Peter Lazio

Senior Land Surveyor at Sidney B. Bowne & Son, LLP

Greater New York City Area
Civil Engineering

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Peter Lazio's Overview

  • Senior Land Surveyor at Sidney B. Bowne & Son, LLP
  • Land Surveyor at North Star Surveying, PC
  • Land Survey Manager at Nelson & Pope, LLP
  • Land Surveyor at Sidney B. Bowne & Son, LLP
  • Land Surveyor at Peter J. VanWeele and Co
  • State University of New York at Farmingdale
  • University of Maine GPS, Geodesy and Application Program (GPS-GAP)
  • University of Maine – Internet courses taught by Alfred Leick

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Peter Lazio's Experience

Senior Land Surveyor

Sidney B. Bowne & Son, LLP

Partnership; 51-200 employees; Civil Engineering industry

November 1999Present (14 years 11 months)

Responsible for the design and execution of control networks for engineering projects. Network design includes both GPS and terrestrial observations. Networks are analyzed and adjusted using using Columbus Network Adjustment Software (least squares methods). Familiar with GeoLab Network Adjustment Software. Supervise and direct land surveying projects for adherence to standards and completeness. Member of the CAD Standards Committee.

Land Surveyor

North Star Surveying, PC

November 1998November 1999 (1 year 1 month) Hampton Bay, NY

Land surveying computations and drafting for boundary and topographic surveys.

Land Survey Manager

Nelson & Pope, LLP

Partnership; 51-200 employees; Civil Engineering industry

1993November 1998 (5 years)

Responsible for scheduling and supervising three field crews and five office personnel. Prepared proposals and budgets for projects; developed procedures for automated data collection; integrated data collection with automated plotting of field data in CAD. Developed CAD standards while acting CAD manager and network manager.

Partnership; 51-200 employees; Civil Engineering industry

19901993 (3 years) Mineola, NY

Land survey computations for boundary and topographic surveys. CADD drafting and mapping

Land Surveyor

Peter J. VanWeele and Co

19851990 (5 years)

Land survey computations for boundary and topographic surveys. Manual and CADD drafting.

Peter Lazio's Projects

  • Blue Book 1st Order Horizontal Control Project, Long Beach, NY

    Team Members: Peter Lazio

    Replaced destroyed Class A rod monument; survey plan was submitted to the National Geodetic Survey for approval. Instrumentation included dual frequency GPS receivers and digital level with invar rods. Authored survey report. Project was accepted for inclusion in the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS).

  • Deformation Monitoring of Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY

    Team Members: Peter Lazio

    Designed observation scheme using total station to monitor potential movement of warehouse along Brooklyn waterfront. Analyzed results from week-to-week using least squares adjustment software; presented results both graphically and in tabular form.

  • Naval Weapons Station Earle, Monmouth County, NJ

    Team Members: Peter Lazio

    Photo-control for mapping; coordinated with Base point of contact to arrange security clearances for field campaign; supervised the setting of 27 pre-marked targets; located targets using GPS methods. Authored report to document that project requirements were met.

  • Kosciuszko Bridge, New York City for New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT

    Team Members: Peter Lazio

    1st Order Project Control for engineering design studies; survey plan was presented to NYSDOT regional surveyor for approval. Implemented plan which included coordination of five dual-frequency receivers. Authored detailed report documenting adherence to NYSDOT Land Survey Standards and Procedures Manual

Peter Lazio's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Experience

    • Guest Speaker

      2006 Northeast Positioning Conference
      • Education

      Sponsored by University of New Hampshire, Keystone Precision Instruments and Trimble Navigation Ltd. Two-hour course on Current Use and Future Trends in the Online Processing Utility Service (OPUS).

    • Guest Speaker

      2004 National Geodetic Survey Convocation
      • Education

      Spoke on private sector applications of the National Geodetic Survey On-line Positioning User Service (OPUS). The presentation was highlighted in the November/December issue of the ACSM Bulletin article on the NGS Convocation.

Peter Lazio's Publications

  • OPUS-RS Pair Points: Case Study

    • Journal of Surveying Engineering (ASCE), Vol. 136 No. 2
    • May 2010
    Authors: Peter Lazio

    Referencing small engineering surveys to the national spatial reference system (NSRS)presents advantages in terms of spatially coordinating infrastructure and facilitates the inclusion of the infrastructure in a geographic information system. In cases where the total station is the appropriate tool to conduct the survey, online positioning user service rapid static (OPUS-RS) can be employed to economically establish azimuth pair points to orient the survey to the NSRS. Using OPUS-RS coordinates as observations along with global positioning system (GPS) vectors and total station observations in a least-squares adjustment to establish the azimuth pair points adds robustness to the least-squares adjustment to isolate systematic errors. All the observations contribute to the least-squares adjustment but some observations contribute more than others do. Redundancy numbers can be used to identify those observations that contribute little to the adjustment results. By analyzing the results of three least-squares adjustments, it will be shown that under normal conditions total station observations contribute little to the overall adjustment. Under obstructed conditions total station observations contribute to the vertical precision of the azimuth pair points. OPUS-RS appears to be less susceptible to vertical biases than GPS vectors at obstructed sites.

