Customer Service Data & Reporting Analyst

U.S. Cellular - Chicago, IL

Posted 613 days ago
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    Mid-Senior level
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    Analyst, Customer Service, Strategy/Planning
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    Wireless, Telecommunications, Retail
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About this job

Job description

The CSO Data Analyst will work with call center related data ranging from: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), call volume, staffing, average handle time, associate schedules, creating staffing plans, assessing staffing gaps, analyzing staffing variances, providing suggestions to achieve service levels, and other call intelligence reports. This role is responsible for reviewing these data sets and proactively looking for trends in the data that could lead to: process improvements, behavioral trends, operational efficiencies, improvements in customer experience, and improvements in associate / intra-company experience. This role may also be responsible for generating a regular set of reports and more importantly, will be expected to assess these reports and provide upper management with hypotheses and recommendations related to the findings in the data.


- Generating reports utilized in the decision making process within the call center environment as well as other areas of the company
- Working with many sets of data in an undefined environment and suggesting ways and methods of improving the efficiency of call center operations as well improvements in customers' experience
- Trending of implemented solutions to determine the expected financial impacts of the changes and identification of any unexpected changes either positive or negative
- Creating a scorecard of changes made with respect to improvements on customer experience or efficiencies gained within the centers; also providing this data to other areas of the company including but not limited marketing, engineering, sale operations, telesales, and financial services
- Assessment of data and generation of related hypotheses and recommendations
- Identification of patterns and exploring probable rationale for the occurrences of anomalies
- Management reports on the condition of the care centers based upon finding in the data
- Understanding of all call center KPIs, sales metrics, and systems used to generate and track these figures including the equations used to derive specific calculations
- Writing reports within the systems or with data from system extracts to explore and derive meaning from the data sets
- Communications to center management explaining key aspects of center performance and deviations from expected results
- Being the strategic link between customers and call activities and the rest of the company to assist in the development / upgrades of new products, technologies, and processes


- Assessments of data and related hypotheses
- Changes to the reporting systems and equations utilized to derive specific KPIs


- Center performance
- Data Trends and anomalies
- System functionality
- Report accuracy and relevance
- New industry trends
- Data Validation


- Quality discussion
- Future State strategy discussion

Desired Skills and Experience

- 3 to 5 years in prior data analysis position
- Bachelor's degree in statistics, economics, engineering, or other quantitative related field
- Masters degree preferred
- 3 to 5 years previous experience with forecasting and scheduling analysis utilizing Aspect eWFM, eSP, RTA, or other Workforce Management software strongly preferred
- Knowledge of ACD systems such as Nortel Symposium, Meridian, and Avaya, which includes proficient application for agent database, reporting, call allocation, and skill-based routing
- Understanding of Application and Skillsets, AHT variables, Occupancy Targets, and Service Level metrics required
- Understanding of workforce planning tools and principles (e.g. Erlang Models)
- Understanding of basic principles of statistics
- Proficient with the following systems: SAS, Business Objects and MS Access (DBMS)
- Extremely comfortable with technology from the user perspective
- Understanding of report writing required
- Experience with Windows based PCs, including general office software knowledge required
- Excellent oral and written communication skills specifically with executive management required
- Must be flexible to work nights and weekends as needed

About this company

U.S. Cellular

At U.S. Cellular, we're not just in the business of connecting calls, we're in the business of connecting people. We believe pride and respect aren't just words, they're words to live by. And we believe the most important thing about your phone is the person on the other end, and we'll work harder than anyone to keep you connected to them. This is U.S. Cellular and we believe in something better. U.S. Cellular's "Dynamic Organization" is a business model based on a simple concept: effective leaders create satisfied associates, who in turn deliver outstanding customer service that produces profitable business results. Leaders provide the tools and training to our front-line associates, who are empowered to make the best decisions on behalf of our customers. We're guided by our core values of customer focus, respect for associates, ethics, pride, empowerment and diversity. These aren't just words, they're words we live by. Together this model has helped us build one of the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty ratings in the industry.

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This is a preview of the Customer Service Data & Reporting Analyst job at U.S. Cellular. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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