Darius Gottlieb

Darius Gottlieb

Acoustic & Electric CELLIST / Fine Art PHOTOGRAPHER / Motivational SPEAKER & CREATIVITY expert / Wicked HUMORIST / POET

Greater Los Angeles Area
Online Media

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Darius Gottlieb's Overview

  • CEO, www.PoetPhotos.com at Le Top Du Top
  • CREATIVITY Expert at CEO, PoetPhotos.com
  • Virtuoso Cellist at Self
  • The Victor Borge of the Cello at Creativity Expert and Consultant

500+ connections

Darius Gottlieb's Summary

Thanks for dropping by(!)

I will first and foremost always be a cellist. I perform primarily as a soloist with a powerful affinity for the music of J.S. Bach ... and I'm unusual in having a turquoise electric cello upon which I'm gifted at improvisation & jazz.

I also love photography.

Recently, my ART photographs on www.PoetPhotos.com have generated increased attention overseas as well as here in the United States.

I've been advised to license my most popular photographic images across a wide range of national and international markets.

Email me at Darius@poetphotos.com if you have knowledge and expertise about licensing—or know someone who might wish to represent me — given that my most successful ART photos are Sunflowers and Angels.

These aren't your ordinary angels and sunflowers — check out some of the samples below! And my photographs are literally in private collections around the world.

(To easily return to my profile after viewing ANY photo, utilize the refresh feature (CIRCULAR ARROW) at the top bar of your computer monitor.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My just-released album, "Cello Ecstasy", is receiving much acclaim.

Its music is on the www.PoetPhotos.com website, as well as my best-selling albums, "Cello Fire" and "Cello Angels".

My expertise within these arenas has led some to dub me a 'Creativity Expert' .... and as such, I'm a powerful motivational speaker.

Inspiration is a form of creative air .... I speak about igniting creativity and amplifying one's connection to what's sacred and ultimately powerful in one's life .... For me, that's Ruach Hakodesh, AKA: Holy Spirit.

I coach writers with writer's block; pep-talk painters who procrastinate; and revive cynical performing musicians who lack sufficient work.

Again, to easily RETURN to my profile and to view more photographs, hit your refresh key. Thank you.

Darius Gottlieb's Experience

CEO, www.PoetPhotos.com

Le Top Du Top

January 2000Present (14 years 9 months) Western United States

I live and breathe the arts—and have also been employed as a professional CELLIST and recording artist since I was 14 years-old.

There are a lot of things to which I don't excel.

I don't cook well.

I lack even a semblance of finesse at housework.

And I'm not particularly athletic — although as a younger man, I was a badminton virtuoso.

When it comes to the ARTS, I have passion. I juggle achievements in photography, music and daily writing.

My latest ongoing book is a highly humorous spoof of astrology — and its excerpts continue to be hugely popular upon Facebook —The current series encompasses all twelve astrological signs — a sample title being, "How Many Pisces Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?"

Please feel free to contact me at: Darius@PoetPhotos.com — I look forward to hearing from you.

* Ask for a free recent powerful poem.
* Ask to see my latest fine ART photography creation.
* Request a sample of wicked humor.

Thank you!

(To easily return to my profile after viewing any photo, utilize the refresh feature (the CIRCULAR ARROW) located just to the left at the top bar of your monitor.)


CEO, PoetPhotos.com

December 1969Present (44 years 10 months) The Internet * Facebook * Online Following *

Being a recording artist for most of my life has allowed me to be in touch with some astoundingly magnificent musicians.

Example: Phenomenal jazz harpist Lori Andrews


Example: Marcy Sudock, International Director of Orchestras Sur La Mer


I'm also very privileged and grateful to work with Lynne Gordon Entertainment, California-based expert on corporate events . . . .


As well as Karen Reside, manager and curator of CALB, the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach . . . .


And it needs to be said that by dealing with musicians my entire life, I have developed a most mischievous sense of humor.

Although I currently have over 4,500 online followers for my "Powerful Poetry", the most commented-on of my posts from social media are all about my spoofs.

These spoofs are just about the silliest writings possible, albeit with sometimes wicked humor and poker-faced sophistication.


When God Finally Does Laundry

Why the Moon Has to Wear Underwear

How Many Sagittarius Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

The NSA Records a Secret Sex Tape from the Big Bang

Meanwhile, my website www.PoetPhotos.com features an entire ART gallery dedicated to auto wrecks. Seriously.

It happened after a disastrous break-up with a an Aries woman in Phoenix—a whole another story. She dropped me off at an automobile graveyard and told me to "adjust my attitude". But I began "camera therapy"—documenting hellacious dents, assorted mayhem and rusted bumpers — which reminded me of HER. I was hooked.

Simply venture to www.PoetPhotos.com and explore my photo gallery titled, WRECKS.

Virtuoso Cellist


January 1969June 2014 (45 years 6 months)

Email me at CelloHeart@gmail.com for a complete list of upcoming performances. Thank you

The Victor Borge of the Cello

Creativity Expert and Consultant

January 20002014 (14 years) Arriving to YouTube

Victor Borge—a classically trained pianist—became a world renowned comedian and showman—achieving enormous popularity on television in the US by blending music with comedy.