  • Constraining Network Adjustments to OPUS-RS Coordinate Observations

    • Journal of Surveying Engineering (ASCE), Vol. 133, No. 3
    • August 2007
    Authors: Peter Lazio

    OPUS rapid static (OPUS-RS) was introduced to the public in August 2005 as an operational prototype. Allowing centimeter accuracy with 10-15-min observation sessions, OPUS-RS holds the promise of dramatically lessening the time needed to reference a survey to the National Spatial Reference System. (NSRS). The purpose of this paper is to compare results between networks constrained to the NSRS using multiple short OPUS-RS observation sessions and much longer OPUS observation sessions. The results of this comparison demonstrate that multiple short OPUS-RS sessions provide for significant time savings with results that agree within a centimeter of the longer OPUS sessions.

  • OPUS Observations

    • Surveying and Land Information Science (ACSM), Vol. 66 No. 3
    • September 2006
    Authors: Peter Lazio

    Although primarily a positioning service, the coordinate values provided by the National Geodetic Survey’s On Line Positioning User Service (OPUS) may also be used as observations in a least squares adjustment. This is made possible by the inclusion of the coordinate covariance matrix in the OPUS extended data report. A covariance matrix is one of the necessary components in a least squares adjustment. We will develop the other necessary component for a least squares adjustment, namely, the mathematical model, and demonstrate how commercial least squares adjustment software can be used to incorporate OPUS in a network adjustment. OPUS vectors and coordinates can be used as observations to rigorously combine multiple OPUS solutions for the same station and or they can be combined with other measurement methods in a network adjustment.

  • Advancement through Consolidation (Guest Editorial)

    • Journal of Surveying Engineering (ASCE), Vol. 132 No. 4
    • November 2006
    Authors: Peter Lazio

    The common goal of the convergence of these disparate technologies is to move surveying away from a measurement-oriented profession to a data-centric profession. As sophisticated, multitechnology tools allow the acquisition of more information, the surveyor’s role is increasingly developing to organize and direct the flow of that data. Understanding how the surveyor’s data contribute to the success of the enterprise is the indicator by which the professionalism of the surveyor will be measured in this new surveying environment.

  • GPS Geodesy and Applications (GPS-GAP) - An Internet Based Geodesy and GPS Educational Application

    • Surveying and Land Information Systems (ACSM) Vol. 65 No. 2
    • June 2005
    Authors: Peter Lazio

    Advances in GPS have outpaced the training infrastructure. To fill this void, surveyors are attending seminars or manufacturer-sponsored training courses. The courses do a satisfactory job at presenting fundamental concepts and foster basic proficiency with the particular manufacturer’s receivers and software. Seminars, on the other hand, present no more than a general overview of theory. Sound theoretical principles cannot be taught in the short period of time allocated to either form of instruction. A detailed, mathematically based course of study is not possible via training courses or seminars: mainly because of time limitations, the mathematics powering the black box is either overly simplified or ignored. The University of Maine sponsors an Internet-based program—GPS Geodesy and Application Program (GPS-GAP) which fills the need for mathematically rigorous courses of instruction for surveyors using GPS and other geodetic applications.

  • CORS and OPUS for Engineers: Tools for Surveying and Mapping Applications

    • ASCE Monograph
    • 2011
    Authors: Peter Lazio

    Four original papers and one reprint:
    OPUS-S Extended Data
    Editing RINEX Files to Fix a Poor OPUS Run
    Editing RINEX Observation Files for OPUS-RS
    GPS Vectors, OPUS-S, OPUS-RS Observations in a Unified Adjustment
    Constraining Network Adjustments to OPUS-RS Coordinate Observations (Reprint)

Peter Lazio's Skills & Expertise

  1. ALTA Surveys
  2. Subdivisions
  3. Boundary
  4. Platting
  5. Topographic Surveys
  6. Surveying
  7. Geodesy
  8. Least Squares Network Adjustment
  9. Legal Descriptions
  10. Construction Staking
  11. Leica
  12. Laser Scanning
  13. Photogrammetry
  14. Networking
  15. Trimble
  16. GPS
  17. Topo
  18. Site Development
  19. RTK
  20. Land Development
  21. Site Plans
  22. Aerial Photography
  23. Cartography
  24. Bridge
  25. Easements
  26. Civil Engineering
  27. Geomatics
  28. Road

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Peter Lazio's Education

State University of New York at Farmingdale

Associates Degree of Applied Science, Surveying Technology


University of Maine GPS, Geodesy and Application Program (GPS-GAP)

Least Squares Adjustments, GPS and Geodesy

Served as a test student during the development of GPS-GAP Asynchronous Internet Education Program ( by Alfred Leick. Provided feedback to Dr. Leick on course content and presentation for six graduate-level courses pertaining to GPS adjustments and satellite positioning. Based on my experience, authored the paper, "GPS Geodesy and Applications (GPS-GAP) - An Internet-based Geodesy and GPS Educational Application," published in Surveying and Land Information Science, Vol. 65, 2004.

University of Maine – Internet courses taught by Alfred Leick

Least Squares Adjustments, GPS and Geodesy

Least Squares Adjustments, Introduction to GPS, Computing Pseudorange and Carrier Phase Misclosures, and Carrier Phase Solutions.

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