Senior Engineer (Tools & Frameworks)

BrightRoll - San Francisco

Posted 611 days ago
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Job description

Imagine a world of perfect development productivity. A developer writes a few simple tests and implements some code. Upon committing changes, a frenzy of automated systems collect the code, run a battery of tests and deploy it to a waiting world. Within a few minutes, the developer can see his/her changes in the wild, gather feedback and begin the next cycle of improvements. 

We have a need for a generalist with experience in building end-to-end continuous integration systems. They will have a breadth of knowledge across unit test frameworks, scripting languages, build systems and web architecture. Excellent cross-functional communication skills are required for success in this role as he/she will need to get validation from engineers, technical operations and product.

This is not a role where you'll be stuck performing quality assurance, white box/black box shenanigans. This is a chance to actually BUILD automated test frameworks from SCRATCH that will integrate with our awesome production server! 

Desired Skills and Experience


  • Experienced with automated test frameworks, test framework suites, scalable developer tools 
  • Language agnostic: ("Ruby" OR "Scala") AND ("Java" OR "C" OR "Python")
  • Unix/ Linux

Don’t know all of these languages or technologies? No problem. If you are driven by intellectual curiosity, motivated by challenge and have good CS fundamentals, we'll ensure you are set up for success. 

  • Stress and load testing
  • Performance tuning
  • Hudson / Jenkins
  • Regression testing 
  • Integration testing 
  • Continuous integration 

About this company


BrightRoll is the largest private video ad platform in the United States. 

Led by a team of Internet advertising veterans and innovative engineers, BrightRoll serves billions of advertisements monthly and continues to scale exponentially. We achieved this growth by enabling agencies and brand advertisers to execute smart video ad campaigns across the industry’s leading publishers, including over three-quarters of the top 250 websites in the United States.

95% of the top 50 advertising agencies work with BrightRoll to execute campaigns for their premier brands. By offering full site disclosure, detailed performance reports and flexible targeting, we provide advertisers with the reach, frequency, scalability, and transparency needed to achieve their goals.

Hundreds of branded publishers work with BrightRoll to maximize the value of their online inventory. We are fortunate to work with many of the Internet’s leading branded publishers, including multiple television properties, and most of the leading high-volume video sites.

BrightRoll is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and has offices throughout the United States and Europe.

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This is a preview of the Senior Engineer (Tools & Frameworks) job at BrightRoll. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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