Technical Director of Development Architecture

Savvis - Herndon, VA

Posted 609 days ago
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Job description

The Technical Director of Development Architecture will focus on the Enterprise Developer Services area within the Cloud Platforms mission, designing service features which appeal to individual developers, departmental managers, and infrastructure administrators within Savvis’ enterprise IT customer base. Output architecture will feed into software applications that drive commercial modeling, technical control, change workflow, dependency mapping, and service automation. 


The Cloud Platforms team is responsible for the value-add features which complement the foundational Infrastructure-as-a-Service components of the Symphony enterprise cloud product line. The Technical Director will work across the Enterprise Cloud BU to ensure that software development strategy is aligned with customer needs as well as the overall architecture laid out by the Cloud CTO office.  This leader will be accountable for feature stability, customer satisfaction, market research, software modeling, and differentiated feature roadmaps.  The Enterprise Cloud BU is targeted at Fortune 500 companies with needs ranging from agile development to total IT outsourcing.   The ultimate objective of the Technical Director position will be to ensure the Cloud BU achieves its revenue and profitability goals. 


Position Objectives and Essential Duties:

  • Develop case study applications, in a variety of languages and frameworks, on the Savvis Symphony enterprise cloud, using the results to drive feature improvements, developer outreach, and customer success.
  • Collaborate with Cloud Solutions team, regional Sales Directors, and customer steering committees to develop product roadmaps and feature backlogs.
  • Plan and to define service feature strategy and product positioning strategy.
  • Act as the primary voice-of-the-customer for user stories and feature prioritization.
  • Support a distributed, virtual development team in an agile development process to achieve customer-benefitting features in a short an iteration cycle as possible.
  • Support the work of the Product Director to structure product financial reports that drive better understanding of the cost structure and profit models.
  • Support contract negotiations at crucial stages of the business with the internal business partners
  • Work with Operations on defining organization capabilities that are specific to cloud customers, and adapting service features accordingly.
  • Work with Information Security and Security Consulting to understand Savvis’ risk/compliance posture and ensure that the company meets its contractual and industry obligations.
  • Drive visibility of Savvis in the market through public speaking, customer engagement, and social media outreach.

 Required Skills:  

  • 10 years of experience with enterprise IT software development
  • 5 years of experience with IT service automation
  • Matrix management experience
  • Proven negotiation, writing and analytical skills with superior oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work efficiently, prioritize workflow, meet demanding deadlines, and manage projects in a fast paced sales environment
  • Creative problem solver who works well in a collaborative team environment

  Desired Skills:  

  • 1 or more years of experience in a start-up software development environment
  • Experience with converged “devops” software lifecycle models
  • Understanding of the Savvis service provider environment, the people, process and technology that makes a IT service provider work effectively.
  • Experience with a broad range of technology services which combine together to create an end-to-end cloud service
  • Strong grasp of technology concepts that underpin IT infrastructure and the IT service provider market.
  • Strong grasp of software development lifecycle and Agile development methodology
  • Ability to condense and prioritize contractual commitments into business-relevant implications and actionable plans
  • Familiarity with Mule and ActiveMQ

 Education or Equivalent Experience:

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience
  • Technical Accreditations around software development languages, frameworks and methodologies





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Savvis, a CenturyLink company, is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprises. Nearly 2,500 unique clients, including more than 30 of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500, use Savvis to reduce capital expense, improve service levels and harness the latest advances in cloud computing. We hire those who display our values, have deep expertise in serving clients and are passionate about advances in the IT space. We look for people who have a motivational commitment to excellence, offer a personal approach to service, enjoy a challenge and are dedicated to pursuing growth and learning. Our goal is to hire people who are creative change agents for a growing industry, believe in our vision and are passionate about living our values. We invite you to join Savvis. For a complete list of current opportunities, please visit

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This is a preview of the Technical Director of Development Architecture job at Savvis. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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