Donald Massaro

Donald Massaro

President & CEO Rainmaker Systems

Atherton, California (San Francisco Bay Area)
Computer Software

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Donald Massaro's Overview

  • Founder and Chairman of the Board at Yotta Navigation
  • Founder, President & CEO at Reconnex
  • President & CEO at Array Networks
  • Founder, President & CEO at Silicon Gaming
  • Founder, President & CEO at Inversion Development Corporation
  • Founder and Chairman of the Board at Edge Diagnostic Systems
  • Founder, President & CEO at Metaphor Computer Systems
  • Corporate Vice President & President, Office Products Division at Xerox
  • Founder, President & CEO at Shugart Associates

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Donald Massaro's Experience

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Yotta Navigation

2006Present (8 years) Sunnyvale, CA

Yotta Navigation, founded in 2006, is developing the next generation of personal navigation devices for the Department of Defense using the latest advances in sensors, signal processing, and machine learning.

Chairman, President & CEO

Rainmaker Systems

Public Company; 201-500 employees; RMKR; Information Technology and Services industry

December 2012July 2014 (1 year 8 months) Campbell, CA

Founded in 1991, Rainmaker Systems was an innovator in the sales and marketing of B2B software and an early leader in business process outsourcing. The company’s model for generating revenue from service contract sales became a standard for the industry and by 1999 its client list included Dell, Lenovo, IBM, NetApp, HP, Sun, Citrix, Cisco and AT&T. The Rainmaker integrated technology and services platform included expertise in database management, telesales, direct marketing and customer service, and created a paradigm for what is now termed web-based CRM – anticipating the trend towards cloud-powered Software-as-a-Service. Today, the company is realizing the next stage of its evolution with the deployment of Rainmaker Systems GrowCommerce Solutions – cloud-based, B2B ecommerce technology coupled with sales and marketing expertise tailored to helping the Enterprise and SME profitably engage with their underserved SMB customers.

Board of Trustees

Computer History Museum

Nonprofit; 11-50 employees; Museums and Institutions industry

June 2007June 2013 (6 years 1 month) Mountain View, Ca

The Computer History Museum was established in 1996 dedicated to preserving and presenting the stories and artifacts of the information age, and exploring the computing revolution and its impact on society. Today the CHM houses the largest and most significant collection of computing artifacts in the world.

President & CEO

Sendmail, Inc.

Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Computer Software industry

20062012 (6 years) Emeryville, Ca

Sendmail was founded in 1998 by Eric Allman, creator of the Sendmail Open Source Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), to develop messaging solutions that provided greater security, compliance and reliability around email for the enterprise. The Sendmail MTA holds a distinguished place in the Internet’s history as the first broadly distributed MTA platform supporting simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). To this day, the Sendmail MTA – as a commercial product and in its open source version – is widely used for intranet and Internet messaging.
In 2007 Sendmail reinvented itself with the introduction of the Sentrion. The Sentrion E-mail Infrastructure Platform performs intelligent email policy and message inspection ensuring all critical communications and content are integrated with business policies, applications and processes. The product was widely deployed in very large enterprises and especially successful in the Financial Services sector with all the major financial institutions (Citi, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs) relying on Sentrion to solve their complex messaging problems.

Sendmail was acquired by Proofpoint in 2013.

Founder, President & CEO


Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Computer & Network Security industry

20032005 (2 years) Mt. View, CA

Reconnex was an early pioneer in the Data Loss Prevention segment of the Information Security Market. At that time almost all network security was focused on the external threat, ignoring the threats inside the network from employees sending out confidential or proprietary information. Reconnex was formed in 2003 and funded by Norwest Venture Partners and Outlook Ventures. The company developed an appliance-based data loss prevention system that enabled organizations to protect all information assets on the network against known and emerging threats. Reconnex sold its systems to large enterprises though its own direct sales and support organization. Reconnex was acquired by McAfee in 2008.

President & CEO

Array Networks

20002003 (3 years) Campbell, CA

Array Networks, founded in 2000, was a pioneer in directing, accelerating, securing and analyzing all internal and external Web traffic. The company introduced an integrated Web Traffic Manager in 2001 that integrated multiple essential networking features into a single, powerful platform. The Array Web Traffic Managers focus on boosting and optimizing Web site performance and coordinating Web traffic, which makes these products the ideal solution for e-commerce sites and portals. Following the success of the Web Traffic Manager, Array Networks introduced the first secure Web traffic management platform, the Array SP (Security Proxy) series. The SP moved AAA, the three “A”s of security (Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing) from controlling application access to controlling network access. In essence it created the concept that in a “wall with no walls”, AAA are traffic management functions.

Founder, President & CEO

Silicon Gaming

19951999 (4 years) Palo Alto, CA

Silicon Gaming was founded to develop the first software-based slot machine for the casino gaming industry. Venture financing came from KPCB and Benchmark Capital, followed by a $16M private round from industry leaders, including International Game Technology (the industry leader with 80% market share), Station Casinos, and casino executives.

SGI completed the development of the “Odyssey “ product, and secured all regulatory (corporate and product) approvals required for launch in Nevada in March of 1997; and subsequently obtained approvals and launched in Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Connecticut and Indiana gaming jurisdictions, representing 75% of the available market. SGI secured business with all major casino operators in these markets. SGI executed multiple software releases, including 17 new game titles and 5 system software enhancements, during the first 18 months of product introduction.

In July of 1996 the company successfully completed a $37M IPO through Bear Stearns, Oppenheimer, DMG and Montgomery Securities. At its peak, the company had a market capitalization in excess of $700M. The company was acquired by IGT (International Game Technologies) in 1999.

