Distance Learning Sales and Development Manager

City of Bath College - Bath, United Kingdom

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Job description


Job Details


ROLE TITLE:                              Distance Learning Sales and Development Manager


SALARY SCALE:                       Circa £27,000


ACCOUNTABLE TO:                Director of Development


RESPONSIBLE FOR:                  Distance Learning Programme Co-ordinator


JOB PURPOSE:           

Reporting to the Director of Development, the role covers building and developing the client base for distance and on-line learning programmes offered by the College. Key responsibilities include driving up sales and promotion of existing Distance and On-line programmes, leading on the development of new programmes, overall management of programmes, the achievement of agreed annual targets and the effective and efficient use of distance/open learning tutors and resources and efficient budget allocation and deployment.


Specific Responsibilities



To be responsible for building the College client base for distance and on-line learning and developing new programmes for access through distance learning and the on-line platform by:

     Achieving agreed targets for growth in income

     Generating new business by developing and building effective relationships with existing and new clients, both in the UK and overseas

     Identifying new opportunities for distance and on-line programmes that could be offered to clients

     Selecting the most appropriate programmes to meet the needs and expectations of clients

     Liaising closely with College Departmental Heads to identify specific programmes that could be effectively developed through the distance and on-line routes

     Managing the client database through effective supervision of the Distance Learning Programme Co-ordinator.



To be responsible for the operational management of the Distance and On-line Learning Unit including:

     Managing the agreed devolved budget and ensuring the effective and efficient use of allocated resources, including the deployment of Distance and On-line tutor resources in conjunction with Management Guidelines

     Ensuring effective marketing and promotion of Distance and On-line learning programmes to grow the client base and College income

     Contributing to the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the College’s quality assurance and improvement systems, addressing under-performance and actively supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

     Ensuring full compliance with all College policies including those relating to Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Data Protection and Freedom of Information

     Preparing annually, in line with College policies, the Distance and On-line Learning Course Review and Development Plan

     Operating and participating in the College Performance Review system to monitor and review individual and service performance targets and establish staff development planning requirements

     Contributing to the recruitment and selection and supervision of staff employed by the Unit

     Attending appropriate conferences and exhibitions which facilitate further development of the client base and suite of programmes.



To be responsible for the day-to-day management and supervision of the Distance Learning Programme Co-ordinator and the overall management of staff employed by the Unit including:

     Providing direction, support and motivation to staff and ensuring effective arrangements for communication with staff

     Undertaking the annual performance review and ongoing monitoring of the Distance Learning Programme Co-ordinator

     Managing Distance and On-line tutors and other staff employed by the Unit to ensure continuity of provision and service and ensuring regular monitoring of performance

     Reporting regularly to the Director of Development on staffing and other matters relating to the operation of the Distance and On-line Learning Unit.



In the context of the Distance and On-line Learning Unit:


     Demonstrate a commitment to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of young persons and vulnerable adults in line with College Policy.

     To ensure compliance with the Risk Assessment procedures where appropriate.





     Assist with the implementation of plans and systems as specified within the Quality and Continuous Improvement strategy.

     To participate in training activities both in College and at external locations in respect of the Distance and On-line Learning Unit.

     To undertake other additional duties, consistent with the role as may be deemed appropriate by your line manager.


Professional Conduct

All Staff are expected to:


     Participate in the College’s Performance Appraisal system.

     Make the most efficient and effective use of human, financial and material resources.

     Be aware of and responsive to the changing nature of the College, adopt a flexible and pro-active approach to work and contribute to a range of cross-college initiatives to facilitate the delivery of key business objectives.

     Participate in department and College developments; attend internal and external meetings and training programmes relevant to the performance and execution of the duties of their post.

     Be conversant with and operate all appropriate information technology resources available and to keep abreast of developments in this area.

     Participate in the development of a responsive customer centred approach to service delivery.

     Ensure compliance with all College policies, procedures and regulations and assist in the implementation of decisions of the Corporation.

