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About this job

Job description

We are looking for management consultants (Senior Consultant to Manager Level) to join our team immediately. Key responsibilities include:

  • Taking on a variety of tasks based on the specific engagement and level - examples include preparing project plans, interviewing management / employees, conducting detailed analysis, preparing and conducting presentations, managing project budgets and team members, etc.
  • Managing or participating in deployment of the recommended initiatives, as required
  • Acting as project manager and successfully managing team members
  • Coordinating different stakeholders of the project
  • Driving business development activities, including proposal writing
  • Deepening the knowledge content of the firm through identifying new trends and developments in various sectors
  • Working well in team-based environments, at times delegating work to others, or, taking on additional workloads
  • Supporting the development of business analysts / associates through mentoring-based activities, training, guidance, etc.
  • Multi-tasking and managing significant workloads based on the specific engagement

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Graduate of a top-tier university – MBA or an equivalent master’s degree a plus
  • 3+ years experience, minimum 3 of which should be with a leading consulting firm
  • Prior experience in sales, marketing, or business intelligence required
  • Prior experience in managing projects and teams required
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (Turkish or English)
  • Flexible with international travel
  • If relevant, military service preferably completed or postponed for at least two years

About this company

Forte Consultancy Group

Forte Consultancy Group is a regional consulting company operating out of Turkey and the UAE that provides a variety of service offerings for numerous sectors, with a particular focus on marketing, sales,customer care, and business intelligence-related functions. 

Forte consultants design data driven, implementable solutions that generate quick term results and drive sustainable competitiveness.

Typical projects engaged in range across a variety of topics - examples include designing and launching a loyalty program for a bank, restructuring a telecom's sales channels, designing a proactive retention model for an insurance company, redesigning the customer experience of a retailer, etc.


At the core of our engagements is business intelligence, utilized extensively in the work we do - we are the preeminent analytics-driven consulting firm in the EMEA region.


You can find more information about us at

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This is a preview of the Management Consultants job at Forte Consultancy Group. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!

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