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Badger Meter - Milwaukee, WI

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Internship Positions:

Badger Meter believes in providing a paid internship experience that is rewarding for the student and provides value for the company by the work completed.  Internships are specific based on the knowledge/major discipline of study (Business, Engineering, Marketing, Human Resources, etc), and provide hands-on experience in the field of study.  Some examples include; a marketing intern coordinating a trade show event or a mechanical engineer intern working with a cross-functional group to create a new product.  Interns also participate in monthly internship meetings where all interns network together to discuss their Badger Meter experience.  In addition, at these monthly meetings the interns have a chance to meet with leaders and experts within the company.


Internship positions at Badger Meter, in general, are responsible for supporting the specific area/department they are assigned to by providing assistance and multiple, varying tasks for all projects within the department.   In addition, interns provide daily assistance to the department on cross-functional teams as assigned.  This position is supervised directly by an individual that has the responsibility of mentoring the intern as well as providing direct guidance in learning and completing tasks. 


Internship positions are a paid temporary position specifically designed to engage college students during their Junior or Senior year of college.   Badger Meter has a history of employing past interns for full time positions within the company after the completion of the internship and dependent on the Company’s business outlook.


Any student interested in future internship opportunities can provide their resume and field of interest to Badger Meter by emailing HR at

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Badger Meter

Our Company:

Badger Meter is a leading manufacturer and marketer of flow measurement and control products, serving water utilities, municipalities and industrial customers worldwide. Measuring a variety of liquids, from potable water to oil and lubricants, to industrial processes, our products are known for their high degree of accuracy, long-lasting durability, and their ability to provide valuable and timely measurement information to our customers. Our flow metering products and meter reading systems allow our customers to improve their operations and effectively manage their resources.

As a diversified, industrial growth company, we do everything possible to value, challenge and reward our employees. Our people enjoy working for a successful company that offers leadership development from within, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, competitive salaries and benefits – and more. At Badger Meter, you’ll be challenged to innovate and encouraged to apply your talent and knowledge. And you will be well-rewarded for delivering results.

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This is a preview of the Customer Service Intern job at Badger Meter. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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