Founder, President & CEO

Inversion Development Corporation

19921995 (3 years) Sunnyvale, CA

IDC was formed by private investors in December of 1992 to develop a product that could directly recycle office paper from any xerographic printing process. The technology and patent for this product were developed by Sjoberg Industries, a company started in 1991 to develop and market a broad range of environmental products - the most successful being the Sjoberg Aluminum Can Recyclor. IDC and Lawrence Livermore Labs jointly developed a prototype of the Office Paper Recycling Device. In March of 1994, IDC verified the technology and successfully demonstrated the removal of toner from paper using a high intensity Xenon Flash lamp integrated into an optical cavity. The company was unable to attract the capital required to productize the Paper Recycling Device.

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Edge Diagnostic Systems

19891995 (6 years)

Edge developed, manufactured, and sold advanced automotive diagnostic systems under the trademark of Simu-Tech and ETB (Electronic Tool Box). These products were software systems that ran in a specialized DOS environment that tied directly to the onboard microcomputers of engines, transmissions, and anti-lock braking systems for all domestic and imported automobiles. These systems performed comprehensive diagnostic testing and electronic component replacement. Edge’s systems were sold directly and through an exclusive marketing arrangement with Snap-On, a major investor. In 1995 Snap-On acquired Edge.

Founder, President & CEO

Metaphor Computer Systems

19821991 (9 years) Mt. View, CA

Metaphor developed, manufactured, sold, and serviced a Data Interpretation System designed for executives in Fortune 500 accounts. The system allowed executives and managers to access and analyze corporate and syndicated data without any knowledge of query languages or database structure. Metaphor was primarily a software company, but the performance requirements of the software required that it develop its own 32-bit network workstation, file server, print server, communication server, and database gateway. Metaphor software included everything from the operating system and network services, to the windowing environment and application tools (spreadsheet, text tool, query tool, etc.).

The Metaphor System was sold directly to Fortune 500 Accounts through Metaphor’s own direct sales and support organization using a “Solution Selling” approach. The sales team consisted of a sales rep, application consultant, system engineer, and field engineer that planned and implemented “mission critical” applications in specific industry sectors. Metaphor’s initial sector was the consumer packaged goods industry and included companies such as Proctor and Gamble (P&G), Kraft/General Foods, Colgate, etc. Metaphor was highly successful in this sector, having penetrated the market research, marketing, and sales organizations of every major Consumer Package Goods company. Typical installations were $2M to $25M, with P&G becoming our largest customer and ultimately a major investor. Metaphor also penetrated the banking, insurance, transportation, and pharmaceutical sectors.

In 1987 Metaphor was approached by IBM to convert all its software to the PS/2 platform. As a result of this joint development agreement, IBM became a major investor in Metaphor. Metaphor was acquired by IBM in 1992.

Corporate Vice President & President, Office Products Division


Public Company; 10,001+ employees; XRX; Information Technology and Services industry

19791982 (3 years)

The Office Products Division (OPD) was responsible for all Xerox’s office automation products, including word processors, personal computers, small business systems, and facsimile products. The division had its own sales and support organization, development, manufacturing, finance, and personnel functions. It was in essence a standalone business except it purchased hardware service from the copier/duplicator organization. OPD's most significant contribution to Xerox, and the market in general, was the productization of the technologies developed at Xerox's famed Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) which resulted in the Star Information System, announced in 1981. Star was the first computer system to utilize windows, icons, and pointing devices. Star was also the first system to introduce a client-server architecture utilizing Ethernet as the local area network. Ethernet, also from PARC, became the first accepted LAN standard. In 1981 OPD introduced the Xerox Memorywriter, Xerox’s first entry into the electronic typewriter market. The product was highly successful and achieved a market share equal to IBM within two years from product launch.

Founder, President & CEO

Shugart Associates

19721979 (7 years)

Shugart Associates was founded in 1972 by a team out of Memorex to develop and manufacture floppy disc drives, printers and small business systems. After an difficult first year, Al Shugart left and the company was restructured to focus exclusively on floppy disc drives. As a result of the is restructure and the focus on just disc drive, the company experienced explosive growth with operating margins in excess of 24%. Shugart Associates owned the 8” floppy drive market with a market share in excess of 85% and in 1976 pioneered the 5 ¼” minifloppy disk drive which became the industry standard. Additionally, Shugart Associates pioneered the low cost fixed disk drive, initially the 14” and then the 5” device. In December of 1977, Xerox purchased Shugart Associates.

Donald Massaro's Patents

  • Method and Apparatus For Data Capture and Analysis System

    • United States Patent 7984175
    Inventors: Donald Massaro
  • Disc Drive Module

    • United States Patent D231465
    Inventors: Donald Massaro
  • Flexible Magnetic Disc Cartridge

    • United States Patent D245125
    Inventors: Donald Massaro
  • Aluminum Can Recycling Appliance and Method

    • United States Patent 5103721
    Inventors: Donald Massaro
  • Graphical User Interface For Data Capture

    • United States Patent US20050131876
    Inventors: Donald Massaro
  • Recirculation Hot Water System

    • United States Patent D5205318
    Inventors: Donald Massaro

Donald Massaro's Skills & Expertise

  1. Security
  2. Virtualization
  3. Network Security
  4. Computer Security
  5. Product Development
  6. Java
  7. Firewalls
  8. Demand Generation

Donald Massaro's Education

University of Notre Dame

BS, Aeronautical Engineering


Activities and Societies: Boxing Team

Northwestern University

Master of Science (MS), Mechanical Engineering


University of California at Berkeley

PhD Candidate, Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics


Donald Massaro's Additional Information

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