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Sunlabob Renewable Energy, Ltd is a Laos-based company specializing in renewable energy and clean water projects in developing areas of the world. The award-winning social enterprise provides an array of on- and off-grid, sustainable development solutions and services, ranging from solar power micro-grids and solar lantern rental systems to energy efficiency consulting and water pumping and purification.

Sunlabob has garnered extensive international attention for its pioneering operational models that enable self-sustaining village entrepreneurship and energy access in remote off-grid areas throughout Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Islands. Established in 2001, Sunlabob has grown from a 3-person operation focused on serving Laos, to a 40+ person company creating global impact, reaching appoximately 600,000 direct beneficiaries across three continents.


Specialist in Renewable Energy and Clean Water Access

Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd
– Present (14 years)

Sunlabob develops and offers a full range of renewable and energy efficient solutions, for rural and urban areas, and is constantly developing new ways to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies in the Lao PDR and beyond.

Specialties: Rural areas

• Village Hybrid Grids (VHG)
• Solar Home Systems (SHS)
• Solar Lantern Rental System (SLRS)
• Solar-Powered Water Purification Units
• Solar Pumps

Urban areas

• Energy Audit Studies
• Energy Efficiency Studies for Buildings
• Energy Efficiency Studies for Industries
• UPS systems for offices of large organisations and national and international banks
• Grid connected feed in PV systems
• Large exclusive eco-resorts and villas throughout Southeast Asia


Mini-Grids: Lessons Learned and Considerations for Long-Term Success(Link)

Solar Business Focus
July 2014

With a large rural population and increasing demand for electrification, Southeast Asia is leading the way in the development of renewable energy mini-grids. Sunlabob's Evan Scandling looks at what makes a successful mini-grid project and some of the future drivers of this burgeoning market


Myanmar's Struggle to Fix Its Failing Energy System and Embrace Renewables(Link)

Renewable Energy World
January 2013

Supporters of renewable energy say that there is an opportunity for smaller electricity distribution networks to be established in rural areas off the central grid, dubbed “minigrids,” powered by solar, biogas and small-scale hydro where possible. Andy Schroeter founder and CEO of Laos-based Sunlabob renewable energy systems provider says that minigrids offer a number of benefits that can drive development in Myanmar [...]

How to avoid 'band-aid' solutions on expanding energy access(Link)
August 2013

How can the billions of dollars promised for electrification avoid “band-aid” solutions that result in short-term achievements, but ultimately lead to long-term ineffectiveness? Given that experts say more than half of new electricity must be decentralized if universal access is to be achieved by 2030, the key is to pursue a more effective approach to rural electrification.

Renewable energy vital for Myanmar's development(Link)

The Huffington Post
June 2013

As senior leaders from business, government, academia and civil society gather this week in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, for the World Economic Forum on East Asia, the host country's strategy for growth will be at the centre of discussions. One of the core questions will be: how can a country that is changing so swiftly -- economically, socially and politically -- create equitable and sustainable growth, employment creation and resource security?

One indisputable piece of this puzzle is access to energy.

Looking to Laos as a model for off-grid renewable energy(Link)

The Myanmar Times
June 2013

Today, Myanmar has an electrification rate hovering just above 25%. In rural areas, where 40 million people reside, energy access drops to barely more than 15%.

Fortunately, Myanmar is in an opportune position; all signs point to a robust energy transformation in the near future. The Government of Myanmar is, in principal, building the nation’s electricity infrastructure from the ground up, which opens up the opportunity to leverage lessons previously learned by other developing countries in similar situations.

Illuminating Laos - On track to achieving universal electrification(Link)

Southeast Asia Infrastructure
May 2013

The importance of off-grid systems in the rural electrification programme is expected to increase going forward. As Andy Schroeter, Chief Executive Officer of Sunlabob Renewable Energy Limited, the biggest off-grid player in the country, states, “Off-grid solutions will become even more important for the remaining 20 per cent of the households which are yet to be electrified. These communities are in more remote and mountainous areas, and therefore, are much more difficult to be reached by national grid extension efforts. Sunlabob believes that minigrids are an ideal solution for energy access in these villages."

Solar lanterns light up lives of Bong Nam villagers(Link)

Deutsche Presse Agency
July 2013

Keo Noy’s days in the 300-strong Laos village of Bong Nam on the jungle’s edge used to be pretty much over at nightfall. With no link to the electricity grid, sparse light from kerosene lamps was all that she had. Now Noy illuminates her family’s wooden hut with an electric lantern whose batteries are recharged at a solar-powered charging station. Not only does this techy solution provide renewable energy without waste products, it also creates jobs.

EU funds solar projects in Pacific outer islands(Link)

Energy Live News
April 2013

The off-grid areas of one of the least developed island states in the Pacific region will soon be powered by renewable energy, thanks to funding provided by the EU. Laos-based Sunlabob Renewable Energy has been awarded the contract to supply solar equipment to be installed in the outer islands of Kiribati.

Reliable technology for remote locations(Link)

PV Magazine
March 2013

This article reports on how two companies, Sunlabob and Yingli, overcame the technological, organizational and logistical challenges faced in completing their off-grid installations in remote rural locations in Mozambique, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tibet and the Philippines, among others.

Off-Grid Electrification: A key to Myanmar’s promising growth(Link)
February 2013

Andy Schroeter, co-founder and CEO of Sunlabob Renewable Energy, Ltd, discusses how off-grid renewable energy can play an important role in the future progress of Myanmar by opening energy access and enabling opportunity for micro-entrepreneurship.

13 offgrid PV projects in Sierra Leone(Link)

PV Magazine
February 2013

Laos-based Sunlabob Renewable Energy has been awarded two contracts for the design, supply, installation and local training for 13 turnkey solar PV plants in Sierra Leone.

A View From The Field: Addressing The Water-Energy-Poverty Nexus(Link)

Triple Pundit
January 2013

Evan Scandling, Sunlabob Head of Communications, addresses the interconnected nature of energy, water and poverty in the developing world.


  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar Energy
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Conservation
  • Energy
  • Biofuels
  • Sustainable Development
  • Solar Power
  • Sustainability
  • Wind
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Water


Lao Institute of Renewable Energy

Honors & Awards


Winner Cleantech National Competition in Singapore

Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Winner


Energy Globe Award - National Winner
AFCEF - Finalist


Energy Globe Award - National Winner
The Tech Awards - Laureate
Sasakawa Prize - Winner
Lighting Africa - Winner


Ashden Award - Winner
Energy Globe Award - National Winner


World Challenge Award - Finalist


Development Marketplace - Winner
DGS Solar Prize - Winner

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