Android Framework Developer

Samsung Telecommunications America - San Francisco Bay Area

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About this job

Job description

The Android Framework Developer will primarily be involved in the design, implementation of one or more Android middleware frameworks (“libraries”). Other application developers (in-house or external) will use these frameworks to develop interesting Android applications. These frameworks make use of one or more hardware, software or other device specific capabilities to expose a simplified API to application developers.

Example frameworks include (but not limited to) - Email, Instant Messaging, GPS, Single sign-on, social networking, etc. Almost all such frameworks developed by the engineer will have a “network dimension” to it - i.e., involve communication with one or more servers in the Internet.

The framework developer will work closely with application developers to ensure that the frameworks/libraries they create are robust and complete. In addition, they will work closely with one or more QA teams (local or remote) to identify, debug and fix production issues. The developer is expected to work hard during production/launch time frames to ensure that handset launches are not delayed.

Job Duties

-Design, implement and test one or more Android “middleware” frameworks. These frameworks could be pure Java or a combination of Java and C/C++ “system libraries” (with JNI).

-Work closely with QA teams to identify and fix any and all bugs that are reported.

-Travel to customer or partner sites to facilitate smooth exchange of information, joint development or integration activities approximately 3-4 times a year - and each trip lasting about 2 weeks).

- Travel to Korea when needed for design, implementation or integration activities with hardware and firmware teams (approximately 3-4 times a year - each trip lasting about 2 weeks).

Desired Skills and Experience

u   Fluent in Java programming - especially in a mobile or embedded environment. Expertise with object-oriented design and development mandatory; knowledge of common Java “design patterns” are required.

-Expertise with Android APIs - especially in the common frameworks and libraries. Must have developed one or two non-trivial Android middleware libraries or APIs.

-Knowledge of Android frameworks - such as messaging, networking, web services - strongly desired. Candidates with demonstrable expertise in such middleware APIs will be given preference.

-Expertise in fundamentals of computer science - data structures, algorithms, multi-threaded programming, networking concepts is mandatory. Candidates unable to test in these areas will be rejected.

-Self-starter - with ability to independently acquire the knowledge required to succeed in their job.

-1 year experience Minimally Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is required; MS CS preferred.

About this company

Samsung Telecommunications America

The Samsung B2B Server Group -- the newest lab in Samsung R&D with an exclusive focus on Android and enterprise -- is building up a new Enterprise Services Platform & Infrastructure team. The lab has a unique position among all other Samsung R&D organizations in the U.S. because decisions (business, technical and product management) are made locally and implemented locally. The lab has a rare degree of autonomy, with a mandate from HQ to conquer the Enterprise market with superior Android end-to-end products and solutions. B2B Server Group has the freedom and flexibility to operate like a well-heeled startup while leveraging Samsung’s breadth and leadership in Consumer Electronics.

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This is a preview of the Android Framework Developer job at Samsung Telecommunications America. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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