Caroline Le Moigne

Caroline Le Moigne

Bioprocess Manager

San Francisco Bay Area

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Caroline Le Moigne's Overview

  • Pilot Plant Manager at Amyris Inc
  • Head of Biotechnology Department at SEDERMA
  • Research Associate Intern. at Institut Gustave Roussy, CNRS UMR 8113, Villejuif, France
  • Fermentation Scientist at KURIOS
  • Engineering Intern. at Beghin-Say
  • Engineering Intern at Denmark Technical University

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Caroline Le Moigne's Summary

•Demonstrated leadership skills managing teams of +10 people: management based on motivation, listening and participative techniques to create a good and efficient team spirit.
•+12 years of experience in process development, validation and technology transfer to manufacturing in cosmetic and sustainable biotechnology companies.
•Project coordination from initiation through product delivery in time and within budget.
•Lead external collaborations with academic and industrial partners.

•Lead fermentation processes projects: screening, DoE, culture optimization in flasks/bioreactors from 1L to 30,000L, set-up optimal recovery processes, trouble-shootings.
•Microorganisms’ culture expertise: bacteria, yeasts, fundi, microalgae, plant cells, familiar with mammalian cells culture.
•Type of culture set-up: batch, fed-batch and continuous/chemostat cultures using sterile techniques.
•Downstream processes from lab scale to industrial scale: chemical and enzymatic lysis, HHP, TFF, filtration, centrifugation, chromatography (SEC, IEX).
•Familiar with analytical techniques : HPLC, LC/MS, GPC, Ionic chromatography, UV/Vis, SDS-PAGE
•Familiar with ICH guidelines, ISO guidelines, Hazard studies, SAT/FAT, 5S methodology

Caroline Le Moigne's Experience

Pilot Plant Manager

Amyris Inc

Public Company; 201-500 employees; Biotechnology industry

August 2013Present (1 year 2 months)

Head of Fermentation Process Department


May 2012December 2012 (8 months) Libourne, France

Fermentalg is a cleantech company that offers an alternative and sustainable solution using microalgae potential. The technology allows the development of new microalgae-derived products for biofuel, cosmetics, and green chemistry, human and animal nutrition.

Manage a team composed of 12 FTE and a lab space composed of 26 bench bioreactors, 3*30L and 2*150L SIP bioreactors and 2*30L Airlilfts.
Lead microalgae process projects from bench to pilot scale for DHA, EPA and biomass production.
Consolidate results and presentation to board members during strategic meetings.
Follow collaborative French and European projects: control goals and timelines; organize meetings, write final phases reports.
In charge of the safety and the improvement of lab and pilot organization.

Main achievements:
-Successfully pass to phase II (1M€ refunds) of European project named EIMA, a total 14.6 M€ Oseo sponsorship.
-Improve team organization and project management using MS Project.

Application Specialist - Fermentation Technologies

Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Public Company; 1001-5000 employees; Biotechnology industry

September 2011April 2012 (8 months) New England

Bring technical expertise in Fermentation and Cell Culture to Sartorius customers in New England and Canada: Genzyme, Sanofi Pasteur, Shire, Abbott, Pfizer, BMS, MIT…
Assist customers in their process implementation using Sartorius bioreactors: reusable bioreactors (6 brands from 500mL to 200L) and single-use bioreactors (3 brands from 1L to 1000L). Execute demos and trainings.
Support Product Management with providing technical presentations internally and externally, market analysis, and competitor benchmark.
Support Field Sales and Key Account Management in their efforts to develop Fermentation business: translation of customers’ requirements, quotations follow-up.
Coordinate with Service and customer service on project status.

Fermentation Process Consultant

Greenlight Biosciences Inc.

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Research industry

August 2011September 2011 (2 months) Medford, MA

GreenLight Biosciences is a privately-held biotechnology company focused on sustainable production of chemicals and fuels using cell-free reaction processes.

