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San Francisco, California
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  • Android
  • Java
  • Design Patterns
  • Mobile Applications
  • XML
  • J2ME
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Devices
  • Perl
  • AJAX
  • Java Enterprise Edition
  • Android Development
  • Web Development


Advanced BlackBerry Development(Link)

December 2009

Describes how to build compelling BlackBerry apps using advanced features, including multimedia capture and playback, cryptography, personal information integration, and more. Shows how to build scalable and professional apps that will look polished and can be easily ported across the wide range of BlackBerry devices.

Android in Action, Second Edition(Link)

Manning Publications
January 2011

The original Unlocking Android has been revised and updated to cover the many changes to the Android platform. Aimed mainly at intermediate Android developers looking to elevate their apps to the next level, this book explores both Android fundamentals and advanced topics such as writing fully native apps and synchronizing with accounts in the background. This book includes numerous code samples and projects that are interesting on their own and can provide the building blocks for your own Android apps.


Advanced BlackBerry 6 Development(Link)

February 2011

This book revises all the content from "Advanced BlackBerry Development" to take advantage of the latest capabilities of the BlackBerry 6 platform, including new APIs and the new WebKit-based browser. It also includes all-new chapters on topics like OpenGL/OpenVG, barcode scanning, advanced user interface components, and the BlackBerry Push API.

Add Video Capture to Your BlackBerry Applications(Link)
December 2009

Use the RIM OS 5.0 media APIs to embed video capture within your app.

Android Mobility: Open Source Hits the Road(Link)
April 2008

Go from 0 to 60 in seconds with this fast-paced introduction to programming on Android devices. You'll write an app that combines some of the most useful and compelling features of the platform, including image capture, networking, file system storage, and user interface.

The Java Developer's Guide to Building a Windows Phone 7 Application(Link)
October 2010

No, you can't run Java on Windows Phone 7, but Java programmers will find the transition a breeze. The free Visual Studio tools allow you to rapidly construct user interfaces, and C# will intuitively work for people who are familiar with Java. See how low your barrier to entry is, you may be surprised!

Spring Android: Bringing Spring Components to Your Android Apps(Link)
February 2011

Mobile and server development share a common language in Java, but most existing Java EE apps can't easily be ported to the handset. Spring Android is narrowing that gap with a port of its popular RestTemplate, which lets you quickly construct RESTful clients. Simplify your Android networking and open the door to easier porting with this new framework.

BlackBerry Development Gets More Open, Accessible and Lucrative(Link)
September 2010

Catch up on the latest news out of the BlackBerry Developer Conference, including early looks at some of the most tantalizing features coming down the line. These include the open-sourced WebWorks widget framework, simpler enterprise middleware programming, and a richer array of payment options including in-app purchases. Plus, the new PlayBook makes waves as RIM's first entry into the tablet market.

Getting Started with the BlackBerry Mobile Development Platform(Link)
July 2010

Part of the Field Guide to the Mobile Development Platform Landscape, this first entry gives decision-makers the essential facts about BlackBerry development, providing tools to decide if and how it fits into their mobile app strategy.

Taking the Next Step with Your BlackBerry Development(Link)
July 2010

Part of the Field Guide to the Mobile Development Platform Landscape, this second entry gives a preview of developing on the RIM platform, and lays out the pros and cons that it offers in relation to other mobile platforms.

Ruboto: Ruby on Android(Link)

IBM DeveloperWorks
March 2011

Thanks to the robust toolkits in the JRuby and Android projects, you can write and run Ruby scripts that behave dramatically differently from the typical Android program.

Android Meets Ruby: Using Ruboto UI(Link)

Safari Books Online
April 2012

Learn how to use your Android XML layouts in a Ruboto project.

Ruboto Tip: Styling Interface Widgets(Link)

Safari Books Online
April 2012

How to apply Android styles to a Ruboto user interface.

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