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Witt/Kieffer - Oak Brook, Illinois

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    Staffing and Recruiting, Hospital & Health Care, Higher Education
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About this job

Job description


Witt/Kieffer is the nation’s leading executive search firm specializing in health care and higher education.  The firm conducts executive searches on behalf of hospitals, health systems, universities and colleges, academic medical centers and medical schools, as well as associations, community service organizations and other not-for-profit institutions. Witt/Kieffer’s mission is to be the preeminent, retained executive search firm that identifies outstanding leadership solutions for organizations committed to improving the quality of life. We believe this mission allows us to positively impact the communities, in which we live, work and serve.  The firm’s values are infused with a passion for excellence, personalized service, diversity and integrity.


Witt/Kieffer consultants in multiple locations nationwide provide clients with strategic consultation in searches for presidents and CEOs, as well as COOs, CFOs, CIOs, physician executives, provosts, deans, chairs, chief development officers, chief enrollment officers and other senior executives.  Witt/Kieffer is committed to providing educational information and research reports on healthcare and education leadership and governance, diversity, succession planning and career management, among other topics.




The Research Analyst supports consultants in the development, execution and completion of search assignments and in the informational support of new business development.  The Research Analyst will be responsible for reviewing and analyzing basic research data and developing a search strategy.  In addition, this position will do data retrieval and analysis of relevant prior searches, identify candidate prospects and industry sources; and use library and external resources for gathering data on potential candidates/sources/industry information.




Research/Information Gathering                                                    

  • Call/Research targeted organizations to identify appropriate candidates
  • Perform queries of the Witt/Kieffer database
  • Develop targeted lists of organizations where potential candidates may come from
  • Perform Media Checks/news searches on finalists
  • Provide business development support by researching information on appropriate individuals, organizations and key industry issues and present the information in a clear format.
  • Gather compensation data for job titles from surveys, online sources or through the W/K database.



  • Add newly identified individuals to the Witt/Kieffer database
  • Coordinate the sending of search letters
  • Coordinate the placing of advertisements for open searches


Foster Client/Team Relationships                                                   

  • Assist other analysts with overflow
  • Initiate a strategy start-up meeting with search team once a new search is booked
  • Suggest research strategy for new searches and keep Consultants informed of progress
  • Actively participate in monthly research staff meetings to share resources and search strategies with the department
  • Review relevant trade publications and update consultants on key topics of and changes within a given industry


Knowledge Management                                                                            

  • Document the research strategies and resources used on each assignment. Add documentation and relevant resources electronically
  • Build a network of information sources (i.e., associations, publishers, suppliers, industry colleagues, etc.) to enhance internal research capabilities.
  • Contribute to the growth of the Witt/Kieffer library by suggesting additional publications and developing research tools when resources do not exist

Desired Skills and Experience



  • Bachelor’s degree required and at least one year of work experience or work towards an advanced degree in business, healthcare or library science preferred.
  • The successful candidate must have strong project management skills, the ability to employ critical thinking and analysis, and proven success in creative problem solving. 
  • Candidates must be comfortable with using reference materials, databases, online services, and internet searching tools.  Strong computer skills are necessary. 
  • Excellent analytical, organizational and communication skills along with a customer service orientation are essential. 
  • Healthcare, higher education, or not-for-profit industry knowledge acquired through education or work experience is a plus.




  • Action/Results Oriented:  Focused on the outcome of personal and team work; does not get bogged down in process; enjoys working hard and seizing opportunities; pushes self and others for results.
  • Customer Focused:  Concerned for and dedicated to satisfying external and/or internal customers; works hard to understand needs of customers and can adjust work style and products accordingly.
  • Priority Setting:  Spends own and other’s time on what is important; zeroes in on critical few and puts “the many” aside; demonstrates good time management skills.
  • Perseverance:  Pursues everything with energy, drive and a need to finish; can push through setbacks; can devise new strategies when first approach fails.
  • Process Management:  Manages multiple activities simultaneously; uses resources effectively and efficiently; creates processes to manage workflow; gets more out of fewer resources.



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Witt/Kieffer maintains a drug-free workplace.

About this company


Witt/Kieffer is among the nation’s top ten executive search firms and the single largest specializing in health care, education and not-for-profit organizations. Witt/Kieffer’s mission is to identify outstanding leadership solutions for organizations committed to improving the quality of life. The firm serves hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and other health-related organizations; life sciences companies including pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics and medical device corporations; colleges and universities and not-for-profit community service organizations and foundations.

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This is a preview of the Research Analyst job at Witt/Kieffer. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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