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    Fashion accessories designer
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    Berlin Area, Germany | Design
    Contemporary jewellery Designer at EsTemporary
    Freelance fashion accessories designer at Otto Kessler GmbH & C, Freelance fashion accessories designer at MiAna Accessories oHG, Freelance graphic designer at Opera ADV, Artist assistant at :esibisco., Freelance graphic designer at Agroils srl, Freelance graphic designer at Lorica Sud srl, Intern at V2 Institute for the Unstable Media, Visual designer at ...And More - Industria Italiana Filati
    Goethe Institut Berlin - Sprachschule Deutschkurse, Università degli Studi di Firenze, Istituto statale d'arte P. Petrocchi
    I'm freelance fashion accessories designer, with a great passion for jewelry and handmade objects. I studied product design in Italy and collected experiences working with different companies in Berlin, designing leather bags and accessories as gloves, belts, keyrings, laptop/smartphose/tablets cases etc and custom metal hardwares. During the years, I designed also logos, brochure and curated the graphic brand identity for different clients from different fields, mostly from fashion and interior. I work steadily at my own collection of contemporary jewelry called EsTemporary ( My approach is varied and without brakes, usually I divide my creations in different collections, giving to each special features, because each pieces has his own meaning and come out from my personal research that goes forward, every time in different ways and with different meanings. I feel free to be inspired by all I want and to translate all in accessories to wear. I use to work with different materials (various types of plastic, leather, rope, pieces of hardware...), from trash to gold. Great skills in researching and developing new projects for different fields of design. I'm interesting in new technologies for production, in fields like wearable technologies, textile technology. I have a deep interest in fashion: I do daily research, monitoring trends, discovering new designers. I'm a curious person, willing and enthusiastic to learn. Specialties: fashion design, research and reading of seasonal trends, capability of translate moods and ideas in commercial products, contemporary jewelry design, product design, graphic design, accessories design
    Silvia Piantini
  2. Silvia Piantini

    Independent Luxury Goods & Jewelry Professional
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    Florence Area, Italy | Luxury Goods & Jewelry
    Silvia Piantini