For decades—in the midst of recording, writing, and traveling to photo shoots—my friends told me that I should go to a comedy club and ad lib. I'm that funny and spontaneous, and due to my performance background, never nervous on stage.

Before KFAC became KUSC, I performed a live cello routine on the air where I impersonated both the student and the teacher playing the same piece. Naturally, the comedy ensues by hearing contrasting phrases: Which is the student? Which is the teacher?

I'd taught enough egregious cello students that it was WAY too much fun (and far too easy) to imitate their aimless lurching for pitch, as well as VIBRATOS so bad that two bald-headed Amish sopranos could easily burst through in a large bakery truck.

I based this wicked parody on "The Swan", Camille Saint-Saëns famous cello solo from "Carnival of the Animals".

And I was halfway through the live radio broadcast at KFAC when I looked up at the glass recording booth (which separated me from the engineers). They appeared to have disappeared.

I found out later that all three of them had collapsed to the floor, laughing so hard that their sides were splitting.

A year later, I performed the same "Swan" spoof on jazz station KUSC and the same occurrence took place. Right when I imitated the clueless students playing more horribly than could ever be imagined, the engineers again collapsed, laughing so hard this time that they could barely breathe.

Part of my set included a rendition of Beethoven's "Minuet in G" as he gets continually drunk.

I will be raising funds on Kickstarter.com to help bring my comedic skills to light.

Meanwhile, I'm writing 1,770 Variations on KUMBAYA as played by the National Jew's Harp Ensemble and a stoned quartet of harmonica players experiencing chocolate chip cookie munchies.

Darius Gottlieb's Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Volunteer Experience

    • Musician

      WomenShelter, Long Beach (Battered women's shelter. I volunteered music to help cheer people up.)
      • Social Services
  • Volunteer Interests

    • Causes I care about:

      • Animal Welfare
      • Arts and Culture
      • Environment
      • Health
    • Organizations I support:

      • www.shantioc.org/

Darius Gottlieb's Skills & Expertise

  1. Music
  2. Art
  3. Photography
  4. Books
  5. Publishing
  6. Poetry
  7. Editing
  8. Creative Writing
  9. Contemporary Art
  10. Performing Arts
  11. Editorial
  12. Painting
  13. Published Author
  14. Recording
  15. Proofreading
  16. Public Speaking
  17. Freelance Writing
  18. Publications
  19. Galleries
  20. Storytelling
  21. Copy Editing
  22. Teaching
  23. Fine Art
  24. Writing
  25. Fine Art Photography
  26. Portraits
  27. Copywriting
  28. Cello
  29. Journalism
  30. Artists
  31. Short Stories
  32. Music Production
  33. Art Appreciation
  34. Arts
  35. Career Intuitive
  36. Musicians

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Darius Gottlieb's Education

School of Life

Compassion, Fine ART Photography

19642021 (expected)

Grade: A+

PHOTOGRAPHER: Creator of exquisite & highly popular photographs who is seeking licensing venues for multiple marketing applications.

Like my work? Email me to be a licensing rep after having a look at: www.PoetPhotos.com


WORKING CELLIST: Cello CD's (produced by Darius) and Current Resume are also available.

Activities and Societies: CELLIST at Gallery Openings—ART Exhibits—and in the Recording Studios, at Private Dinner Parties, and Coaching Chamber Music Ensembles. PhotoShop tutorials; vintage photographs restored; profile pictures for social media and PR improved; sharpened; recolored; et al, including black & white photography.

California Institute of the Arts

TBA, Cello; Composition; Dance


Grade: A+

Watercolor teacher for latch-key children, Long Beach, CA. Performing cellist at The Bungalow Galleries, Long Beach. Incoming journalist and Long Beach music reviewer for Examiner.com —

Expert, Baroque continuo, Institute for Advanced Musical Studies, Crans, Switzerland.

Activities and Societies: Protégé of Joel Krosnick, the Juilliard String Quartet. Monterey Symphony Orchestra. CELLO accompanist & musical director for Bella Lewitsky Dance Company, CalArts and ISOMATA. Performed at Carmel Forest Theater with my modern dance company, CURRENTS. Taught at Monterey Peninsula College, payroll as faculty dance accompanist, CURRENTS. President, National Honor Society. Victorio Gianni Award for Outstanding Musical Compositions. Touring Cellist, Public Corporation of the Arts.

North Carolina School of the Arts

Vittorio Giannini Award, Baroque Music and Composition


Lauded for extraordinary CELLO improvisation and an ability to make a musical improv sound like a fully-written piece.

Inventor of triple-chord. double stop ponticello harmonics. Has to be heard to be believed .... Allowing the unaccompanied CELLO to sound like three instruments at once.

Activities and Societies: Principal chair; Cello Section. Composing (composition major). Advanced improvisation, School of Dance.

Darius Gottlieb's Additional Information


Reciprocal dialogue with Divinity. Aura Classes for Skeptics.

Groups and Associations:

Local 47, American Federation of Musicians, Hollywood, one of the largest unions of professional musicians in the world. Active member since 1981 .... Facebook: ShaunDarius Gottlieb, my full name: https://www.facebook.com/shaundarius.gottlieb Facebook: Darius Gottlieb, my poetry publishing name: https://www.facebook.com/DariusPoetry

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