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Chris Barretto

VP of Engineering at Cureus

San Francisco Bay Area
Computer Software
  1. SocialChorus,
  2. Real Girls Media Network,
  3. Priority Networks
  1. University of California, Santa Cruz
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University of California, Santa Cruz

University of California, Santa Cruz

Computer Engineering

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I thrive in environments where I can work with and build a team eager to push technology to its limits through innovation and agility. I've been involved with the full product life cycle from concept, to implementation, and to production. Practice methods of extreme programming, team development, and tight deadlines.

- Ruby on Rails – JQuery, Haml/Sass
- Strong TDD – Cucumber, Rspec, Jasmine
- Scrum/retrospectives
- Team growth
- Heroku
- Managing large scale data – MongoDB, map-reduce, Amazon EC2
- Can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes


VP of Engineering

– Present (1 year 10 months)San Francisco Bay Area

Curēus is the medical journal for a new generation of both doctors AND patients. Leveraging the power of an online, crowd-sourced community platform, Curēus promotes medical research by offering tools that better serve and highlight the people who create it, resulting in better research, faster publication and easier access for everyone.

Building out our existing team of talented RoR engineers in the methods of agile development and best practices around test driven development. Bring the platform to the next level of scalability and ease of use, while expanding out the features according to our product roadmap and needs of our customers.

Director of Engineering

(3 years 8 months)San Francisco Bay Area

SocialChorus is a social marketing and SaaS technology company. Until recently, word-of-mouth marketing did not have the scale, efficiency and ROI that global brands demanded. Our cloud-based software has changed that. Our platform enables direct and enduring relationships between brands and thousands of their best advocates and fans.

Leading a team building Influencer Relationship Marketing (IRM) software and services to give the simplicity, speed, and efficiency you need to build enduring social relationships at global scale.

We incorporate all aspects of agile development and extreme programming. We are on Rails 3.2.8 with deployment on Heroku and test driving EVERYTHING with Rspec, Jasmine, and Selenium. Every Monday we have an internal planning meeting that includes the dev team along with our project manager to go over upcoming features, stories that need discussion, and story estimation (Pivotal Tracker). Mornings start with stand-ups to go over the previous day's work, work for the current day, or any blockers anybody might have. Pair programming and green tests make the day fly by with the gratification of clean code without broken windows. Our analytics module runs in EC2, hitting nginx, aggregating all data into our sharded MongoDB database.

- Responsible for setting the technical foundation for building our social media marketing platform (RoR)
- Actively contributed to the ruby community through Meetups
- Built large scalable tracking infrastructure (Nginx, MongoDB)
- Initiate practices of extreme programming with pair programming, morning scrums, retrospectives, quick iterations, and test/behavior driven development
- Constantly challenging team to build their own skillsets and to stay on top of new technology while mentoring others
- Create retention plan to attract new talent and keep the existing talent

Senior Web Application Engineer

Real Girls Media Network
(2 years 10 months)

Maintaining and developing our Ruby on Rails site (originally partnered with pivotal labs), a women's resource/publishing center. My primary area of expertise is working on the front end with browser compatible CSS and JS to pixel perfect specifications. This also includes the using of prototype to integrate Ajax functionality, effects libraries, and to enhance the user experience on the 'view' side. More behind-the-scenes tasks include the creation/use of controllers and helpers on the Rails side outside of model work for functionality and behaviour. I work intimately with the creative to ensure that deliverables are satisfied quickly, efficiently, without second wave changes.

Networks Engineer

Priority Networks
(2 years 9 months)

- Integrate excellent customer service through technical support, installation, and maintenance of customer connectivity.

- Create and maintain VLANs with port configuration (via telnet into switches), DHCP monitoring and assignment, and on-site assistance for troubleshooting.

- Organize and plan workload of assigned VLANs, tagging and testing drops, establishing connectivity, and integrating best practices for ideal setup and smoothness of a show

- Set-up and check full range of products including High Speed Internet Connectivity, private networks, point to point connections, VPNs, telecommunications connections, switches, hubs, cables, and phones.




We don't know any perfect women and if we did, we probably wouldn't want to hang around with them. At DivineCaroline, you'll be spending time with women who embrace the fact that life isn't always easy or beautiful or fair. Our dream is to give you a place to come together and express yourselves. What brings you joy. What breaks your heart. Makes you giggle. What pisses you off. Confuses you. Entertains you. What keeps you strong. And if all that sounds too heady, remember we're also discussing stuff like sketchy relatives and good kissers.


Thanks to DivineCaroline's advertisers, it's free to join, read, write, start Forums and pass things along to your friends. In turn, we do ask that you complete a short registration form. We'd also love for you to be on our email list so we can keep the conversation going, but that's entirely up to you.


Generally speaking, we love them. But we wanted to design a place where women rule and all the things that matter to them could be covered every which way. So, while we won't make a big fuss about them, men are welcome to visit and even contribute. In fact, some men probably won't be able to resist coming and seeing what we're up to.


This site is truly a reflection of its Members, so everyone here is eager for your feedback. Just contact us and let us know what you like or dislike. If there's a story you want us to pursue or a poll you want us to take, please let us know. And finally thank you for taking the time to read about us.

All the best,

The Creators of DivineCaroline


Team members:


– Present

This app was created to provide a ladder ranking for internal ping pong matches. However, this can be repurposed for any kind of competitive play, and you are encouraged to fork your own version customary to your gameplay. Play around with that as much as you like!

Team members:


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Git
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • RSpec
  • TDD
  • SASS
  • Test Driven Development
  • Subversion
  • Heroku
  • HAML
  • Social Media Measurement
  • Agile Methodologies
  • AJAX
  • Enterprise Software
  • Social Media
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • XML
  • Software Design
  • REST
  • Pair Programming
  • SQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • HTML
  • MongoDB
  • Ruby
  • Table Tennis
  • User Interface
  • Nginx
  • JSON
  • User Experience
  • Amazon EC2
  • Front-end
  • HTML 5
  • Databases
  • Scalability
  • SaaS
  • Cucumber
  • Extreme Programming
  • Team Leadership
  • Management
  • HTML5
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University of California, Santa Cruz

BS, Computer Engineering

Declared major in computer engineering and originally lived at Crown but later moved to College 8. Joined Pi Alpha Phi and worked in the computer lab for a portion of my time at UCSC. For my senior project I built an mp3 player and a virtual ATM machine that read actual cards.

Activities and Societies: Pi Alpha Phi


Pi Alpha Phi

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