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  1. George-Axelle Broussillon Matschinga

    Communication and Diversity
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    Greater New York City Area | Cosmetics
    Experience in Diversity management & Communication in France, Germany and in the United-States Specialized in Human Resources, Diversity, Social Audit and Communication Author in Diversity Management and Corporate Social Responsability Current: L'Oreal; Previous: EADS Germany, Institut Curie France
    George-Axelle Broussillon Matschinga
  2. George-Axelle Broussillon

    Corporate Diversity Manager chez L'Oreal S.A.
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    France | Cosmetics
    International Diversity Manager chez L'Oréal
    Chargée de formation chez EADS Allemagne, Chef de projet Diversité et Recrutement chez L'Oréal, Chargée de recrutement chez L'Oréal, Chargée de communication chez Institut Curie
    ESCP Europe, CELSA - Ecole des hautes études en sciences de l'information et de la communication
    George-Axelle Broussillon