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Retired - USAF and Civil Service

Washington D.C. Metro Area
Security and Investigations
  1. Retired - USAF and Civil Service
  1. Dept of Health and Human Services,
  2. US Department of Health and Human Services,
  3. Athena Innovative Solutions
  1. Texas State University

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Retired - USAF and Civil Service

Retired - USAF and Civil Service


– Present

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Over 26 years of experience as a Special Agent, federal criminal investigator, and Program Security Officer (PSO) with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Held multiple supervisory and leadership positions with AFOSI at the field, regional, and headquarters organizational levels. Extensive background, experience, and training as a federal criminal investigator, counterintelligence (CI) officer, counterespionage (CE) case officer, and PSO. Developed and implemented organizational strategic and operational goals/objectives for CI collections/analysis, offensive double agent CE operations, research and technology protection (RTP) programs, antiterrorism (AT) operations/investigations, and special access program (SAP) security. Established and managed large and small AFOSI units that included managing all aspects of office administration -- personnel, budgets, facilities, and establishing the unit's mission, goals, and objectives. One year experience working for a DoD contractor supporting the Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) providing specialized CI and security services to multiple DoD CI organizations. Developed security policies and procedures for the US Department of Health and Human services focused on the federal government's response to terrorist attacks and natural disasters. Currently oversee security and compliance of federal laws relating to the congressionally mandated Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority and Project BioShield which is the government’s program to develop medical countermeasures to protect against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) terrorists threats.

Specialties:Counterintelligence, counterespionage, industrial security, transportation security, special access programs, medical countermeasures, cold chain security, physical security, personnel security, automated information systems security, information security, counterterrorism



Retired - USAF and Civil Service
– Present (2 years 2 months)

Special Assistant, GS-1801-15

Dept of Health and Human Services
(5 years 6 months)

Special Assistant for Medical Countermeasures, US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. Represent the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Biomedical Research and Development Authority (BARDA) within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Response and Preparedness (ASPR) in determining security policies, principles, and procedures to protect the research, development, and acquisition of vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs targeting the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threat agents most likely to be used in a terrorist attack or during a pandemic. Develop national security strategies to prevent, mitigate, and treat the consequences of CBRN threats or a pandemic in accordance with the HHS Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE) Implementation Plan. Administer, coordinate, and supervise BARDA security, counterintelligence, and investigative programs for pharmaceutical companies, contractors, and facilities.Coordinate with contractor CEOs, VPs, Presidents, Directors, and other senior level management and security officials regarding compliance with federal and HHS security policies and procedures during the life-cycle of vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs being produced to counter CBRN and pandemic threats. Conduct onsite inspections, security/counterterrorism vulnerability threat assessments, and physical security surveys at contractor and government facilities. Coordinate counterintelligence and security issues with the FBI, DHS, US Marshal Service, other federal intelligence agencies, and with local law enforcement agencies.

Senior Physical Security Specialist

US Department of Health and Human Services
(9 months)

Aug 2006 to Apr 2007: Senior Physical Security Specialist, GS-0080-15, US Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Ave. S.W., Washington, DC. Responsible for coordinating and monitoring the physical security program for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response. Developed plans, policies, and procedures to provide the US HHS with the capabilities to effectively identify and fulfill national security, homeland security and internal HHS physical security requirements. Initiated and redirected courses of action and alternatives regarding HHS physical security strategies. Assessed the effectiveness of physical security related to HHS programmatic activities, identified problems that directly affected the accomplishment of program goals and objectives, and initiated alternatives and corrective actions. Created comprehensive security programs to reduce risks identified during security assessments of HHS facilities. Utilized accurate and timely intelligence threat information to protect HHS facilities and operations and coordinated with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Identified HHS high-risk facilities that were susceptible to terrorist/criminal activities to include bio-safety laboratories, animal research facilities and confidential strategic national stockpile locations. Represented HHS on the federal Interagency Security Committee (ISC) that is responsible for establishing physical security policies and standards for all non-DoD federal facilities.

VP and Director for Counterintelligence/Law Enforcement Support

Athena Innovative Solutions
(1 year 3 months)

Provided direct CI support to DoD's Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA) Mission Response Group (MRG). Responsible for providing operational CIFA/MRG CI support and services for various DoD CI organizations and agencies. CI support and services included specialized offensive and defensive CI operations (HUMINT), technical services/operations, cyber operations, and CI collections/analysis. Responsible for ensuring that CIFA/MRG CI mission support and services met or exceeded government expectations in protecting military operations/exercises, national security information, and advanced weapons technology.

Director of Operations

Air Force Office of Special Investigations Region 7
(4 months)

AFOSI senior leadership requested I assume this critical AFOSI leadership position. Reported directly to the Commander of AFOSI Region 7. Responsible for establishing and managing the mission focus and direction of the organization. Provided direct mission oversight to 14 field units and over 100 personnel in the execution of all Program Security, RTP, AT, investigative, and CI strategic goals and objectives. Personally responsible for providing oversight and guidance to all subordinate units for all CI, RTP, AT, investigative, and program security initiatives for all USAF acknowledged, unacknowledged, and waived SAPs. Coordinated with Air Staff SAP Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and Program Element Monitors (PEMs) to ensure SAP security policies and CI requirements were fully implemented at DoD contractor facilities and System Program Offices (SPO). Acted as the SAP security technical authority on various SAP security working groups. Managed and directed the unit’s investigative and operational resources to meet organizational SAP mission goals and priorities. Managed CI and program security support for the multi-national Joint Strike Fighter program. The designated PSO for supporting the multi-billion dollar Department of Justice lawsuit associated with a terminated unacknowledged SAP ensuring protection of critical US advanced technologies during the legal process. Responsible for coordinating all CI, criminal, fraud, AT, and SAP program security activities with HQ AFOSI, SAF/AQ, SAF/AAZ, other military SAP offices, and with other federal and local law enforcement agencies. Implemented SAP security policies, regulations, and procedures affecting DoD Special Access Programs IAW the DCID 6/9, DCID 6/4, JAFAN 6/9, JAFAN 6/3, DoD 5220.22-M. Developed CONOPs, Program Security Guides and SCGs. Managed OPSEC, EMSEC, and Information Security programs.

