LinkedInLuis Carlos Moreira da Costa

Luis Carlos Moreira da Costa

Expert D, OSGi, Eclipse Platform and WildFly Administrator

São Paulo Area, Brazil
Computer Software
  1. RoboVM,
  2. Opal SWT Widgets,
  3. OSGi Alliance
  1. Intalio,
  2. Nokia,
  3. Diebold Procomp

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– Present

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Software Architect, Eclipse/OSGi Expert, Eclipse Platform Expert, Application Developer, had acted in a wide variety of areas.

Particularly interested in RAP and RCP applications development and graphical editors of domain models.

Always interested in develop fresh new user interfaces and deal with heterogeneous environments and solve their problems.

Additional Professional Experience
Using various IDE's on * IX, FreeBSD and Windows.

Systems development in general 1995 present date.
Java (SE/EE/ME), Eclipse RAP, RCP, eRCP, GEF, GMF, EMF, OSGi, Plug-ins, JTAPI, JavaCard, JavaTV, Ginga-J, Android, iPhone, JPA, JSF, Ajax4jsf, RichFaces, ICEfaces, Spring, Wicket, Struts2, WebWork, OpenXava, Liferay, Objective-C, Scala, Haskell, Jython, Fantom, D (Digital Mars), Visual Studio 2010 VC++, C++ Builder, Qt, GTK, RaspberryPi and Arduino,

Implement and customize the Pentaho-BI, Mondrian, Kettle, Weka, Eclipse, BIRT, Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL and JavaDB/Derby.

Systems development for Palm, BlackBerry and mobile phones using the eRCP, eSWT/eJFace, CodeWarrior, BlackBerry JDE.

Development of various systems in various areas from 1983 to 1995 SO Unix, OS/2, C/C++, Assembler, Visual C++ and Borland C++.

Experience in native programming using C++ with Boost/STL, Qt, Win32, Posix and so on, using both Eclipse CDT/CMake and Visual Studio environments.

Experience on development of Eclipse/RCP plugins: Equinox, JFace, SWT, OSGi, Editors with code assist, error detection, AST (abstract syntax tree) manipulation, views reflecting the state of the Editors on real time.

Experience in Parsing, Compiling, ASTs balancing and manipulation using ANTLR or JavaCC.

Experience with symmetric and asymmetric encryption, private and public keys file structure and so on using JCA (Java Architecture Criptography), BouncyCastle and OpenSSL.

Advanced knowledge of the JVM and its assembly, runtime bytecode manipulation and other advanced topics related to Java.

Specialties:Eclipse RAP, RCP, eRCP, OSGI, EMF, GMF, GEF, SWT, JFace, Eclipse Plug-in Development, Spring-DM, Pentaho, JavaTV, JavaCard, JTAPI, Ginga-J, Scala, Haskell, Jython, Fantom, C/C++, D (Digital Mars), Qt, C#, C++ Builder and Visual Studio 2010 VC++.


  • Eclipse
  • Maven
  • JavaSE
  • Java
  • REST
  • Eclipse RCP
  • Visual C++
  • Hibernate
  • OSGi
  • Spring
  • JavaEE
  • Git
  • Subversion
  • J2EE Application...
  • Eclipse RAP
  • Qt
  • JavaME
  • JMS
  • BIRT
  • Android
  • JavaCard
  • Scala
  • Jython
  • Visual C#
  • EJB
  • BPMN
  • BPEL
  • PostgreSQL
  • XML
  • Web Services
  • Objective-C
  • Eclipse GEF, EMF, GMF
  • SWT, JFace
  • Unix, Linux
  • D (Digital Mars)
  • C/C++
  • JPA2
  • Liferay, OpenXava
  • JavaTV
  • Pentaho BI (Mondrian,...
  • Ginga-J
  • Fantom
  • eRCP (eSWT/eJFace),...
  • Kotlin
  • WildFly-JBoss
  • Virgo/Gemini
  • RaspberryPi/Arduino
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– Present (1 year 4 months)


Opal – New widgets for the SWT API

Opal SWT Widgets
– Present (3 years 6 months)

Committer, Development and Supporter SWT Widgets.

