Donald Ford

Donald Ford

Don G. Ford - Storyteller/Editor/Cover Artist

Syracuse, New York Area
Writing and Editing

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Donald Ford's Overview

  • Well Published Writer, Artist, Poet, Storyteller, Humorist at Where Eagles Fly
  • Owner at Free-lance Published Writer
  • Free-lance writer at awitercomestocall
  • Houghton College, Houghton, N.Y.
  • Paul Smith's College
  • Jamestown High School, Jamestown, NY

500+ connections


Donald Ford's Summary

P.S. It went to 2 million readers. :-} In case you missed my true story. Have at it here "Angels on Earth Magazine" Cheers, Don

Digital Artist to the rescue! I’m happy to provide assistance and references as well. So you see, editing is not all I do. If you need a Ghostwriter or Co-writer, let me know also!

This is how I handle selling my artwork; see below!

Do shop around! I'm a digital artist and your book is yours in my opinion. If I produce a piece of art, I ask a small fee to have my name on it or mentioned in the book as illustrator. I do the front and back covers reasonably also, since I am retired. The art is yours, but is still copyrighted under my name. If you use it again for a sequel, have at it, just mention me as the illustrator! See samples of my COVER art on my books at Amazon > Mr. Don G. Ford's Amazon

P.S. Feel free to P.M. me with questions. :-} D.

Where eagles fly, 
Don Greywolf Ford 
Native American Storyteller

August 8, 2014 Catch my recent INTERVIEW here > www.

July 13th - Time to get more FAMILY friendly books out on the market and into people's homes; too many "Shades of Grey", not enough "Shades of Good". Check out my latest GO FUND ME

SEE all my books here >


Specialties: Hire this Creative!
. Crafting poems for on-line and magazine contests and for others
. Professional Storyteller - providing unique one of a kind stories for all.
. Digital Photographer - creating pictures to go with stories - cover artist.
. Selling "Little Bronze Chapbooks" for children. Examples: "Lucky Missing
Horseshoe", "Gone Fishin'", "Eagle in the Well" (Previously published), "A Fish Story" (Previously published), "Hit and Miss", and hundreds more on any topic.

Donald Ford's Experience

Well Published Writer, Artist, Poet, Storyteller, Humorist

Where Eagles Fly

March 1964Present (50 years 7 months) Syracuse, N.Y. area

Hire this Creative to help with:
. Crafting poems for on-line and magazine contests and for others
. Professional Storytelling - providing unique one of a kind stories for all.
. Digital Photographer - creating pictures to go with stories - cover artist.
. Edits other's short stories and poetry. If submitting to a contest, why not run it by me first.

TIP: "When googling, don't always go with the lead headings, search deeper."


Free-lance Published Writer

March 19642014 (50 years)

* Since the early age of 15 has been writing
* Ten stories sold over the past two years to magazines across America
* Published work in Portugal extending to 62 other countries
* Short story work published in Cyprus
* Writing and art was released to a Gulf Coast Anthology "This One's For the Birds"
* Forum Moderator for Writer's Digest Magazine
* Local and regional storyteller for schools, clubs, churches, and retirement facilities in the Central N.Y. region

Free-lance writer


19652012 (47 years) Anywhere there is a pen and piece of paper lying around. Cheers!

Storyteller, free-lance writer, humorist, digital artist
My love of the short story has led me to Edit others' Short Stories too. :-}
A gal at a retirement home had asked me if my Poetry made any sense, before I starting sharing any. I told her it would, since most of it is storytelling too.

Donald Ford's Projects

  • All of my books I am presently working on are found here/see Project URL

    • January 2006 to Present
    Team Members: Donald Ford, As an artist, storyteller, and editor my books are self-designed and produced.

    Fiction from a vivid imagination. Most are all ages reading. All have full color covers that I have designed from photos. Humor is threaded through much of my writing, that I believe keeps readers turning the pages. From children to adult writing is included.

    What stories hide between these pages? Dear readers, please join me on MY web. I promise entertainment and thoughtful reading for your pleasure at bedtime or anytime night or day. Enjoy. Cheers, Don :-} Web site >

    A bit about me >>>

Donald Ford's Courses

  • AAS, Forestry/Environmental

    Paul Smith's College

    • Forestry
    • Surverying
  • Independent Coursework

    • Landscaping

Donald Ford's Publications

  • click here > Raising Hope

    • Don G. Ford
    • July 7, 2013
    Authors: Donald Ford

    There is no one on this planet that wouldn't be encouraged by some of these true stories. It's been going on all of my life, and I believe many will be surprised as to the nearness of a Creator who is just a prayer away.

    Do I talk to an invisible God? Does He speak back to me? Find out the truth here that has taken me a life time to compile. And it's not even over yet, and the best is yet to come for all of us; if we only believe.

  • click here > My Best Friend is a Leprechaun

    • Don G. Ford
    • September 1, 2013
    Authors: Donald Ford

    Some folks believe that seeing is proof enough for them, and here we see one such story. Are small people in other lands, real or imagined? It is fun to dream and just as much fun to go on adventures to find out for ourselves if such stories could be true.

