Director of Design & User Experience

Redfin - Seattle, WA

Posted 729 days ago
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Redfin started with the best real estate site then we hired and partnered with the best real estate agents. Now, Redfin is seeking a great designer and user experience master to develop our world-class brand on the web, on mobile and offline.  We’re looking for someone with a gorgeous portfolio, high standards, amazing ideas for Redfin and a passion for delighting customers.
To succeed, you'd need to be: 
•         A creative customer advocate: zeal for building an addictive, delightful user experience, and the instinct to identify with the customer
•         Entrepreneurial: value speed, creativity and common-sense, able to initiate and willing to work hard
•         Coolhunter: currency with what's happening on the frontiers of the Internet that's really powerful and cool
•         A simplicity sensei: able to distill complicated info down to its essence, yet give the full bodied taste for those who crave the data
•         Process-oriented: the attention to detail to make sure projects proceed without a hitch
Before you apply, make sure you've got:
•         5+ years of web design experience; experience on interactive projects is a plus.
•         Fantastic web portfolio (print work is a bonus)
•         Great communication and collaboration skills
•         Creative and flexible mind that generates fantastic ideas across the design spectrum
•         Expert with standard design tools including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (or equivalents).
When applying, include your portfolio (link or attachment). Be sure to tell us how you will make Redfin more beautiful/purposeful for the consumer.
Redfin is an equal opportunity employer.

About this company


Redfin's mission is to reinvent real estate in the consumer’s favor. Redfin got its start inventing map-based search. Everyone told us the easy money was in running ads for traditional brokers, but we couldn’t stop thinking about how different real estate would be if it were designed from the ground up, using technology and totally different values, to put customers first. So we joined forces with agents who wanted to be customer advocates, not salesmen. Since these were our own agents, we could survey each customer on our service and pay a bonus based on the review. We deepened our technology We deepened our technology beyond the initial search to make the home tour, the listing debut, the escrow process, the whole process, faster, easier and worry-free. And we gave customers more value, not just by saving each thousands in fees, but by investing in every home we sell, by measuring our performance and improving constantly. This is how real estate would be if it were designed just for you, because, well, it was.

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This is a preview of the Director of Design & User Experience job at Redfin. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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