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Amine Tahar Mostefaoui

Senior RTDS Information Management Engineer at Schlumberger Information Solution

Oil & Energy
  1. Schlumberger Information Solutions
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  2. CNEP-Banque,
  1. Abingdon Technology Center
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Schlumberger Information Solutions

Schlumberger Information Solutions

Senior RTDS Information Management Engineer (6Sigma & Optimization Consultant)

– Present

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Initial background is applied mathematics engineer (Help in decision making Engineer), trained and formed to act on different aspect of different project; using mathematical tools; I can solve financial economics, statistics or scheduling problematic, or either optimizing processes in order to maximize benefits or minimizing cost.
During my career; I have been in touch with different domain, banking sector as computer developer and oil and gas industry as Information management engineer and then logistic and planning engineer, these two domains gave me the opportunity to understand and face the real problematic that face the decision makers during a project, also I developed my mathematical modeling skills to be more realistic to solve the root causes of the problematic.

Specialties: Project planning; job shop scheduling; logistics; combinatory optimization; mathematical modeling


Senior RTDS Information Management Engineer (6Sigma & Optimization Consultant)

Schlumberger Information Solutions
– Present (10 months)Hassi Messaoud Algeria

Mission: RTOM project Lean Program Consultant, and Information Management
Consulted and involved in all lean project within the RTOM project (realized saving until
now 1M$), also leading the information management part of the project in order to make
sure the Data usage and consumption for prediction, reservoir optimization and well

Client: SONATRACH Drilling Division
RTOM: Real Time Operations Management

6Sigma & Optimization Consultant (RTDS Technical Team Leader)

Schlumberger Information Solutions
(2 years 10 months)Hassi Messaoud - Algeria

Mission: Logistic Management and Technical Instructor
Leading a team of 8 peoples, coaching and training them in their activities and managing the logistic in term of planning the trips to the RIG site by respecting the different resources constraints

Client: SONATRACH Drilling Division
RTDS = Real Time Data Services

Information Management Engineer

Schlumberger Information Solutions
(3 years 7 months)Hassi Messaoud - Algeria

Mission: Information Management and Consulting, Software and Data Bases Support.

Trained and study information management and computer skills in order to deliver support and services to Schlumberger clients in the oilfield sector.

Conclusion: Two profiles; RIG Support Manager in (SONATRACH Real Time Operations Management project), Information Management Engineer at Schlumberger oil services Company.

RTDS Field Engineer (Real Time Data Services)

Schlumberger Information Solutions
(8 months)Hassi Messaoud - Algeria

Mission: Networking Support and Data Management
Within the biggest worldwide project of Remote drilling activities monitoring (in terms of rig connected - 42 rigs-), I was responsible of deploying the data transmission equipment and insuring the data quality, the data streaming and the data storage and management.

Client: SONATRACH Drilling Division.

Data Management Engineer

(10 months)Algiers - Algeria

Mission: Leading the Saving Money Team
Managing the saving money information system and insuring the yearly interest calculation allover Algeria CNEP bank agencies.

Conclusion: data management engineering within the banking sector.

Operations Research Engineer Trainee

(10 months)Algiers - Algeria

Mission: Final Year Project
Optimizes the production process of TREFAL Company based on a mathematical analysis and developed a software that generate the optimized plan automatically.

Conclusion: Graduated as an Operational Research Engineer.



Real Time Operations Management" Project for SONATRACH In Hassi Messaoud, Algeria, provides real time monitoring of Drilling, Logging, Cementing, and Fracturing operations, over up to 42 rigs at the same time, this is the largest ROC (remote operating center) in the world

Team members:

Honors & Awards

Logistic process optimization

CIL- SLS system

A lean mothodology mixed with applied mathematics tools to get $241k of hard saving with $509K of total saving.

Additional Honors & Awards

• Certified Support Professional by TSIA and Presentation and Communication Skills by IMPACT in Abu Dhabi Schlumberger School.


  1. English

  2. French

  3. Arabic


  • Oilfield
  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Upstream
  • Optimization
  • Team Leadership
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Oracle
  • Petroleum
  • Oil/Gas
  • Lean Thinking
  • Statistics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Lean Tools
  • Petrel
  • Formation Evaluation
  • C++
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Optimizations
  • Team Management
  • Geology
  • Petrophysics
  • Management
  • Lingo
  • Oracle SQL
  • Combinatorial...
  • Stochastic Modeling
  • Modeling
  • Strategic Planning
  • Logistics
  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Operations Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Statistical Tools
  • Customer Oriented
  • WITSML standard
  • wits standard
  • Real Time System Design
  • RTDS
  • Information Management
  • Oil & Gas
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Abingdon Technology Center

Build IT 3 (Schlumberger SIS Technical School), Computer Science, Sales, Project Management, Geology

3rd Technical School, related to project management , SIS sales process, Computer Science , Geology.

OFS 3 (Oil field Services training 3)

Managing and leading your People training

MLC(Abu Dhabi - UAE) Schlumberger Middel East Learning Center

Professional Training

Project Management Class, Sales & Marketing Class, Technical class(IT, DBA,..)

Schlumberger Algeria Training Center

Professional Training, Drilling For Everyone

Activities and Societies: Drilling operations training and oil and gas industry induction.

MLC(Abu Dhabi - UAE) Schlumberger Middel East Learning Center

Professional Training, Computer Sciences ; oil and gas industry ; presentation and communications skills.

Activities and Societies: Computer skills (Oracle, Linux, SQL) training, Oil and Gas industry and HSE training.

OSC Silver MD1 Schlumberger hassi messaoud training center

Professional Training, Real Data Transmission, and drilling operation monitoring

Activities and Societies: Remote connectivity and networking, real time data transmission training.

OFS1 ELC Schlumberger Europe Learning Center

Professional Training, Oil and Gas Industry; HSE

Activities and Societies: Oil and gas industry induction and HSE training.

USTHB University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumedien

Engineer, Operations Research Engineering ; Applied Mathematics ; Computer Sciences ;

Activities and Societies: Applied Mathematics methods and Modelization to Solve several problems; Computer Skills.


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