    Friends come in assorted shapes, colors, and in this case - sizes.

  • click here > The Great Migration

    • Don G. Ford
    • April 2, 2013
    Authors: Donald Ford

    f this story is received in the way I hope, it should be easy to see it on the large screen of the mind. It is my hope to drop the reader into the action and make them feel like they are there experiencing it each step of the way.

    I hope you will care about each character and their role in this adventure as much as I did creating them. Perhaps I will manage to take you on a journey that you've not been on before in other stories you've read. Pixies and Fairies on the brink of total destruction. Enjoy this unique tale from start to end - or is it the end?

  • click here > Floyd the Dog Story Book Commemorative

    • Don G. Ford/FloydtheDog
    • June 15, 2013
    Authors: Donald Ford

    This is an International Book Club taking animal stories to 62 countries and 7, 000 readers and growing. Works with Not-for-profits. This book commemorates these tales that Don G. Ford wrote over the last 3 years. Great book for animal activists and other animal lovers who are concerned about vanishing or endangered species. 140 pages in full color.

    One sample story excerpt below:

    by Don Ford

    Max, Mort, and Mickey headed for town, looking for a little adventure; maybe a rumble or two. They would run into all sorts of junkyard dogs that they referred to as deadbeat loners. Yes, the three Ms were loners too; and homeless. But they had class; they were going to make something of themselves. Max would always remind them that, one day, they might find real homes.

    As night drew on, the three headed back to the wooden crates that they lived in. They wanted to be there before anyone else moved into their block and stole their refuge. They were not what you would call real homes, but they gave them shelter from the weather, and were near a large restaurant dumpster. It had taken the three of them, battling it out with some bully boxers, to get possession of this prime bit of real estate, and they meant to hold on to it. (CONT.)

  • 16 more book see

    Authors: Donald Ford

Donald Ford's Skills & Expertise

  1. Storytelling
  2. Books
  3. Publishing
  4. Short Stories
  5. Editing
  6. Magazines
  7. Poetry
  8. Creative Writing
  9. Fiction
  10. Non-fiction
  11. Freelance Writing
  12. Blogging
  13. Marketing Copy
  14. Fiction Writing
  15. Published Author
  16. Newspapers
  17. Ghostwriting
  18. Public Speaking
  19. Online Publishing
  20. Writing
  21. Copy Editing
  22. Literature
  23. Web Content
  24. Creative Writer
  25. Proofreading
  26. Newsletters
  27. Social Networking
  28. Ebooks
  29. Publicity
  30. Teaching
  31. Copywriting
  32. Radio
  33. Press Releases
  34. Content Strategy
  35. Publications
  36. Magazine Articles
  37. Text Editing
  38. Content Management
  39. Art
  40. Journalism
  41. Creative Non-fiction
  42. Book Reviews
  43. Content Development
  44. News Writing
  45. Editorial
  46. Photography
  47. Speech Writing
  48. Feature Articles
  49. Content Writing
  50. Sketch Comedy

View All (50) Skills View Fewer Skills

Donald Ford's Education

Houghton College, Houghton, N.Y.

1 full year of study, Concentration of Bible topics


Grade: N.A.

I used my training here as a springboard for my faith, and too get to know God in other ways outside of the church environment. God proved himself real in my life over and over again as shown in my book "Raising Hope" Best year of my life, finding God to be the real deal in everyday life. See book here >

Activities and Societies: Held down two jobs, little time for extra activities.

Paul Smith's College

AAS, Forestry/Environmental


I am a tree hugger and am very keen on Environmental issues. Much of my writer has a nature feel to it. Also I am a Humorist, and avid storyteller. Many of my previous short stories have reached across America and I am now international with work in Portugal and Cyprus.

Activities and Societies: Member of Woodsman club Hiking Canoeing Competition

Jamestown High School, Jamestown, NY

Local and Regents Diplomas, Math and Industrial Arts


Donald Ford's Additional Information


Hello Book friends, There is nothing in the world like holding a REAL book in my hands. Reading from a Nook or Kindle is like encouraging book burning. Well, maybe not that drastic. I want to shout to every Library on the planet , "May you flourish and grow and live Forever." I'm a writer of both Fiction and Non-Fiction. Many of my stories are plucked from experiences I've had throughout my life. I would hope you would find a small space on one of your shelves for New Writers. However, I have been penning poetry and short stories from the age of 15, and I had my starting roots in Jamestown, N. Y., and lived in and around Chautauqua County until the age of 46. Being a prolific writer from the age of 15, I have gone on to publish 24 books to date, found on Amazon url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Mr. +Don+G.+Ford

Groups and Associations:
Honors and Awards:

Top Newspaper sales award through Young Columbus Contest - won trip to Indy-500
Cast Director of Sing-out Chautauqua, a division of Up With People, International.

Ist place winner for November in Portuguese Book Club (Homeless dog story) Work went to 62 other countries and 500+ book club members - See sample story above with Floythedog (Three Friends).

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