     Give good notice of any absence in line with the College’s Absence Management Policy.

     Adhere to general standards of conduct embodied in College policies.

     To work flexibly and efficiently, to maintain the highest professional standards and to promote and implement the policies of the College.




     Within the limitations set out in your contract, working hours are flexible and can be subject to variation depending upon needs.  They may, for example, include weekends and evenings.  It is expected that holiday entitlement should be taken at times convenient to the department.

     This job description is current at the date shown below.  In consultation with you and your trade union representatives if requested, it is liable to variation to reflect or anticipate changes in, or to, the College environment.





September 2012

Desired Skills and Experience


Level 4 qualification (general   business, sales or marketing related) or   3 years directly relevant experience of client base and sales development   work.

Demonstrate a personal commitment with written evidence to keeping your knowledge up to date and   improving your professional capabilities.

Demonstrate product and/or service   programme development and associated planning, delivery and evaluation.

Demonstrate deployment of sales   and marketing strategies that have contributed to the growth of business   income.

Demonstrate relevant experience of   management and/or co-ordination of Distance and On-line learning programmes.

Demonstrate relevant experience of   increasing sales through product development and effective client   relationship building.

Demonstrate experience of project   management, Distance and On-line Learning delivery and client learner groups.

Demonstrate   practical experience of managing staff responsible for Distance and On-line   Learning delivery.

Demonstrate successful and direct recent   responsibility for achieving quality improvement.

Demonstrate good management and organisational   skills; ability to prioritise own and others workloads.

Demonstrate ability to make sound,   well-considered evidence based decisions and judgements.

Demonstrate ability to work   flexibly to meet College requirements.

Demonstrate a commitment to   promoting and safeguarding the welfare of young persons and vulnerable adults.

Demonstrate ability to develop creative ideas   that can be put into action.

Demonstrate excellent communication skills   (written and verbal) including the ability to give instructions and ensure   messages have been understood.

Demonstrate proven ability to build and maintain   effective functional relationships with internal and external partners.

Demonstrate personal resilience and tenacity.


Desirable - see College Website for details


Continuous improvement:

Commitment to achieving objectives and higher   standards of performance. Able to recognise   importance of self-development and evaluating self against job requirements.

Creativity and Initiative:

Ability to innovate, be proactive and be   a self-starter anticipating problems and seeking solutions.

Customer   focus:

Understanding   internal and external customers’ expectations including building   relationships based on trust, confidence, accuracy and promptness. Able to   demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding.


Able   to work co-operatively with all colleagues to help create effective   relationships with external stakeholders.    Ability to share information, support, respect and trust and work   collaboratively with others to solve problems.


Understand   the need to communicate in a professional and respectful manner. Ability to actively listen and emphasises clear and concise communication.

Commercial focus:

Understands the College as an integrated whole and the relationships with business and government, business.  Acts to the College provides efficient, cost-effective and customer focused services.

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City of Bath College

Welcome to City of Bath College, a vibrant and successful Further Education college at the heart of the community in the city of Bath.

We pride ourselves on providing training for the region’s future workforce by offering courses in both vocational and traditional academic subjects to students from across Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Wiltshire and beyond.

Students of all ages choose City of Bath College for its diverse range of courses and student population along with the excellent facilities and supportive learning environment. With a thriving programme for international students and courses ranging from entry level to Higher Education, we offer something for everyone. You can pick from a wide range of full time and part time vocational programmes, teaching you practical trade skills from introductory to advanced level. Some students join an Apprenticeship programme allowing them to earn while they continue to study and learn a new trade. Others choose to take up a new hobby or craft just for fun on one of our new series of Love2learn part time recreational courses.

Our attractive city centre campus is a five minute walk from the main rail and bus stations, offering excellent regional and national transport links. Meanwhile great shops, cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues and the historic buildings of Bath are right on your doorstep giving all our students an exciting and cultured time while studying for their future.

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