Supervisory Special Agent in Charge

Air Force Office of Special Investigations
(9 months)

Promoted and moved to this position based upon tested and proven leadership and management skills and extensive experience in providing program security, CI, RTP, and AT oversight support for a wide variety of USAF and DoD SAPs. Managed and supervised all SAP program security and CI activities/initiatives associated with the overall protection of classified USAF and DoD SAPs within the national capital region (NCR). As the Special Agent in Charge, supervised a team of professional program security specialists and Special Agents providing specialized CI and security support/services for all USAF and DoD SAPs. Specialized services included -- policy oversight for automated information systems (AIS) used in classified environments; administering CI scope polygraph examinations used for screening and granting access to SAPs or for resolving allegations of criminal activity; technical services used for covert audio and video surveillance, body wires, lock bypass and picking, digital photography, vehicle tracking, technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM), and technical surveillance operations (TSO). Developed a wide range of program security, CI, and investigative policies and procedures used by DoD contractors and government organizations and conducted inspections to ensure compliance of applicable security and investigative requirements. Conducted and supervised joint investigations with the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to resolve allegations of espionage and breaches of security procedures. Directed and managed CI collections and analysis efforts used at government and DoD contractor facilities. Established the unit’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives, and supervised unit personnel. Developed CI and AT programs and ensured the timely collection, analysis, exploitation, and dissemination of threat information to customers and higher headquarters.

Program Security Officer

(13 years)

Special Agent in Charge

Air Force Office of Special Investigations
(6 years 9 months)

Promoted and transferred as the Special Agent in Charge to establish and develop a new and critical AFOSI Detachment to support USAF and DoD SAPs. Quickly established a fast-paced and customer oriented unit meeting crucial CI, investigative, and SAP security requirements supporting numerous fortune 500 defense contractors and critical government organizations in a large geographical region covering 4 states. Cited for quick and decisive actions after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in supporting the FBI and AFOSI investigative activities associated with the terrorist attacks. Specifically asked by the FBI to join the Dallas FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) immediately after the attacks. Provided AFOSI with critical and time-sensitive information relating to terrorist threats to USAF and DoD resources and programs around the world. Unit continually led all other AFOSI Region 7 units in CI collections and production, producing 85% of all Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs). Managed all SAP security support at USAF and DoD facilities which included evaluating and formulating CI and SAP security policy for information, physical, personnel, and automated information systems (AIS). Assisted in the writing and publication of JAFAN 6/9 and JAFAN 6/3. Managed COMSEC account, special budgets, and other functions associated with managing and maintaining a highly productive office. Supervised unit personnel and established the unit’s vision, goals, and objectives. Developed, coordinated, and implemented SAP, SCGs, test plans, physical security assessments, treaty inspection readiness plans, and security briefings. Developed CI and security training programs. Conducted preliminary inquiries and formal investigations of security incidents. On two occasions, the unit recognized as being the best within AFOSI Region 7. Received the Meritorious Civilian Service Award for outstanding leadership and accomplishments.

Special Agent

Air Force Office of Special Investigations
(18 years 10 months)

Military/Civilian Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Assignments at the detachment, regional, and headquarters level at stateside and overseas locations. Developed, conducted, managed, and supervised criminal, SAP Security, Anti-terrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterespionage investigations/operations. Managed criminal, fraud, SAP security, and CI support for DoD SAPs. Developed security plans encompassing all security disciplines associated with the protection of SAPs, i.e. Personnel and information security, physical protection, access control, implementation and utilization of Automated Information Systems, OPSEC, COMSEC, Treaty verifications, transition to other security controls, and the eventual deployment of weapon systems to the war-fighters. Assisted and participated in Secret Service Presidential protection operations. Managed and directed investigations associated with terrorist activities in the United States and overseas. Developed and implemented CI, RTP, and AT programs and briefings and aided in the establishment and a member of federal CI/domestic terrorism working groups comprised of the FBI, US Customs, Defense Security Service, Dept. of Commerce, State Dept., and various other military and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Conducted CI investigations/operations in concert with the FBI to resolve allegations that DoD contractor and USAF personnel were engaged in espionage. Formulated, coordinated, and implemented the operational plans for the arrest of a known Russian Intelligence Officer in Berlin, GE and developed AFOSI’s operational plans and the lead supervisor for two “spy exchanges” in Berlin, GE. Cited for outstanding leadership in investigating a terrorist bombing in Berlin, Germany. Managed a 60-person surveillance team responsible for a 24/7 surveillance of an Air Force Officer suspected of committing espionage.


  • Counterintelligence
  • Counterterrorism
  • Intelligence
  • Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Security Operations
  • Security
  • DoD
  • Homeland Security
  • Investigation
  • Enforcement
  • Private Investigations
  • National Security
  • Surveillance
  • Fraud
  • Military
  • Corporate Security
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Special Operations
  • Executive Protection
  • Force Protection
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