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Sean Patrick O'Mordha

Author/Partner at Celtic Publications of Nevada

Sparks, Nevada
  1. Celtic Publications of Nevada
  1. Hilton Worldwide,
  2. US Forest Service,
  3. Gannett Newspapers
  1. Lincoln Southeast High School

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Celtic Publications of Nevada

Celtic Publications of Nevada


– Present

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Journalist, editor, and writer for 54 years, the author of numerous short stories and a growing list of novels in the YA, Historical, Adventure genre.



Celtic Publications of Nevada
– Present (9 years)Sparks, Nevada

Author, Editor, Mentor, and Publisher


Hilton Worldwide
(3 years)


Head of Enforcement and Prosecutions

US Forest Service
(10 years)Laramie, Wyoming

Enforce Federal laws and regulations as applied to public lands; Court-appointed prosecutor; Wildlands fire investigator; Member of National Fire Overhead Team.

Reporter, Editor

Gannett Newspapers
(9 years)

Reporter, Farm & Ranch editor


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For Glory, Treasure and Truth

Celtic Publications

David Dolephene is an orphan living with his widowed aunt who, along with her sister, David's grandmother, are into genealogy. When his aunt dies, grandma comes to take care of him. With nothing to do one summer day, he helps to solve a research problem and discovers a family connection to the notorious Caribbean pirate, Dolphin, and that he is heir to a sizeable chunk of property on the Canary Island of El Hierro. Over his mother's objection (operating a tour agency she is off in Europe as usual) David and his grandmother travel to El Hierro to claim the property where he discovers an historical treasure and clue to hidden pirate treasure. However, someone else is interested in finding the treasure. Joined by new friends Alejandro and Concepcion, they search for the treasure with the help of his 400 year-old ghostly ancestor and stay alive as an old enemy tries to put an end to the family decendentstry.

A Pirate's Legacy 2: The Urchin Pirate(Link)
February 2013

In the late 1590's six-year-old orphan, Francois, escapes death on the streets of St. Nazaire, France when a kindly, old pirate takes him under his wings. It's a risky trade, but he loves every minute until his ship is destroyed and he the lone survivor. Taken to El Hierro in the Canary Islands his life is forever shaped and changed as he carves out a legitimate empire. But pirating comes to the forefront when he sails with Hogshead Shaver and becomes the feared pirate Dolphin. It's a story of a boy who lives two very different lives.

A Pirate's Legacy: CIC (Canary Island Commandos)

Celtic Publications

During last summer’s vacation, David Dolephene discovered his pirate ancestor's treasure on El Hierro in the Canary Islands. Returning to America he is both rich, and famous, and a target. On the surface, the problem is the paparazzi seeking compromising pictures of the famous teenager. When a tickle on the back of his neck warns of danger, he assumes it means the undetected presence of photographers. It helps to avoid them and a van that seems to follow him. Upon returning to El Hierro for another summer with best friends Alejandro and Concepción, the warning feelings become stronger. David is confused, still believing the warning pertains to paparazzi until members of the Calabria Mafioso jump the three teens. They kidnap Concepción and take her to their stronghold in Italy where they demand a ransom. Despite uncovering detailed information about the gang and their location, David and Alejandro feel frustrated at the lack of action by the authorities. On impulse, the young men decide to undertake their own rescue mission. With some help from David's ghostly ancestor and a Spanish smuggler, the Canary Island Commandos invade Italy and penetrate the Mafioso hiding place. While they find their sister and two other hostages, getting out of the country alive is a different matter. Following a harrowing cross-country chase, they take refuge in an abandoned farm and prepare for the Mafia who will come in the morning. Concerned about their predicament, his ancestor reminds him, “Someone always dies tomorrow.”

A Pirate's Legacy 5: The Bones(Link)
February 2013

David Evreux teams up with Concepcion and Alejandro to recover a Spanish treasure ship his ancestor sunk off the coasts of Cuba 400 years ago. There's more than just gold and jewels involved as both the Cuban government and the Boggues cartel attempt to sink the adventure. The history of the Mayan people and the future of the Evreux family is at stake.

Incident at Beaver Creek

Celtic Publications

Seven-year old Jake Bershinsky finds himself alone in a forest far from civilization, alone that is, until meeting Henry Riley an Antigua Pueblo Indian. The same age and both fatherless, the two became more than friends as Henry’s people adopt Jake into the Raven Clan. Once overcoming the prejudice of Henry’s uncle, Jake is educated as both Native American and White until an accident changes the course of his life. Involved in the Vietnam War, Jake buries himself and his pain in an Army career until retirement and family brings him back to his roots where he serves as a law enforcement officer on the Zuni National Forest. He sufficiently repressed the memory of what happened thirty years before until discovery of a body at Beaver Creek Campground sets him on a collision course with his past as he searches for the murderers, and to head off a full-scale Pueblo Indian uprising.

For All Time and Eternity: Waters From the Deep

Celtic Publications

Lucifer's war with Heaven is drawing to a close and in a desperation bid to secure victory, he sends his best lieutenant back into time. The objective is to stop Noah from sailing the Ark and thereby prevent any righteous souls from inhabiting the earth. Heavenly Father is aware this could happen and prepares his best warrior to block the move. The problem is that he will have to go to earth and assume a mortal body, and in the course will forget what he is to do. It is a necessary move because of the primary law of the universe - the right of agency. Manny Gusman is six and lives on the streets of a large, west coast California city to avoid an abusive father. However, he is not left to his own devices as special people come into his life to unknowingly prepare him for the most important battle to save Heaven and earth; a martial arts teacher, a Jewish delicatessen owner, a recluse drugging, and a prostitute. Lucifer is not sure Manny is the one chosen to thwart the plan. Whether dead, won over to the evil side, or in some way changed, Manny becomes Lucifer's target.

Man With No Name

Celtic Publications

Philippe has no memory of piloting an expensive boat on a very empty ocean ahead of a typhoon. He has no memory of the wave lifting his boat high into the air before slamming it onto the reef called Kahuna's Teeth to shatter like a crystal bowl. He remembers little more than his first name. If not for the dog, Ellie, and the hermit who hates people, he would be dead, and that would make his uncle very happy. Very happy, indeed. The distinction between hunter and hunted becomes blurred in this epic tale of survival stretching from the warm waters of the South Pacific to the snows of Wyoming and back. A young boy has a huge reward for his head and many eager to hand it to his uncle. What is buried deep in his memory the man fears so greatly? And who is the man with no name? A hermit? Not likely. Not with the resources at his command keeping the young man alive.

Tales for a Sleepless Night(Link)
February 2013

A collection of short stories hopefully to make you smile, perhaps cry, and yes, duck under the sheets.


  1. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. Spanish

    Limited working proficiency
  3. French

    Limited working proficiency
  4. German

    Limited working proficiency


The Labors of Sean O'Mordha(Link)

– Present

A collection of novels for young adult and their seniors. Young Adult, Historical, Adventure.

Team members:

Editing short stories, novellas, and novels - Special Offer at:

– Present

Short stories or the first chapter of your novella or novel. See our website for what we do.

Team members:


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Lincoln Southeast High School

College Prep, n/a

University of Wyoming

B.S., Criminal Justice - Constitutional Law

Criminal Justice and Constitutional Law

Federal Law Enforcement Academy

Law Enforcement

OJT - Journalism

None, Journalism

I went to work out of high school for a large city newspaper, and attended basic journalism classes at a major university. This experience and some good editor/mentors provided the foundation to a writing career spanning 50 years.

Honors & Awards

Over 50 years one collects enough paper it's not necessary to re-paint the walls, but dusting does become a challenge.

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