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About this job

Job description

Signature Worldwide


Exempt, Salaried position


Signature Worldwide Trainers are assigned to facilitate multiple Signature Worldwide training programs weekly throughout the United States and travel overnight 3-4 nights per week.  These training programs are designed for clients who partner with Signature Worldwide to implement a training solution to business challenges primarily related to customer service and sales.  In this capacity, Signature Trainers must:

  1. Be a memorable and highly-skilled Trainer that reflects the Signature Worldwide brand,
  2. Make a positive impression at every client contact, and
  3. Begin a new client relationship in such a way that a long-term partnership is established.






  • Prepare for a new program by studying the facilitation guide, self-educating about the client industry and business, and participating in a train-the-trainer with and Instructional Designer or another program expert.
  • Responsible for contacting the customer at least two weeks in advance of training to gather necessary information in order to appropriately tailor training content for that specific client, their industry, and their goals.
  • Responsible for confirming training logistics with each client at least two weeks in advance, including location, space, number of attendees, room set-up, equipment, supplies, and time of training, etc.
  • Upon arrival, conduct pre-training meeting with appropriate management staff in order to further establish and ensure a long-term client relationship with Signature Worldwide.
  • Conduct post-training wrap-up with client management staff.
  • Maintain customer confidentiality and high level of business professionalism.



  • Submit weekly and monthly reports by established deadlines.
  • Maintain regular weekly expense reporting and other administrative duties.
  • Write a training visit recap following each training event and document in Signature Worldwide’s customer database (SMART).



  • Intense travel in order to conduct 14-20 overnight training days per month.
  • Ability and desire to work independently of others and travel alone driving an automobile and flying interstate.



  • Contribute to ongoing development of Signature Worldwide training programs.
  • Partner with Signature Worldwide home office departments and managers to maintain quality assurance guidelines.
  • Represent remote field training staff on interdepartmental committees.
  • Provide subject matter expertise to Instructional Design team to develop and/or update new or existing training program content for mini-sessions, web classrooms, and on-site training events.



 Signature Worldwide is an equal opportunity employer.  We prefer to fill this position with a person who is located in the Central Ohio area and is willing to travel 90-100% of the time, overnight in multiple cities across the United States each week.  We will also screen resumes based on the experience, qualifications and competencies.


If you are qualified and interested, please email your resume, cover letter and salary history to .

Desired Skills and Experience


Relationship Managing

  1. Success in building repeat business through exemplary customer service.
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Actively and regularly self-educates by reading business and trade publications.


  1. Proficient at the intermediate level in the use of Microsoft Office software, specifically Word, Excel, and Power Point, Outlook
  2. Ability to produce or maintain reports from Customer Relationship Management Databases.


  1. Ability and willingness to travel overnight, independently and with others 14-20 nights/month.
  2. Willingness and ability to do extensive travel by air, car or rail, occasionally on weekends.
  3. Willingness and ability to have an on-going flexible schedule and lack of on-going routine.
  4. Must possess a valid Driver’s License issued domestically, a good driving record, current automobile insurance, and have a personal vehicle suitable for business travel.
  5. Capable of managing daily travel expenses and reporting reimbursement on a weekly basis.
  6. Resides within 60 minutes of Large Municipal area/airport.


  1. Prior success in identifying new sales leads.
  2. Prior success in selling additional products and services to established customers.
  3. Planning, Organizing and Decision-making
  4. Prior leadership experience.
  5. Ability to develop long-range (annual) plan of activities and break down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks.
  6. Ability to adapt and reprioritize in a constantly changing environment.
  7. Ability to distinguish between urgent and important activities and make appropriate decisions in meeting client and business needs.
  8. Ability to understand the financial impact of decisions
  9. Proven ability to collect, distribute, archive, and retrieve information in order to effectively manage client relationships.


  1. Five years of expertise and experience in both classroom training and facilitation, OR a minimum of five years of management experience in the appropriate industry.
  2. Understanding of the principals of adult learning theory.


  1. Ability to write professional correspondence.
  2. Ability to organize thoughts and ideas in clear and concise manner.
  3. Excellent self-awareness of how own non-verbal communication affects others.
  4. Ability and desire to interpret others’ non-verbal communication.
  5. Ability to inspire others.
  6. Frequently uses active listening/questioning skills in order to uncover motivations, desires and needs of others.
  7. Ability to verbalize concepts to aid others’ understanding of a situation, idea or solution.
  8. High level of self-confidence balanced with self-deprecating humor.
  9. Ability to speak in front of small to medium-sized groups of people.
  10. Ability to craft customer presentations with meaningful and compelling messages with both visual and verbal impact.

Education and Work Environment

  1. Four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in business, communications, or a related field.
  2. Ability to provide the following office-from-home requirements: (all for home office positions)




Tailors oral communications, whether formal (e.g. speech) or informal, to the level and experience of the audience.

  1. Seeks opportunities to master new knowledge.
  2. Creates relevant options for addressing problems and opportunities and achieving desired outcomes.
  3. Approaches life and routine in a flexible, adaptive manner.
  4. Maintains good personal health in order to effectively travel 90% of the time.
  5. Emanates confidence and commands a presence in a manner that captivates and holds the audiences attention.
  6. Uses fun and humor to keep the audience involved and feeling good about the learning environment.
  7. Uses stories, analogies, or examples that effectively illustrate a point.
  8. When confronted with ethical dilemmas, acts in a way that reflects relevant law, policy and procedures, agency values, and personal values.
  9. Ensures that others involved in a project or effort are kept informed about developments and plans.

About this company

Signature Worldwide

Signature Worldwide’s innovative customer service and sales training programs help organizations realize:

1. Higher profits
2. More sales
3. Life-long customers
4. Higher-value clients

Great service isn't an option - it's a demand. Our brand promise is to be inspiring and fun, to be results-driven, and to provide you training that sticks.

Because we believe great service is mission critical, we've designed and refined a sales and service methodology that works. It's how we help clients create lifelong customers. It's how we boost their revenue streams. By focusing on four key areas, we help create customer-centric cultures that stick. Our methodology is proven process for orchestrating legendary customer experiences. Learn more about the Signature Worldwide Methodology:

Established in 1986 and headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Signature Worldwide operates throughout North America and has licensees in four other continents; Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. For more information, visit the Training that Sticks blog at or connect with Signature Worldwide via Twitter @SignatureWorld or Facebook.

This is a preview of the Trainer - Full-time Travel in the U.S. job at Signature Worldwide. To view the full job listing, join LinkedIn - its free!Join LinkedIn - its free!