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Job description

You will be responsible to lead and close sales deals in the games, digital media, and mobile applications space.  In addition you will assist the VP of Business Development in working on key global deals.  You’ll have the opportunity to materially influence the growth of our business.  We're growing fast, the industry is changing quickly and rapidly, and you’ll play a vital role in our success.

We have sales targets across the US so up to 50% of your role will involve travel with potentially some trips to the Europe.  We’re looking for applicants with 3-7 years of relevant sales experience, demonstrated ability to have closed deals, strong academic credentials, and the drive to work in a fast-paced startup.


The business development team is responsible to source, lead, and close deals.  This person must understand how to source a deal, lead it through the stages of a sales process and finally negotiate and close a deal.  You’ll have to think on your feet, create business cases, work with the product teams to develop solutions, and negotiate the deals.   It is as important to work internally as it is to work externally with clients. 

Though you don’t need a technical background, you’ll know our product and how each partner should use it, and guide them how to use it most effectively.  You should be able to quickly understand our potential clients’ businesses fully and how our product helps them to create new revenues. You’ll know each partner’s business well, their industry, technical systems, and revenue model. Ideally, you’ll use their products and have a passion for using them. 

You’ll network and get to know and work with people in each client’s company, from BD to finance to engineering. You’ll work with young, first-time CEOs and with execs who have decades of industry experience. You must be flexible to work with all types of people.

Desired Skills and Experience

This job is a combination of business development and sales.  You will have a list of company targets to close. In doing so, you'll be expected to visit them at conferences as well as at their offices for in person meetings.   You will have to relay product information and ideas back to the product team so that we can deliver the right products to close the deal.  Lastly, you must work with our finance team to negotiate within strict boundaries.

You have solid presentation skills – from creating decks to delivering pitches– to effectively craft and deliver proposals to partners. Financial modeling and analysis skills are also important. You’ll use them to analyze our business with partners and craft win-win proposals for us to grow our business together.  This will also be important as you play a support role for the VP of Business Development.

Lastly, you will need to have a passion for digital media, games, and mobile technology.  You should have the drive to close deals and the ability to persuade clients in the benefits of our product even after they say no, 100 times.  This job is for closers and closers only.  Please contact if interested.


About this company

BOKU, Inc.

BOKU is the global leader in online payments, allowing consumers to purchase goods and services with their wireless number, and charge to their mobile operator bill. BOKU brings bank-grade payments technology and mobile users together on the web, creating a trusted, accessible market for consumers, merchants and carriers alike.

Based in San Francisco with offices in Europe and Asia, BOKU reaches over 3 billion consumers worldwide. With localization and support in 32 languages, BOKU operates in 65 countries, across 230 carriers globally. Leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists fund BOKU including Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Index Ventures and Khosla Ventures.

The company has invested more than 84 human-years in development of the BOKU Payment Platform™, with experienced developers from state-of-the-art companies like Apple, Amazon, AT&T, Bank Of America, First USA, Google, Paypal, Visa and Yahoo!.

Additionally, BOKU processes transactions in 40+ currencies, collection in 10+ currencies and offers VAT/TAX management across 65 different countries while maintaining a 24x7 on-call response team for platform issues and customer support.

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This is a preview of the Business Development job at BOKU, Inc.. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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