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About this job

Job description


This is a professional supervisory position responsible for the justification, procurement, allocation, and delivery of all equipment, parts, and supplies required for elevator and escalator maintenance actions.  Assignments are of a very detailed, complex, and time sensitive nature.  Employee may act as ordering officer or COTR for small contracts for elevator and escalator parts, supplies, and services contracts.  Employee supervises assigned staff to ensure efficient scheduling, pickup and delivery of escalator and elevator parts and supplies.  Employee has latitude for independent judgment and action within established guidelines.  Employee reports to Manager, ELES Operations/Contracts/Parts.


Supervises, maintains, and utilizes annual requirements contracts and blanket contracts to support the overall maintenance effort of ELES.

Initiates and coordinates procurement and delivery of all stock and non-stock parts, supplies and materials required for effective management of elevator and escalator maintenance actions.  Coordinates with the Office of Procurement, and office of Materials.

Establishes and maintains regional supply points to enhance the availability and delivery of parts and supplies required for on-site maintenance actions.

Supervises assigned staff; recommends applicant selections, administers disciplinary actions, resolves grievances, assigns duties, directs work, approves leave requests, and ensure appropriate training is provided.

Establishes pool of reliable vendors and resolves and order, shipment, or delivery problems that arise.

Maintains all records required to report cost data to ELES staff; and reconciles orders with the Offices of Accounting and Procurement and individual vendors.

Supervises, directs, and prioritizes the work of ELES mechanics or supervises a Sector of ELES mechanics in the absence of a TS-5 Maintenance Supervisor.


Knowledge of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) codes as related to elevator and escalator maintenance.

Knowledge of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) codes as related to elevator and escalator maintenance. 

Knowledge of local, state, and federal building codes, fire safety codes, and OSHA safety regulations applicable to the maintenance of Authority elevators and escalators.

Solid working knowledge of elevator and escalator systems and maintenance procedures to ensure the correct parts and/or supplies are ordered, stocked, and delivered in a timely and efficient manner for on-site maintenance actions. 

Ability to read and interpret engineering specifications, blueprints, schematics, diagrams, and/or maintenance manuals as related to the manufacturing, procurement, and installation of parts in Authority elevators and escalators.

Knowledge of the Authority¿s procurement and contracting rules and regulations, collective bargaining agreement, and the operations of ELES and PLNT.

Possession of skills necessary to effectively supervise assigned staff in compliance with Authority personnel policies, procedures, regulations and agreements.

Demonstrate ability to supervise, train and evaluate subordinate staff in compliance with applicable Authority personnel and labor relations policies, procedures, regulations and agreements. 

Ability to communicate effectively.

Qualification Requirements

To be considered for the position, you must meet minimum qualifications. It is, therefore, very important for you to include on your application any education/experience you have had that is described in the minimum qualifications. Incomplete information may delay the assessment process.


Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor¿s Degree in Business Management, Procurement & Logistics Management or related discipline is required.  At least four (4) years demonstrated responsible experience in the maintenance operations, procurement operations, inventory delivery, control, and/or accountability operations as related to elevators and escalators.

Possession of, or the ability to rapidly acquire, a valid District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia motor vehicle operator¿s permit issued from the jurisdiction or residence.

Ability to satisfactorily complete the medical examination for this job class.  This employee must be able to perform the essential functions of this job with or without reasonable accommodation.

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria may include one or more of the following:

1. Education, training and experience
2. Personal Interview
3. Medical Examination which may include alcohol and drug screening
4. Performance and attendance record
5. Background Check which may include verification of employment, education, criminal history, and driver's record.

Closing Statement

Posted salary ranges and employment offers are subject to union contracts and agreements and WMATA salary administration guidelines. The Washington Metro Area Transit Authority is an equal opportunity employer, and encourages applications from minorities, females and persons with disabilities.

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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority provides public transportation within Washington Metropolitan Area. Metro services extends to DC, Maryland and Virginia. These jurisdictions are represented in the Metro Board. Its funding comes from the contributions from these jurisdictions and fare collected from the public. Metro has been providing services for patrons within Washington Metropolitan Area for over 30 years. Metro operations include: Rail transportation, Bus Transportation, and Metro Access.

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This is a preview of the Supv, ELES Parts job at WMATA. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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