OSGi Alliance Supporter

OSGi Alliance
– Present (3 years 9 months)

OSGi Alliance Supporter Brazil

Regional Communities/Brazil

Eclipse Foundation
– Present (5 years)

Representative Regional Communities Brazil

Senior Middleware Applications Consultant

Red Hat Brasil
– Present (5 months)São Paulo Area, Brazil

Mentor and WildFly Application Server Administrator, serving many customers from
Red Hat and development of various modules in WildFly.
I am responsible for planning, deploying and testing all Red Hat
middleware solutions, as well as costumer needs with JavaEE architecture.
The main daily activities are based on the role of consultant and architect in solutions such as JBoss EAP, JON, JavaEE Applications, ALM (Maven, Nexus, Jenkins, Sonar) and application profiling.
JBoss Middleware Solutions: EAP (Application Server), JON (Monitoring Tool), JDG (Data Grid Product) and Open Shift.

Architect and Developer

(6 months)Brazil

Development of improvements, bug fixes and implementation of BPMN 2.0 specification, Intalio BPMS Designer for using Eclipse RCP, GEF, EMF, GMF and OSGi.

Architect and Developer

(4 months)São Paulo Area, Brazil

Linux and Free Software development both on Desktop and Embedded.
Deep knowledge of C/C++, Qt4, QML and MeeGo.
Research in Intelligent and adaptive User Interfaces using machine learning.

Architect/Developer Visual C++

Diebold Procomp
(4 months)São Paulo Area, Brazil

Maintenance / Development of Health System TSS in the environment WinXP to Win7, using the MS Visual C++ 6, making the modifications to the Visual Studio 2010 VC++ 10, using MFC, ATL and Oracle. Development of components with MFC/COM.


FISCOSoft, BettaWork, ALOG/Tecla, Comtex
(2 years 1 month)

Development of a system using the webservices SEFAZ for NF-e (Electronic Invoice) using Restful, Spring-DM and JBoss-OSGi.
Development of embedded systems using Qt.
Implementation of Web services for various projects to Magazine Luiza, and develop projects using Spring, Maven, JPA, WebLogic, JDeveloper. Creating long to JDeveloper and ODI, using Oracle BPM Suite to integrate with SVN.
A framework for development of Cloud Computing, using the library maintained by RedHat called libvirt-java, library and XenSource XenAPI-called Java, and available in web services, and using the JBoss-Restlet, JBoss-Seam and JBoss-AS.
System Call Center for Emergency Service for the government of Rio de Janeiro. Using Eclipse RCP/RAP, SWT/JFace, using Spring-DM, Hibernate persistence layer with JPA, JBoss application server with the PostgreSQL database, JMS and Web Services.
Used the technology RCP/RAP system can be used either as a desktop application like a web application RCP/RAP.

Analyst, Developer and Teacher

(3 years 7 months)

A development site for AMA, using Liferay Portal, OpenXava, PostgreSQL, Alfresco CMS, Web Services and write down the Anoto-Pen.
Development of a search architecture addresses, names for database marketing, using Red Hat Linux, JBoss, JMS.
Implement and customize the Pentaho BI tool, using the Oracle database, JBoss Portal, Dashboard development, Mondrian, Kettle, and Weka WebServices with developing plug-ins for Eclipse RCP (SWT / JFace), Eclipse and Eclipse GEF/RAP.
Development of train control system involving Boolean equations, encryption, build, plug-ins for Alstom-Brasil using Eclipse RCP (SWT/JFace) and Eclipse GEF.
Development and maintenance of web-based system using Java Server Faces, TopLink Essentials (EJB 3.0), JPA, Spring, JDeveloper 10g, WebSphere.
Development of BI reporting, routing system for using Eclipse BIRT.
Development of system on PalmOS/JavaME, BI reports using Eclipse BIRT, and also developing a system for using JTAPI Call Center / CTI - Avaya.
Analyzing the system architectures Web / Desktop, already existing and being implemented and
support development in software factories.
Using Laszlo/Ajax in web development for most of the developed systems.
Project planning using Use Cases.
Development of J2EE projects using the SAP Portal, Hibernate, JDO, SQL Server.
Making the communication between SAP Portal with SAP R/3 using SAP-JCO.

