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Elan Dubrofsky

Development Manager at Financeit

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Computer Software
  1. FinanceIt,
  2. Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast,
  3. The Reality Check
  1. rHubs,
  2. qidiq,
  3. Canada Border Services Agency - Video Surveillance and Biometric Section
  1. The University of British Columbia
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Development Manager

– Present

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Computer scientist, software developer and entrepreneur.

Currently employed as a software developer at Financeit.

CTO and Co-Founder of rHubs, for whom I built the majority of the platform using Ruby on Rails.

Previously I co-founded qidiq, which was developed with Google App Engine in Python.

Creator of Twitter DogHouse, a Rails app that has garnered numerous articles and tweets.

I have a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia and worked for the Canadian government in Video Surveillance and Biometrics before I got the startup / web development itch.

Outside of work I am a co-host of a couple of podcasts. The first is The Reality Check, a weekly Canadian podcast that explores scientific controversies and curiosities. The second is the Keeping Karlsson fantasy hockey podcast. You can guess what that one is about.


Development Manager

– Present (2 years 3 months)Toronto, Canada Area


Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast
– Present (1 year 1 month)On the internet


The Reality Check
– Present (5 years)Ottawa, Canada Area

The Reality Check is a weekly Canadian podcast that explores scientific controversies and curiosities.

We currently average around 4000 downloads per episode.

Check it out:


Elan Inc.
– Present (31 years 10 months)

A fake company where I can put in my personal projects.

CTO and Co-Founder

(1 year 1 month)ottawa

Lead developer of rHubs platform. Our stack uses Ruby on Rails and is deployed to Heroku (Cedar). We're using jQuery/CoffeeScript with Twitter's Bootstrap for the front end as well as AJAX to create a smooth user experience wherever possible. Git is used for revision control.

The system components include 4 different portals: 1 for employees to shop, 1 for vendors to create stores/menus, 1 for employers to manage employees and 1 for rHubs admins to interact directly with the database.

The vendor portal includes an IVR system developed using the Twilio API. The site makes extensive use of caching using the Heroku Memcache addon, and websocket powered realtime messaging using Pusher.


(1 year)Ottawa, Canada Area

Product vision, customer development, sales, web application development.

Part of cohort through tech incubator Year One Labs.

Developed using Google App Engine using Python for back end and JQuery/Javascript for front end.

Research Scientist

Canada Border Services Agency - Video Surveillance and Biometric Section
(1 year 11 months)Ottawa, Canada Area

Developed software and strategies related to CBSA's video surveillance and biometric technology portfolios.

Provided scientific expertise to aid with operational activities.

Managed co-op students; from hiring, to providing work plan, to evaluation.

Researcher and Programmer for Assistive Technologies

Bruyere Continuing Care
(11 months)Ottawa, Canada Area

Was lead researcher and programmer for the Nouse (nose as mouse) project which is a visually-enhanced (using a web-cam) human-computer interaction system.

Still involved in the project in the capacity of a consultant.

Development was mainly in C++ for vision code and Java for GUI.

Course Instructor

The University of British Columbia
(2 months)Vancouver, Canada Area

Instructor for CPSC 111: Introduction to Computation.

This was a compressed course offering a full semester of material in 6 weeks.

Lectured 7.5 hours per week. Designed course slides, assignments, quizzes and exams and held office

Managed teaching assistants for labs, tutorials and marking.

Recieved extremely positive teaching evaluations from students.


GirlSmarts at UBC
(4 months)Vancouver, Canada Area

Organized the GIRLsmarts 2009 workshop, whose aim is to teach grade 6 girls about computer science. I also designed and presented a brand new activity about cryptography.

Founder / President

UBC Freethinkers Club
(1 year 4 months)Vancouver, Canada Area

Founded this club while doing my masters degree. Club still exists and is going strong today.

Research Assistant

Queen's University
(4 months)Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Funded by NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA).

Worked with Professor Michael Greenspan on the Deep Green pool playing robot project (specifically the augmented reality pool sub-project).

Implemented a system to calculate all of the table transformation matrices (intrinsic and extrinsic parameters, homography, etc.) in C++ using opencv

Worked on various vision tasks such as ball and cue detection.

Research Assistant

National Research Council Canada (Institue for Information Technology)
(8 months)Ottawa, Canada Area

Worked with Dr. Dmitry Gorodnichy to develop various computer/perceptual vision applications and enhance a video recognition library.

Was a key contributor to the "Nouse" project which is a visually-enhanced (using a web-cam) human-computer interaction system.

Worked on the "ACE Surveillance" project, which allows many cameras to monitor various scenes and take snapshots when significant actions occur.

Both projects I worked on resulted in publications.

Quality Assurance Co-op

CaseWare International Inc.
(less than a year)

Was responsible for both manual testing and writing automated test scripts.


Twitter DogHouse(Link)

Wrote this app as a submission to a challenge on

Covered on Mashable!

Won the first place prize with a score of 100%. The comment on my scorecard reads:

"Exceptional submission! Great attention to detail from the code & tests to the UX, responsive site design, and tweet-triggered doghousing. I've never given out a 100% before but this app deserves it - it's better than most startups' web apps!"

Team members:

Sticky-div jQuery plugin(Link)

A jquery plugin that forces a div to stick to the top of the window if the user tries to scroll past it.


Purgatory is a Rails gem that allows you to save changes to an ActiveRecord model so that they can be applied at a later time.
Blog post:
Discussed on Ruby5 podcast:


  • Fantasy Hockey
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Git
  • Java
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • Teaching
  • Software Design
  • jQuery
  • Ruby
  • CoffeeScript
  • Podcasting
  • Google App Engine
  • JSON
  • OpenCV
  • APIs
  • RESTful WebServices
  • HAML
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The University of British Columbia

Masters, Computer Science

Academic focus in computer vision.

Published a paper:
Elan Dubrofsky, Robert J. Woodham: Combining Line and Point Correspondences for Homography Estimation. ISVC (2) 2008: 202-213

Activities and Societies: Active member of Computer Science Graduate Student Society. Founder of UBC Freethinkers Club. Founder of Radio Freethinker radio show on CiTR 101.9 in Vancouver (UBC campus radio).

Carleton University

Honours, Computer Science

Achieved a 12/12 GPA
Was awarded various awards for academic acheivement including the Governer General’s Silver Medal for having the highest average of my graduating class.

Activities and Societies: Carleton Computer Science Society (CCSS) executive member for the winter 2007 term.

Sir Robert Borden High School

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