Design high density E.coli fermentation processes for extract production and cell free reaction for small molecule production.
Conduct and supervise bench work in 140mL, 2L and 7L bioreactors (DasGip and NBS).

Head of Biotechnology Department


Public Company; 51-200 employees; Cosmetics industry

November 2004December 2010 (6 years 2 months) Le Perray en yvelines

Sederma is a world leader in the field of active ingredients for skin and hair care. It has developed a unique range of biochemical actives, with substantiated efficacy, for sebum regulation, wrinkle reduction, skin firming, protection from free radicals and a host of other benefits.

Manage a department composed of 4 groups from R&D (fermentation, plant cells, analytical) to production (14 FTE total).
Lead projects/products from developments to commercial production stages
- Bring new ideas and projects to strategic board (proof-of-concept) and give updates
-strain screening and DoE for optimized production parameters
-scale-up from shake flasks to bench bioreactors and pilot/production bioreactors
-Set-up downstream recovery and purification processes
-identification of actives by HPLC, GPC, Ionic chromatography, spectrophotometry, LC/MS
Lead production at CMO sites
Interface with multidisciplinary groups as production, patent, toxicology, marketing, commercial, in vitro/vivo testing, formulation and regulatory departments.
Manage external research collaborations with universities and private companies.
Receive training and served as internal auditor for ISO 18001 and ISO 14001. Member of the HSE.

Main achievements:
-Successful develop and bring to commercial scale of Subliskin® (oligosaccharides), Resistem® (phenylethanoids), Venuceane® (protein), O.D.A. White (Fatty Acid
-Provide on-site consultation for implementation of new fermentation plant for Croda UK; developed specifications for two 30cbm bioreactors and downstream process facilities.
-Establish and organize a new research and development platform:
• Implement an innovative process involving production of active ingredients with plant cells.
•Lead a $900K project to create the new laboratory and production line for plant cell technology.
•Increase team from 2 to 11 FTE and lab superficies per 3 in 4 years at Sederma

Research Associate Intern.

Institut Gustave Roussy, CNRS UMR 8113, Villejuif, France

August 2004September 2004 (2 months)

Generation of a NIH3T3 cell line expressing a D816V mutated cKIT (mechanistic model) as a tool for drug development in Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor indication.
Construction of plasmidic vectors; generation of a lentivirus by triple transfection; infection of cells in BL3 lab; antibiotic selection of clones of interest in BL1 lab.

Fermentation Scientist


October 2001June 2004 (2 years 9 months)

INVE, a holding of Belgian origin, provides advanced solutions for animal rearing, both in agriculture and aquaculture. Their focus is on nutrition and health for reared animals, especially the early life stages.

Set-up a full process line of high viable density microalgae product for aquaculture applications.
Implement design of experiment, microalgae strains screening in shake flasks, optimize culture conditions in bioreactors (2L, 150L, 200L, 500L) resulting in high cell density of Chlorella (>140 g/L DW) produced under heterotrophic conditions in 2,000L stainless bioreactor.
Utilize lab facilities, upstream/downstream equipment and oversee outsourced staff at IFREMER and CWBI.
Write annual reports for innovation national agency (ANVAR).

Engineering Intern.


February 2001July 2001 (6 months)

BEGHIN MEIJI, A company dedicated to Health and Nutrition, is recognized as being the pioneer of fructo-oligosaccharides in Europe. These prebiotic soluble fibres are produced from sucrose by TEREOS sugar group in France.

Completed research for a leading sugar company: production of fructosyltransferase, enzyme used for production of fructooligosaccharides (Actilight ®) by Aspergillus niger.
Set-up design of experiment in flasks for medium composition optimization and growth parameters.
Validate and optimize culture conditions in 2L bioreactor (pH, DO, DWmax, Yxs).
Make enzymatic measurement after biomass extraction and apply analytical tool (HPLC) for productivity evaluation.

