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Andy Peloe

Consultant at Callcredit Information Group

Leeds, United Kingdom
Information Services
  1. GMAP Consulting,
  2. EuroDirect
  1. University of Leeds

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University of Leeds

University of Leeds

Demography and Population Studies

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Callcredit Information Group
– Present (5 years 9 months)Leeds, United Kingdom

Lead of product development team, building and supporting global geodemographic systems.

Senior Analyst

GMAP Consulting
(5 years 2 months)


(4 years 4 months)


Blog: Gonna get myself Connected(Link)

Callcredit, Leeds
March 2014

The concept of apps revolutionised our digital lives. Both Apple’s App store and Google’s equivalent, Google Play, now have more than one million apps apiece. And according to data made available at the end of 2013, both tech giants have seen over 50 billion apps downloaded from their respective stores.

Blog: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: new data, new tech, new challenge?(Link)

Callcredit, Leeds
February 2014

According to results from the 2011 Census, we are experiencing a period of unprecedented population change. The demographic shifts that continue to redefine our social geographies are in the main caused by migration, enabled by ease of movement across borders, and increasing globalisation

Blog: Broken down by age and sex(Link)

Callcredit, Leeds
September 2013

Can you remember what were you doing on Sunday the 27th March 2011? Chances are you were complaining about form filling whilst ploughing through pages of questions on the UK Census in front of the Antiques Roadshow. But did you know that you were taking part in an historic event? In the face of cost-cutting the 2011 UK Census may have been the last.


All new CAMEO UK(Link)

Callcredit Information Group is pleased to announce today (19th May) the re-launch of its new powerful and highly discriminative consumer segmentation tool, CAMEO UK.

CAMEO UK classifies every individual, household and postcode in the UK for use in customer profiling, prospect targeting, market analysis, retail planning and risk for pricing assessment. It forms part of a suite of over 40 worldwide consumer classifications.

The launch of the new CAMEO UK has seen the latest modelling techniques being used to layer intelligence from multiple levels, including data at individual levels, household, postcode and neighbourhood to provide the best targeting discrimination in the market. The tool has been built using data from the latest UK Census and Government Open Data sources, alongside data from YouGov and TGI. But what makes it unique to other consumer classification systems is that it is built dynamically with real-time links to Callcredit’s flagship consumer database, Define and Callcredit’s UK population map of over 50 million UK residents.

CAMEO Australia

Callcredit Information Group’s consumer analysis and segmentation tool CAMEO Australia has now been updated to offer clients the most comprehensive consumer insight on the market.

Linking address information to demographic data and lifestyle and socio-economic insight, the new CAMEO Australia delivers valuable insight of consumers using the latest Census data accompanied by real-life transactional data such as online behaviours, consumer demand profiles, technology use and channel preference, enabling marketers to gain detailed insight into customer behaviour in both the online and offline markets.

By understanding that no two people are exactly the same and how customers fit into different segments, retailers can unlock valuable and actionable insight which can be utilised to develop informed communication strategies, locate sites for new store openings or to identify cross-sell opportunities and increase retention rates.

CAMEO Mexico

Callcredit Information Group has launched the latest version of CAMEO Mexico complimenting the recently updated CAMEO USA, to offer clients the most recent and accurate view of consumer markets across North America.

Callcredit’s unique consumer segmentation system CAMEO links address information to demographic, life style and socio-economic insight to provide businesses with key marketing intelligence on their customers and prospects. CAMEO is currently available in over 40 global markets.

CAMEO Mexico capitalises on the enhanced availability of statistical data in Mexico to deliver one of the most sophisticated and detailed consumer segmentation systems in the world. A range of national datasets that include the 2010 Mexico census are deployed at the ‘city block’ level to create a highly granular targeting system.

CAMEO Indonesia

Callcredit Information Group's customer analysis and segmentation tool CAMEO has expanded its offering to clients by introducing CAMEO Indonesia to its classifications.

CAMEO offers marketing intelligence in over 40 countries with address verification for over 246 countries worldwide. The inclusion of Indonesia is a significant addition as the country holds the fourth largest population in the world, as well as having a fast growing economy and number of large blue-chip organisations, such as L'Oreal and Adidas, choosing to locate in the market.

Using a range of national datasets, CAMEO Indonesia identifies key demographic and socio-economic characteristics of consumers at village level to ensure the highest granularity.

By segmenting this data into 36 categories and 8 key marketing groups CAMEO Indonesia offers businesses valuable marketing intelligence, enabling businesses to understand who their customers are and where they are located. CAMEO Indonesia is able to analyse adult age, presence of children, educational attainment, access to technology and property ownership legal status, which can then be utilised to develop informed communication strategies, locate sites for new store openings or to identify cross-sell opportunities and increase retention rates.


Callcredit Information Group has now launched an updated version of its consumer segmentation tool CAMEO USA, offering clients the most granular view available of consumers in this region.

CAMEO delivers valuable insight into consumers by linking addresses to demographic, lifestyle and socio-economic information and then segmenting these into customer types, helping businesses to identify who their customers are and how to target these groups effectively.

CAMEO USA has been rebuilt using the 2010 US Census and the American Community Survey, incorporating new financial datasets to identify financial stress - a key indicator of spending power, those who have additional incomes, the average value of properties and details of rent and mortgage repayments - all of which can be analysed at both national and state level.

By building the database using census data, CAMEO USA offers greater granularity by providing 30 times more areas the previous version. There have also been improved modelling techniques to allow greater differentiation between consumer types, with 58 categories in 10 groups, compared to 52 categories in 9 groups in the previous version.


Connected is an individual level consumer segmentation system which has been built to help organisations connect with existing and prospective customers by assessing their level of technology usage and understanding their attitudes and behaviours.

The Connected segmentation and profiling tool helps you understand how technology impacts your customers' day to day lives; enabling you to use this intelligence to inform your multi-channel marketing strategy to the full.

Green & Ethical(Link)

The Green & Ethical segmentation assesses the way in which consumers think about and act upon environmental and ethical concerns in their daily lives; whether through their purchase of goods and services, their consideration of provider or in their individual attempts to make a difference.

CAMEO geodemographic segmentations(Link)

– Present

Knowing 'who' your customers are is not about guesswork. It's about having the right customer analysis and consumer segmentation tools to offer the insights you want, when you need them.

•How can you attract new and profitable ones?
•How can you ensure you're marketing the right offer with the right message?
•How can you instill loyalty, reduce churn and increase customer value?
•How do you know you're positioning your retail outlets in the right place?
•How can you plan for the future with confidence?


  • Statistics
  • Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Research
  • Product development
  • Team Management
  • Population estimation
  • Micro-simulation
  • Geodemographics
  • SAS
  • Predictive Modeling
  • ETL
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Segmentation
  • Database Marketing
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University of Leeds

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Demography and Population Studies

University of Bradford

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Environmental Science & Geography, 1st Class

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