderstood one that sends it all crashing down as war erupts and evil is birthed.

    This novel weaves a rich tapestry of the heartbreaking history of the incredibly powerful beings called Angels, and unfolds the catastrophic upheavals that irrevocably altered the universe billions of years before the dawn of mankind.

    Fasten your seat belts as you crash into the lies, the six-fingered Nephilim, the deceptions, the real Adam and Eve, and the insidious myth that religion is the foundations of all evil.

    If you've known since you were a child there was more to God's word than you have been taught, then this book is for you; for you will finally learn why you were born, that you're more than you've ever thought, older than the stars, and more precious individually than all the living things of the earth combined. And more importantly, there is a powerful someone out there that loves you endlessly.

  • The Universes of God II: The Chronicles of Jesus Christ

    • Createspace
    • June 16, 2013
    Authors: Twe Stephens

    You'll never look at the bible the same way again. This second epic novel of the quadrilogy, takes you from the extermination of the Giants off the earth, past the crucifixion, to God’s vengeance on the Pharisees, continuing where the first novel left off. Starting with the trials of Abram and his adventures, through the forty year death sentence of aimless wandering, to the evil that overthrew the priesthood and adulterated the nation of Israel.

    It showcases the rationale and vengence of God, his plan, the who, what, and why of the crucifixion and ends with the budding sect called Christianity - the revelation that destroyed the law of the jungle mankind sweltered under, replacing it with the knowledge of the brotherhood and charitable empathy that changed the world for good.

  • Twe Stephens - A different kind of Christian Author

    • March 19, 2013
    Authors: Twe Stephens

    What really makes Twe Stephens different from the millions of others who write Christian books or novels...

  • The Ministry behind my Novels - A word from the Author

    • Twe Stephens
    • March 7, 2012
    Authors: Twe Stephens

    I wondered why some were chosen for Heaven and others created for Hell - it didn’t make any sense. I’d never have a child I knew I wouldn’t only have to kill, but to torture for an eternity forever and forever. It didn’t make any sense, for if he knew everything from beginning to end - God would’ve made nothing but loving children; that is the lowest wisdom. The ministers of God stared at me like a deer stuck in headlights sputtering the numerous traditions of man...

  • The Universes of God III: The Chronicles of the Antichrist

    • Avialable Dec 2014
    • June 12, 2013
    Authors: Twe Stephens

    The third novel of the quadrilogy, The Universes of God III: The Chronicles of the Antichrist, the novel I’m currently writing, will see the real Anti-Christ that’ll deceive the whole world, and ends at Jesus' triumphant return. The Universes of God IV: The final Eternity will complete the series...

    This novel covers church and secular history, the generational methodology that reorganized evil into the zenith force called the One World Order. It gives the history of the nations, the secret Council of Churches, the reign of the Antichrist, and expounds holy prophecy. This novel unveils the evil Tares, the Synagogue of Satan, and their prophesied destruction. They are the only race Jesus warned the world to beware of - who own half the world’s total wealth and are singularly responsible for all the pervasive evil, suffering, and wars on this planet. The epic scope of The Universes of God III:The Chronicles of the Antichrist, despite the title, paints the definitive picture of God’s glory, justness, and esoteric endgame plan - and showcases the jewel of great price all Creation wails endlessly for – the destruction of evil forever!

Twe Stephens' Skills & Expertise

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Blogging
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Research
  5. Editing
  6. Strategic Planning
  7. Social Networking
  8. Proofreading
  9. Copywriting
  10. Teaching
  11. Poetry
  12. Fiction
  13. Fundraising
  14. Books
  15. Newsletters
  16. Copy Editing
  17. Publishing
  18. Novels
  19. Short Stories
  20. Freelance Writing
  21. Non-fiction
  22. Fiction Writing
  23. Published Author
  24. Ghostwriting
  25. Book Reviews
  26. Publicity
  27. Storytelling
  28. Memoir
  29. Literature
  30. Web Content
  31. Ebooks
  32. Creative Writer
  33. Manuscript
  34. Magazine Articles
  35. Publications
  36. Literary Fiction
  37. Rewriting
  38. Feature Articles
  39. Content Writing
  40. Editorial
  41. Travel Writing
  42. Magazines
  43. Book Writing
  44. Content Development
  45. Grammar
  46. Articles
  47. Document Research
  48. Journalism
  49. Online Publishing
  50. Marketing Copy

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Twe Stephens' Education

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc), Sociology


Activities and Societies: chess club

Twe Stephens' Additional Information


Airing on WQ4D Internet Radio April 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM CT Host: Renee Butterfield Renee's guest is Twe Stephens, Bible researcher and Author ---------- Airing on WQ4D Internet Radio March 17, 2013 at 6:00 PM CT Host: Renee Butterfield Renee's guest is Twe Stephens,Bible researcher and author

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