Phillip Di Marino

Project Manager at ColorNet, Inc.

Stockton, California (Stockton, California Area)

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Phillip Di Marino's Overview

  • Project Manager at ColorNet, Inc.
  • UNLV

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Phillip Di Marino's Summary

For the last ten years ColorNet, Inc has been serving the Port of Stockton and their Maritime tenants as well as Accusplit and another corporation starting with an "A" as in Apricot
We are not seeking any client nor numerous clients, but we are interested in hard workers and self-interested collaborators.
We also spent 2 years documenting the new Bay Bridge Construction from Kiewit Yard in Stockton to the Bay. We were the only group working in HD video and hi-end digital gear at that time.
We have continued to stay ahead of the digital curve with photo and video gear every 2 years including fast editing stations for video editing, photo editing, DVD authoring and the updated software. We also have a full compliment of professional film gear and our own drum scanner, for those who want more than digital can offer. We do produce professional custom websites for large concerns like the very 1st Safeway Website and
Tut Systems and of course the Port of Stockton. We never use content from the internet and only work with professionals. Our Web projects are accepted on a case by case basis.

We like the big industrial size projects and have the gear and experience to do so. We do know the difference between bulk cargo and break bulk cargo. We expect to do custom work for established
concerns. Even so, we are priced favorably, even when competing with the usual digital-only

We originally started over 2 decades ago ("C" corporation since 1992) ago working with Atari, Ericsson Microelectronics, etc. and bring that corporate expertise in advertising, print collateral, WEB (we created the 1st websites for Safeway and GNC) and tradeshows (Comdex, CES). Maritime is simply more interesting and we get to lean out of a helicopter.

Phillip Di Marino's Experience

Project Manager

ColorNet, Inc.

Privately Held; 1-10 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

January 1992Present (22 years 9 months)

Get what the client wants and needs done without hand holding ; on time and on budget and mistake free.We work for them. Our clients have no need to stay current with interactive tech, with professional print standards, the difference between "vector logos" and eps. What is html 5? We expect to take care of that. We also catch typos and outdated materials in their marketing efforts. We expect to perform at the highest level possible with the best gear and MA level staff. For the last ten years we have concentrated on Maritime concerns: shipping, transport, cargos, dredging, rolling stock etc.

General Manager

Foster City Imaging

1989August 1999 (10 years)

Manages package and advertisement creation for Atari, Sony, Sega, Diamond Multi Media, Sigma, Siig, PLI, Evererx, Ericsson Microelectronics and a more. This included expert print prep and expert color separation.

Nonprofit; 201-500 employees; Media Production industry

June 1983September 1987 (4 years 4 months)

Produced the very 1st National documentary on Computer Graphics, audience 16 million.Directed regional documentaries like: ZZYZX-the Last Word In the Mojave and other local broadcasts for Las Vegas, Nevada

Phillip Di Marino's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Animal Welfare
      • Arts and Culture
      • Human Rights

Phillip Di Marino's Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding College Graduate at UNLV

    College of Fine Arts
    • May 1979

    Received a BFA in Painting and another BFA in Photography.
    Multiple shows and 4+ grad pt average.

  • Awards for Print and Web

    • April 2008

    Total of 8 awards for Annual Reports and Web Site and Electronic Media from 2007 to 2011.
    Professional Photography, Programming, Print Prep, Design, Video and Video Editing created within our small group.

Phillip Di Marino's Courses

  • Double BFA, MA & additional post grad studies, Large Format Photography, Fine ART Painting, National TV Broadcasts


    • Photography, Fine Art, Painting, Drawing, Television Broadcast, Mass Communications
    • Outstanding College Graduate
  • Independent Coursework

    • Courses in San Jose States CADRE Program, multiple courses in multi media in the 1990's
    • Additional seminars in computer imaging hosted at Foster City Imaging
    • Multiple Multi-Media Clasess at San Jose as well as print making in Palo Alto (Simple Animation &Etching)

Phillip Di Marino's Projects

  • Caltrans Construction of New Bay Bridge

    • January 2007 to January 2009
    Team Members: Phillip Di Marino, Only our crew had Caltran's Permission

    2 years shooting high def stills ad Hi Def 4 video, multi-medial cd's created for public consumption (edited down for CDROM). Our archves are the only Hi-DEf record shot, others shot conventionally and they only shot he highlights. We shot every step for a complete HD record, still not released to the public. 2 years of shootin the the yards, in the Bay and on the bay construction barges.

  • Construction and Placement of the 1st Segement of New Bay Bridge

    • January 2007 to Present
    Team Members: Phillip Di Marino, Joe Hanf, Charles Ylverton, Sy Harris, Caltrans Staff

    This video shows the creation and final placement of the very 1st New Bay Bridge. It begins with the Kiewit Yard in Stockton and continues to its final place at the beginning of the Bridge. The actual process required a year of shooting the appropriate clips. Though not broadcast on PBS in its entirety, clips were and the complete HD Video was publicly shown many times.

Phillip Di Marino's Skills & Expertise

  1. 20 years of success in advertising, packaging,multi media,
  2. orignal content only websites, high end photography, HD video
  3. cogent acts of persuasion, 10 years experience all things maritime.
  4. Expert in Color Separation for Print, Weg Heirarchy, Aerial Video & Photography
  5. Maritime
  6. Shipping
  7. Photography
  8. Freight
  9. Advertising
  10. Video
  11. Marketing
  12. Ports
  13. Editing
  14. Maritime Operations
  15. International Shipping
  16. Video Editing
  17. Dredging
  18. Multimedia
  19. Custom WebSites for a few
  20. Aerial Photography
  21. Aerial Video
  22. Re-Purpose Print Material/Collateral
  23. Product Potograraphy for Print and Web
  24. Working with real experts in charge
  25. Custom Programming/Custom Interfaces
  26. Anal retenive proof reading
  27. Secured as Possible Security on WEB
  28. No Snowden's Tolerated
  29. Master's level consultation with real Academic Credentials
  30. Corporate Identity
  31. Graphic Design
  32. Digital Media
  33. Project Management
  34. Digital Marketing
  35. Digital Video
  36. Digital Strategy
  37. Digital Printing
  38. Marketing Strategy
  39. Commercial Photography
  40. Marketing Communications
  41. Strategic Communications
  42. Real Mass Communications in national broadcasting, print, web & also a real MA
  43. Sailing

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Phillip Di Marino's Education


Double BFA, MA & additional post grad studies, Large Format Photography, Fine ART Painting, National TV Broadcasts



2 BFA'S & a MA and additional post grad studies, Multi Media, High Def Video, large Photography, TV Production, Electronic Mass Media


Grade: Over 4, Dean's list and other awards.

Activities and Societies: Created and Edited and raised funds for1st and only Arts Magazine that featured fine art, writing (prose and poetry), illustration and academic achievements. Produced and staged heretofore unseen art venues, shows, video performance, performance and the plastic arts.

Phillip Di Marino's Additional Information


Photography, fine art, painting, drawing, all new tech gear, ice hockey. Like to experiment in message and content photography and text.

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