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Public Consulting Group - Chelsea, MA

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Job description

General Summary:

To be a valuable member of the garnishment team primarily responsible for the compliance with legal orders to withhold income from the providers in all of PPL projects.  This includes properly setting up the garnishments in the financial management software.  Compliance with these orders helps to mitigate PPL’s risk and liability for the garnishment orders.  In addition, the position will assist the team by ensuring database integrity and quality assurance.

The requirements listed below are ranked in order of importance and are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities required to do the job successfully. 

  • Understand garnishment payment hierarchy
  • Understand basic accounting principles
  • Work well independently as well as in a group
  • Have the ability to problem solve and escalate issues professionally
  • Knowledge of Excel, Access, Word and the rest of the MS Office Suite a must
  • Have experience with Child Support Income Withholding Orders and compliance issues
  • Be familiar with Medical Support Notices
  • Have experience with various state tax Levies/Liens

    • Lien 100%
    • Lien 25%
    • Flat Rate garnishments
    • Orders leaving an amount exempt from Levy
    • Have experience with IRS Levies

      • Form 668-W(c ) leaving an amount exempt from Levy
      • Flat Rate amount via Voluntary Wage Assignments
      • Have a familiarity with various states 3rd Party Court garnishments (Court 25%)
      • Have a knowledge of Bankruptcy orders
      • Social Security wage withholding orders
      • Federal education  loan orders
      • Other Flat Rate garnishments
      • Respond to wage/employment verifications pertinent to garnishments
      • Manage and/or terminate garnishments that have a deadline
      • Maintain company record retention process
      • Set up new vendors for garnishment orders as needed
      • Research, understand and correct discrepancies
      • Assist payroll teams with any issues regarding garnishment payment processing
      • Assist Customer Service with garnishment inquiries
      • Reporting

Desired Skills and Experience

 Payroll background preferred especially working with garnishments.  Solid organizational and analytical skill required.

  • Technical competencies a must
  • Be detail oriented
  • General business acumen
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Keen interest in and ability to evaluate processes and implement improvements


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Public Consulting Group

Public Consulting Group provides management consulting and technology to help public education, health, human services, and other government clients achieve their performance goals and better serve populations in need. PCG was founded in 1986 as a privately held consulting firm serving state and local health and human services programs. Today, with more than 800 professionals in 30 offices around the U.S. Canada, and Poland we offer a wide range of management consulting and technology solutions.

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This is a preview of the Payroll Associate - Garnishments job at Public Consulting Group. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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