Analyst, Developer and Teacher

(8 months)

Maintenance in the Pegasus system, which controls the entry of orders that arrive in Brazil and calculates the tax rates. This system was developed between the years 2000/2001, Swing client/server architecture and connection with other RMI servers.
This involves maintenance system for required updates to fit the new laws and bug fixes, besides attending to guests in order to assist them in their difficulties with relation to the use of the system and the definition and implementation of new features.
Audit of the web system of credit money, using the Spring framework, Hibernate, AOP, Linux, Oracle.
Customization, maintenance and web development, e-commerce, SAP and SAP-JCO.
Migration and development project client/server and web.
Migration from Solaris to AIX servers, applications in C/C++ and Java, using Billing System (Infranet-Portal).

Architect, Developer and Teacher

(3 years 2 months)

Development and maintenance of web projects.
Development of business rules, packages, classes, object persistence,
An architecture using XML and Web easier for the development and learning.
Development and maintenance of web projects.
Development of business rules, packages, classes, object persistence,
An architecture using XML and Web easier for the development and learning.
Development of web projects using JCO-SAP, WDK-Documentum.
An architecture using XML and Web easier for the development and learning.
Instructor in Java Basic, Advanced, JSP/Servlet and JavaBeans for development of web projects, installation of application server.
Development of business rules, packages, classes, persistence,
XML and Web services architecture of each entry, easier development and learning,
and also developing a project for factory management software,
CIAB unveiled at such companies interested Telefonica, Banco Bradesco and Scopus.
Instructor in Java Basic, Advanced, JSP/Servlet and JavaBeans for development projects Swing/Web, and Lotus Domino server installation.
Development of business rules, packages, classes, persistence,
XML input and each new Web architecture, easier to develop and learn, and also developing a project to control the entire banking transaction relating to money and credit checks with several banks, and also for the company Flash Courier.

Analyst, Developer and Teacher

(2 years 3 months)

Development of the Banco Postal to the post office, using Swing, and also solve some problems in Argentina, teaching and development of componentization for productivity gains, using Swing. Development of system of insurance, using Swing/Web
Development of my web architecture and packages, business rules and installation of MQSeries for messaging with the mainframe to access various web systems implemented, access to the Detran, SPC.
Installation and configuration of Lotus Domino and WebSphere.
Instructor for Web designer to learn the Java language.
Development of a project site (confidential), and also developing an application for money printers magnetic, and help people in C/C++, with access to MQSeries, Sybase Database and Oracle.

Analyst, Developer and Teacher

(1 year 11 months)

System development in Java and C to Fax, development of precompiler for financial transactions to be processed through the mainframe to Unix.
Development of systems for various commercial and financial areas, using the Java language and C++ Builder.
Development of web systems for Banco GM and Toyota, using the MVC-2 architecture, JSP/Servlet, EJB 1.0/1.1, Applets and Netscape Application Server.

Architect, Developer and Teacher

(13 years)

Development of specific systems involving C/C++, SCO Unix, OS/2 Wrap, using Borland C++ for OS/2 for the control of the bus, firmware and data collectors Trigon.
Development of specific systems, also to control retail outlet in C/C++.
Development of Systems for the clinic, laboratory control, cash management, accounting and tax records, commercial and financial development of system documentation and instructor of C/C++.
Development of trading and financial systems, development of documentation systems in C/C++.
Development of trading and financial systems in C/C++ and Assembly.

Honors & Awards

iOS App Development

Virtual course for developing apps for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad,
iPod Touch) administered by Stanford University, United States.
The course covers the main concepts involved in the design of an application,
such as language Objective-C Protocols, Categories, Handling File System, Database
(Core Data), GPS Tracking System, Maps, Storyboard, UI elements etc..

Additional Honors & Awards

Developed Eclipse Plug-in: EclipseTV, EclipseJTAPI, EclipseServices.
Developed Eclipse RAP RWT/SWT/JFace and Qt Widget.
Developed Embedded Database System called WhippetDB written in D Language (Digital Mars).


  1. Portuguese

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. English

    Limited working proficiency


Book- Java to Beginners - Portuguese(Link)

Java to Beginners
January 2002



Bachelor's Degree, Bachelor of Computer Science


Bachelor's Degree, Sciences and Mathematics


Technician in Automation and Robotics


Technical Data Processing

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