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  1. Enza De Petrillo

    Graphologist/Handwriting Analyst, Personality Profiler, Questioned Handwritten Document Examiner
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    Rome Area, Italy | Individual & Family Services
    Graphology teacher at "Pontificia Facolta' Teologica San Bonaventura", English Teacher at MIUR - Ministero Istruzione Ricerca Università
    Graphology teacher at LUMSA University, Family Graphology teacher at Istituto Toscano di Scienze Grafologiche
    Scuola diretta a fini speciali di studi grafologici Facoltà Magistero Unicersità Urbino, Università degli Studi di Urbino 'Carlo Bo'
    I love foreign languages and graphology too. Every now and then I am asked how graphology happened to become my passion and the fulcrum of my studies. I reckon the answer is to be found in the communicative power of the handwriting language. Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, appeals to me a great deal and has been of endless fascination to me all my life.
    Enza De Petrillo
  2. Enza De Petrillo

    Libero professionista Risorse umane
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    Italy | Human Resources
    Enza De Petrillo