Engineering Intern

Denmark Technical University

May 2000August 2000 (4 months)

BioCentrum-DTU is a department at DTU which represents the largest concentration of biotechnology research at university level in Denmark. I was in the department of Jens Nielsen.

Performance evaluation of modified strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of bio-ethanol from lignocellulosic industrial effluents.
Completed research for a PhD student:
Prepare lignocellulosic substrate using hot acid extraction and deep filtration.
Conduct 1-5L fermentations and apply analytical tools (HPLC, GC-MS, biochemical assays…) to characterize growth-yields-metabolites formation in genetically modified strains.

Caroline Le Moigne's Languages

  • English

    (Full professional proficiency)
  • French

    (Native or bilingual proficiency)

Caroline Le Moigne's Skills & Expertise

  1. Fermentation
  2. Cell Free Reaction
  3. Centrifugation
  4. Experimental Design
  5. Filtration
  6. Cell Culture
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Protein Purification
  9. GMP
  10. HPLC
  11. Technology Transfer
  12. Purification
  13. R&D
  14. Lifesciences
  15. Biochemistry
  16. Microbiology
  17. SDS-PAGE
  18. ELISA
  19. Protein Chemistry
  20. Biopharmaceuticals
  21. Process Simulation

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Caroline Le Moigne's Patents


    • France Patent WO/2010/067327
    • Issued June 17, 2010
    Inventors: Caroline Le Moigne, FOURNIAL, Arnaud, GRIZAUD, Claire-Marie, MONDON, Philippe

    The present invention relates to the field of cosmetic and dermopharmaceutical compositions. It concerns oligomer compounds of D-glucuronic acid or D-glucuronate with a β (1-4) sequence (or oligoglucuronans) containing a degree of acetylation specifically between 8.7±0.5 and 9.2±0.5% by weight of O-CO-CH3 group compared to the weight of glucuronic acid and with a degree of polymerisation (DP) of 18-19 ±2. The oligomer compounds according to the present invention are intended to stimulate the elasticity of the dermis and epidermis although they also act to increase dermo-epidermal cohesion in order to combat skin ageing, lines, wrinkles, visible and/or tactile skin discontinuities, loss of firmness, elasticity and tone and to combat skin tissue deformability. The invention also concerns a cosmetic composition containing at least one compound as recited according to the present invention

  • New use of an extract of plant origin Globularia and method for obtaining said extract by in vitro plant culture.

    • France Patent WO/2012/104774
    • Issued August 9, 2012
    Inventors: Caroline Le Moigne, Claire-Marie Grizaud, Philippe Mondon, Arnaud Fournial

    According to the present invention the extract of plant origin of the Globularia genus is used for a non-therapeutic cosmetic treatment of the skin and/or appendages. Preferably the species is Globularia cordifolia and the extract is obtained by in vitro plant culture. The extract can be used in particular for preventing and/or treating skin ageing by stimulating the 10 reactions of detoxification and cellular regeneration through a hormetic type response, for improving the transparency and radiance of complexion, for preventing or treating sensitive and reactive skins, for preventing or treating rednesses, for preventing protein glycation, for increasing and/or maintaining the number of dermal stem cells, for increasing and/or maintaining the dermal macromolecules, in particular collagen and elastin, for increasing the volume of the dermis, for 15 preventing and/or treating fines lines and wrinkles, for firming skin, for preventing hair loss and/or stimulating hair regrowth. The invention also proposes an original method of obtaining the extract by in vitro plant culture of undifferenciated cells of Globularia and an extract of plant origin that can be obtained by such method.

Caroline Le Moigne's Education

Ohlone College

Project Management Fundamentals





CPE Lyon

Tangential filtration operations, implementation at industrial scale


Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Toulouse

Master of Science in biochemical and microbial genetics - Industrial microbiolology


Main competences: Biochemical eng., microbiology, enzymology, genetic eng., chemical eng.

IUT Quimper

DUT, Applied Biology


Main competences: Bio-analytical tools, bacteriology, thermodynamic, automatism, food processes.

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