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Alison Director-Myska

Alison Director-Myska

Science & Technology Manager

Washington D.C. Metro Area
  1. Defense Threat Reduction Agency
  1. Camber Corporation,
  2. National Cancer Institute,
  3. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
  1. West Virginia University

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Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Science & Technology Manager

– Present

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Ph.D. in Genetics with over 14 years of experience in molecular / genetic toxicology & cancer research and over 5 years experience in Defense Acquisition / Program Management and Chemical and Biological Defense. Extensive experience in classical & molecular cytogenetic assays & platforms. Significant experience in genetic rearrangements &/or mutagenesis related to cancer, chemical exposure &/or radiation. Excellent computer skills utilized in literature searches, grant application, data compilation, data analysis, research results presentation & publication, & teaching / training. Presented findings at local, national & international scientific meetings. Published multiple research articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Specialties:Genetics 15 years
Radiobiology 1.5 years
Chemical Carcinogenesis 5 years
Chemical & Biological Defense 6 years
Defense Acquisition 6 years


Science & Technology Manager

Defense Threat Reduction Agency
– Present (6 years 8 months)Ft. Belvoir

+ Provides scientific, technical & programmatic oversight of all research projects within the thrust area
+ Provides technology watch in support of the CAPO by supporting a system of routine monitoring of publications to gather information on technologies relevant to the CBDP to include literature & database searches, abstracting relevant articles, etc; & producing information products summarizing search results, with recommendations for technical evaluation of promising technologies that match program priorities & requirements
+ Supports the proposal evaluation process (annual program build) to include correspondence with potential reviewers, assignment to review groups & assignment of proposals for review, logistical support & meeting set up, administrative support during review sessions, & analysis of review results
+ Participates in national & international workshops & intra- & inter-agency committees & panels addressing chemical & biological defense science & technology issues.
+ Coordinates collaboration with other TAS thrust areas, other CB Divisions, JRO, JPEO, other USG Agencies & stakeholders.
+ Coordinate transition of data from all research projects within thrust area to other CB Divisions, JRO, JPEO, other USG Agencies & stakeholders.

Senior Scientist

Camber Corporation
(2 years 4 months)

+ Conducted analyses, including interpreting/translating user requirements, to support development of an S&T investment strategy for the TAS Capability Area of the CBDP
+ Technical assistance in the development of budget documents, execution plans & program solicitations
+ Technical assistance with activities for development of program documents, annual reports, white papers, program summaries, etc.
+ Provided technology watch in support of the CAPO.
+ Supported the proposal evaluation process + Participated in national & international workshops & intra- & inter-agency committees & panels addressing chemical & biological defense science & technology issues.
+ Technical support for the development of project management charts/schedules, & review of progress reports for program monitoring
+ Identified scientific, technical, & management problems & issues & suggested potential solutions
+ Supported Product Development Teams
+ Provided CAPO with draft products in response to DTRA, OSD, other taskers pertaining to the TAS program (CBDP Annual Report to Congress, briefings, white papers, requests for information, program summaries, etc.)
+ Provided information regarding program schedule, requirements, transition, etc. to performing laboratories & others
+ Performed data pulls from reports & budget documents in support of briefings, white papers, other requests for information
+ Tracked documents including statements of work, funding releases
+ Assisted in project/capability transition
+ Coordinated collaboration with medical research & development activities


National Cancer Institute
(3 years 3 months)

+ Provided support to clinical & research efforts of the Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory.
+ Performed classical G-banded cytogenetic analysis on clinical patient samples submitted to the laboratory.
+ Conducted molecular cytogenetic research employing a variety of assays & platforms to identify novel biomarkers of pathological import in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia & inherited bone marrow failure syndromes (Fanconi Anemia, Dyskeratosis Congenita, Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome & Diamond-Blackfan Anemia).
+ Optimized all laboratory protocols for performing complex molecular cytogenetic / biological diagnostic & research assays using a variety of platforms.
+ Employed cytogenetic & molecular biological techniques such as G-banded karyotyping, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) techniques [chromosome painting, telomere probes & centromere probes]; comparative genomic hybridization (CGH); spectral karyotyping (SKY); G-banded chromosome to fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) mapping of genes/BACs; DNA isolation from fresh tissue, fixed tissue, peripheral blood, bone marrow & cultured cells; nick translation incorporating substituted nucleotides for DNA labeling; & agarose gel electrophoresis with ethidium bromide staining.
+ Published research results in peer-reviewed journals.
+ Prepared tables & images in MS Word, MS Excel & Adobe Photoshop for papers, posters & slide presentations.
+ Drafted standard operating procedures for molecular cytogenetic laboratory techniques.
+ Collaborated with other NIH scientists on molecular cytogenetic research projects.
+ Aided in the training of residents & fellows

Research Biologist

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
(4 years)

NRC Post-doctoral Fellow

Armed Forces Radiation Research Institute
(2 years)


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
(1 year)

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Troop Leader

Girl Scouts Nation's Capital

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  • Cell
  • Data Analysis
  • Laboratory
  • Molecular Biology
  • DoD
  • Science
  • Defense
  • Radiation Biology
  • Analysis
  • Biology
  • Genomics
  • Research
  • DNA
  • Genetics
  • Clinical Research
  • Proposal Writing
  • Project Management
  • R&D
  • Product Development
  • Toxicology
  • Policy
  • Assay Development
  • HPLC
  • Biotechnology
  • Management
  • Government
  • Security Clearance
  • Program Management
  • Biochemistry
  • Lifesciences
  • Cancer
  • Microbiology
  • Training
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Cell Culture
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James W. Robinson Secondary School

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