Managing Architect

Maritz - Fenton, MO

Posted 700 days ago
  • Experience
    Mid-Senior level
  • Job function
    Information Technology
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  • Industry
    Marketing and Advertising
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About this job

Job description

Basic Purpose
To lead and direct the technical growth of the developer community. Delivering innovative technical solutions that generate client and stakeholder value and competitive advantage.

Outlines a clear direction and objectives for his/her team, and effectively motivates them towards achieving team goals. Infuses the team with a common vision. Aligns and motivates the team to do their best work. Works enthusiastically with people in his/her own group and other groups to achieve team goals. Facilitates the team's progress towards consensus. Draws out various perspectives of the team, establishes alternatives, and leads the team in evaluating tradeoffs so that a decision emerges. Is willing and able to make credible decisions for the team when needed. Viewed as an effective team leader.

Reporting and Working Relationships
Reports to Sr. Director or DVP.

Job Responsibility Time Spent(%)
Leadership - Infuse the team with a common vision and motivate the core teams and associated teams to create a high performance team. Function as a mentor and teacher, preparing and making presentations, consulting to individuals, teams and junior architects. Provide direction mentoring and developmental leadership for his/her team within the specific technology space. Provide technical development for his/her team supporting the concepts of reusability, flexible architectures and best practices. Communicates strategic plan to team members in order to help achieve business objectives. Fosters a positive environment that promotes professional development of Team Members. Establishes career path within department for all team members, communicates objectives and skills required and provides coaching to foster career growth and advancement. Ensures team members understands and embraces the Maritz Employee Behavioral Model aligned with the Maritz Compass Values. Approves and submits salary recommendations to senior management. Interviews and makes staffing decisions by ensuring candidates meet required skills and align with Maritz Employee Behavior Model. Provides timely performance based recognition, in order to reinforce positive behavior as it occurs. At a minimum annually delivers formal performance feedback to direct reports. Responsible for all administrative activities related to (a) requisitions, timecard approvals, vacation tracking, etc. Responsible for all direct report performance management issues and documentation. Supports and participates actively and enthusiastically in all management sponsored incentive, performance improvement, continuous improvement, and training/development activities. Assigns projects to team members, and facilitates changes in project assignments and team structure. 40%

Technology– Hold and apply a solid understanding of the technology space and develop interim and long term strategic direction for the technology. Establish and reinforce technology standards within the Business Unit and support Enterprise goals and direction. Articulate views on the future development of technology. Understand the interaction between infrastructure and solution architecture and use these insights to design appropriate architectural solutions. Apply architectural and engineering concepts to design a solution that meets operational requirements, such as scalability, maintainability, security, reliability, extensibility, flexibility, availability, and manageability. Identify technology trends and create scenarios to better understand their future impact. 40%

Business Strategy– Applies a solid understanding of the organization's business strategy and the rationale behind it. Understands and applies key factors in the business environment that affect the organization's success and distills all of these business factors into architectural requirements and architectural choices. Leads the creation of architecture for a product. Creates a "big-picture" view of the product design (conceptual architecture). Decomposes the system into components or modules, and specifies the components and their interfaces in precise, unambiguous and actionable terms. 20%

Desired Skills and Experience

BS in a Computer related field or equivalent experience required. 5 years related IT/System Administration experience required. Proven ability to effectively create prototypes and experiments with technologies. Possesses an in-depth understanding of the product/application domain. Proven ability to effectively work with problems that are less well-defined, often with unclear or conflicting objectives. Proven ability to create and work with system abstractions. Possesses effective infrastructure design skills that support various trends in current business environments and applications (i.e. SOA, Client/server, Web-based, or portal). Broad architectural knowledge of several technology areas and be able to compare and contrast multiple vendors' offerings in each of those areas. Ability to Learn new concepts and gain expertise quickly. Detailed knowledge of the concepts, application, and challenges of at least two software development life cycle processes and structured development methodologies.

Proven Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence skills applied in an enterprise environment.
Minimum 5 -7 years’ experience working with data warehouse environment. Preferred experience with Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehousing , SSIS, SSAS and SSRS as well as dashboards.

Main Competencies

Ability to Learn and Analyze
Adaptability & Resourcefulness
Judgment & Decisiveness
Oral Communication
Oral Presentation
Performance Planning & Management
Planning & Organizing
Team Orientation/Management
Technical Knowledge
Written Communication

About this company


As a sales and marketing services company, Maritz understands the core of what drives a company’s success – people. Maritz helps clients unlock the power of their business through understanding, enabling, and motivating their employees, channel partners, and customers, to drive business results. We help you by: Enhancing the customer experience Increasing employee engagement Improving sales performance Boosting the effectiveness of your meetings and events Driving true loyalty with consumers and channel partners Improving the wellness of your employees Some specific solutions we provide are: Rewards and recognition Incentive trips, meetings and events Customer and channel loyalty Marketing and customer experience research Performance incentives Fast Facts: Maritz does business with 30 of the FORTUNE 50 companies in the world. World Headquarters: St. Louis, MO Maritz has a worldwide presence, with key offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany and associates, alliances and preferred suppliers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

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