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The Department of Medicine, Division of Cardiology is in the process of creating an infrastructure within the Division for Clinical Research. The goal is to increase industry sponsored research, create a system that will assist a physician within the division to operationalize an investigator initiated study, and to develop a general cardiology cohort study.

The Senior Clinical Research Coordinator will assist the Administrative Director and Medical Director of Clinical Research for the Division of Cardiology and the Analyst I/Clinical Research Coordinators. The Senior Coordinator will have four primary responsibilities. 1). Work with the Cardiology faculty, staff, and research personnel to implement a diverse portfolio of research activities for one or more studies which may include multicenter clinical trials (both NIH and industry-sponsored), local investigator-initiated clinical trials, and/or programmatic clinical research activities, such as a clinical database and biorepository. 2). Assist investigators with writing CHR protocols and preparing the necessary documentation in line with UCSF requirements to facilitate the rapid implementation of clinical trials. 3). Effectively working with a variety of people and organizations at UCSF (clinicians, investigators, clinical staff, administration, Committee on Human Research, human resources, contracts and grants) and elsewhere (industry sponsors, coordinating centers, FDA, NIH), exhibiting an in-depth knowledge of specific programs. 4). Actively enrolling participants in clinical studies; performing the necessary duties to comply with industry sponsor requests and requirements in performing tasks as described in the research protocols, including providing accurate and timely documentation; and identifying, documenting, and reporting adverse events.

The incumbent would provide support to the Medical Director and Administrative Director of Clinical Research as well as CRC support to clinical studies by developing ongoing strategies for screening and other processes for conduct of studies, ensuring timely submission of regulatory documents and protocol submissions to the Committee on Human Research (CHR), assist with the timely development of budgets and implementation of grants, data distribution agreements, and other contracts. In addition, the incumbent would work closely with the Administrative Director of Research and Medical Director of Clinical Research to develop and operationalize processes to improve the efficiency of conducting clinical research and research staff utilization in the Division.

Required Qualifications
•BA/BS with a major in a related field and three years of experience in administrative analysis or operations research; or an equivalent combination of education and experience;
•Experience enrolling patients in multiple industry sponsored multi-center trials;
•Experience writing successful IRB protocols;
•Excellent computer skills with all of software of Microsoft Office, and graphic programs (Adobe);
•Demonstrated ability to exercise tact and discretion in sensitive communications with patients and others;
•Demonstrated ability in handling a variety of confidential information appropriately

Physical Demands: requires sitting, standing, walking, squatting, bending, waist twisting, kneeling, climbing stairs, reaching shoulder height and below, lifting up to 20 lbs., lifting up to 30 above waist, carrying/pulling up to 30 lbs., pushing up to 60 lbs., fine finger manipulation, gross manipulation, simple/power grasp, repetitive hand/arm use, ability to differentiate color, use of protective equipment.

Note: Fingerprinting and background check required. </b

Preferred Qualifications
•Experience successfully negotiating contracts with industry sponsors;
•Certified to perform phlebotomy and ECG

Phlebotomy certification (should be obtained within 6 months in the job)

Position Type
Full Time


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This is a preview of the Lead Clinical Research Coordinator job at UCSF. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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