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Panasonic - Peachtree City, US-GA

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Participates in a
development team under the instruction and direction of a more
senior engineer. Assist in the design, development, modification,
and evaluation of software components and systems.


Analyzes requirements,
Design, code/program, debug, unit test, and deliver embedded
product application firmware and software. Uses in-circuit
emulators, analyzers, compilers and development tools to debug
developed code in the target product hardware (eg., radios,
amplifiers etc.,) for automotive customers. Designs and develops
software to interface to modules on automotive vehicle networks
like GMLAN and CAN. Uses network communication knowledge to design
effective interfaces in software, test and release to work in an
OEM automotive vehicle network environment. Uses software and
hardware knowledge to design products for delivery to customers.
Designs with micro processors and micro-controllers. Reviews and
analyzes customer requirements and develops software that meets
those requirements. Completes software engineering and product
development tasks to successfully deliver automotive, embedded
products using full software and product lifecycles. Responsible
for delivery of software modules and applications according in
compliance with project schedules. Creates design documentation and
unit test plans. Interfaces with other members of the software team
as needed. Takes direction from lead software engineers for task
prioritization, feature implementation, and defect resolution.
Reports weekly the status of the tasks assigned. Follows all
software processes. Conducts design and code reviews for own work
as well as review work done by others. Recommends and implements
improvements to software. Writes software design documents, release
notes, and root cause analysis reports. Develop software for
electrical subsystems. Confer with Senior and Staff Engineers to
prepare and document design modifications as required. May employ
quality improvement and supplier relations approach utilizing
customer required formats such as Production Parts Approval Process
(PPAP) and Advanced Production Quality Process (APQP) techniques.
Prepare information as needed in the design documentation process.
Prepare product and component related specifications to support
manufacture or building of prototype products and systems.
Determines functional requirements appropriate to product. Plan,
develop, and participate in experimentation and tests related to
product development. Generate and analyze test data and reports to
determine if design meets functional and performance
specifications. Assist with determining root cause of product
non-performance. Participate in development of design process
procedure and plan development of experimental test programs. May
assist in developing test and design process procedures evaluating
test results for possible application to other products and/or
systems. Provide assistance and technical guidance to less
experienced engineers. May be responsible for reporting budget
requirements related to product development. Interprets and
complies with Company policies, procedures, and regulations.
Prepares reports, charts, graphs, and other statistical
information. Will initiate, recommend, or provide solutions through
designated channels. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Desired Skills and Experience

Four-year college
degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering. Minimum of three
years experience in product design and embedded software
development (programming and documentation of) required. Must be
fluent in Embedded computer programming including Embedded C.
Experience with software development tools (configuration
management, design, emulation, debugging, compliers, etc.)
required. Specific experience in an electronics-manufacturing
environment preferred. Demonstrated proficiency with the computer
applications appropriate to the position and assignment.


** Peachtree City is
an award-winning master planned community located just south of
Atlanta, Georgia. Please learn more about Peachtree City, GA at



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This is a preview of the Engineer, SW job at Panasonic. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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