ARTIST - Figurative, Retired TAFE NSW teacher, Play music, Love singing.

Sydney, Australia
Arts and Crafts
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ARTIST - FIgurative

– Present

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Japanese born, Nationalised "Aussie", friendly but 'straight-talkin' woman who loves swimming, playing guitar/keyboard/recorder, love play games:pool, Mafia Wars on Facebook.

Love Cooking and thingking of creating Website of original recepe - home cooking.

Organize (I've been saying this for 'yours..LOL" ) Art Exhibition - Group of Artists from Sydney Area.

専門分野: Language Teacher: Japanese, English

Be able to Communicate orally in German - Between Beginners' and Advance Level

Be able to present Seminar for:
1. Japanese Language and Culture
2. Cultural Diversity; problems and solutions
eg. Why Japan is So Impostant for Australia
How Religious Beliefe effets one's decision making, business management, everyday life, Bushido..what is Bushido.. etc.

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Art: practicing artist


ARTIST - FIgurative

– Present (8 years 6 months)Sydney

I draw/paint figurative art/still life.. sometimes 'landscape' as well.

I use mix medium technique.

3: Exhibitions previously
a. Stuttgard, Germany (1985)
with Korean Artist
- I exhibited only drawings/quick sketches and my partner exhibited Traditional Korean Folklore Art.


Kaye Yagasaki
(2 months)Hillsdale, Sydney, New South Wales, 2036 Australia

Design, Draw, Paint - for Mr.A.J.S's Lounge Room and Hall way.

Paint alone costed a bit over 800 Dollars (Aust)

You can see it on Youtube:

My YouTube Channels:

Dear Frieds..
If you spend some time and watch 2 and a half minutes Slide show of my Wall Painting Art and Give me some Feedback.. I really sincerely appreciate.


Kaye Yagasaki Email:


TAFE Sydney Institute
(15 years)Mary Ann street, Ultimo, 2007 NSW

as Casual teacher 1989/9 ~ 1995

as Full-time teacher 1995~2005

Taught :
- LOTE Japanese
- Japanese Culture for Business and Administrative Studies: Basic Language Skills and Essential Cultural Differences and Appropriate Behavior when encountering with Japanese Business People here in Australia and In Japan.
- Produced Video Lessons for Certificate 3 modules.
- Produced Textbook Worksheets/Assessment Criteria/Assessment Tests, various "FUN" activities for all learning outcomes - Lessons

Associated various tasks with:
- Board of Studies *Exam Witting Panel
- Board of Education *Review/Reassess Modules used in NSW
- Institute of Language, University of New South Wales
* language teacher: LOTE Japanese
- University of Technology - Sydney
* Assessed 'practicum' of student teachers of
G.Dip. TESOL/Teaching Japanese Language

- University of Sydney


Australian Catholic University, Strathfield Campus, Strathfield, Sydney, NSW, Australia
(6 months)Australian Catholic University, Strathfield Campus, Strathfield, Sydney NSW

Lecturer/Tutor 3rd Year Japanese

Lesson Making, Worksheets creating, Assessments, Tests and Examination writing, check students' homework/speech/exampapers, grade students according to their performance.

Casual Tutor

University of New South Wales
(4 years 11 months)University of New South Wales, Kensington Campus, Randwick, Sydney

Tutor: Japanese studies (Year 1, 2 and 3)
- Lesson preparation and delivery
- Assess students' progress and write reports regularly
- Assessment in 4 skills: oral, listening, writing and reading
- Create "fun" activities for throughout the session (year)
- Marking tests/exams.
- Give grade to students
- etc.

Tutor: (General Studies Streem B)
Cultural Diversity: Problems & Solutions
- Post-Lecture discussion group: motivate students to participate in a tutorial session,
- Assess students' progress/essay/presentation/class-discusssion, etc.
- Grade students according to their performance
- Help students to look at/think/analyse/evatluate/etc..from different angle; ie use different measurement for each country in Asia.

Help students to re-evaluate their ideas, opinions, ethics.
Help students to become able to understand Asian Culture/History.



まだ、検討中。 ミュージシャンは 私と息子、そしてシドニーで現在活躍中のマオリ、トンガン、フィージーアン、中国系、韓国系、フィリピン系、そして、ヨーロッパ系、もち豪州人と 多彩。


場所は ヤーラベイセーリングクラブ。
Yarra Bay Sailing Club...
ここは 近いので 選びました。


現在、必要なのは 私の気に入ったメンバーを 揃えること

THE VENTUREz Copy Bandが、豪州には ないように思えるが、本当に 出来る人たち/ミュ0時シャンを探すのが困難。

まぁ 。。てな 感じかな?

ヤーラベイビーチペープル 合同展示会(Link)

Art Exhibition

ART .. ie Creative products

ie.. Painting, Drawing, Photography, Indigenous Culture (ALL OF THEM.. Dance, Musical Instruments, Dream TIme Story, etc..)


Must NOT forget ... FOOD


anyone interested?

Contact me.. aber sofort !!!

Kaye Yagasaki


University of Sydney

  • Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics


  1. Japanese

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  2. German

    Limited working proficiency
  3. Chinese

    Elementary proficiency
  4. English

    Native or bilingual proficiency
  5. Spanish

    Elementary proficiency


  • Certificate in Teaching...
  • Teacher
  • Teacher of Japanese...
  • English
  • Art
  • Japanese
  • Teaching
  • Music
  • German
  • Painting
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media
  • Photoshop
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Facebook
  • Fine Art
  • Editing
  • Educational Leadership
  • Advertising
  • Language Teaching
  • Teacher Training
  • Lecturing
  • Research
  • Curriculum Design
  • Management
  • Adult Education
  • Tutoring
  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Figurative Art
  • Swimming
  • Social Skills
  • Multicultural Education
  • Japanese culture
  • Japanese Language...
  • Japanese to English...
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Japan's Success after...
  • Origami
  • Poetry
  • Cleaning
  • Team Management
  • Events Organisation
  • Curriculum Development
  • Visual Arts
  • See 35+  See less


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